When scooters become “standard” for children, how to choose is assured

Spot check results: nearly 30% of the inspected products are unqualified Purchase method: carefully check the applicable age and bearing weight

On June 27, at a toy store near Wanjiali in Changsha’s Tianxin District, a citizen is shopping for a children’s scooter. Photo by reporter Bu Lan

Passing by kindergartens and early education classes, you will find that a special “parking area” has been opened at the door, and all kinds of children’s toy scooters are neatly parked, and a variety of styles look very lively – scooters are already a “must-have toy” for children.

However, the Shanghai market supervision department recently organized a random inspection of the quality of children’s scooters. The random inspection results show that the product quality of children’s scooters is prominent, and nearly 30% of the inspected products are unqualified. As one of the children’s favorite toys, how can you buy a safe scooter that reassures parents? The reporter recently visited the Changsha market to investigate.

The toy category is more popular

The price is mostly 139-388 yuan

“There is basically one person in the community, and the eldest daughter is clamoring to buy it when she sees it!” On June 24, Ms. Meng, who lives in Vanke Golden Mile Blue Bay, told reporters that she had just bought a children’s scooter in a toy store, and “the two children had to take them with them every time they went out, and they had to rush to play.” ”

On June 27, the reporter visited toy stores and supermarkets in Changsha and found that the price of children’s scooters is mostly between 139-388 yuan, mainly including sit-on scooters, four-wheeled scooters, three-wheeled scooters, etc., and children aged 3 to 8 are the main customer groups.

“I buy scooters every Monday because they sell the best, often selling four or five a day.” In a store called B.Duck on Xinshaoshan Road, the clerk pointed to the scooter placed in front of the main entrance and told reporters, “The hottest selling scooter now is this kind of scooter that can be ridden, the price is 386 yuan, suitable for children aged two or three.” ”

However, the reporter of Sanxiang Metropolis News visited and found that although the sales of scooters are good, there are hidden dangers in safety quality. When asked if the scooter had the corresponding safety certificate, most toy store clerks said they were unaware or did not. As for possible safety hazards, B.Duck’s clerk said that when children use any toy, they need an adult to supervise them.

Avoid buying triple-free products

See the applicable age and carrying weight

Toy scooters may seem small, but their safety issues cannot be ignored.

It is reported that all 7 batches of unqualified samples randomly inspected by the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau this time mainly focus on the strength of the riser, holes, gaps, accessibility of mechanical devices, protruding parts, electrical accessories, and plastic bags or plastic films used in packaging or toys.

“The children’s scooter has a height-adjustable riser that, when adjusted, is secured by a locking device. If the quality of the locking device is not up to standard, it is easy to collapse suddenly. Ms. Zou, a merchant who has been engaged in the toy industry for more than ten years, said that the current children’s scooter industry has low entry barriers and uneven quality, and it is recommended to strengthen industry supervision and self-discipline.

So as a parent, how do you choose a scooter? In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that first of all, we must purchase products through formal channels, carefully check the manufacturer information, commodity name, model, etc., and avoid buying three-free products; At the same time, consider the load-bearing performance and applicable age. The pedals of inferior scooters bear less weight, and adults will bend instantly when they step on them, affecting the overall structure.

“There are some details that need special attention. For example, position handlebars, steering tubes, footrests, and axles to see if there are obvious deformations and damage. In terms of material, the all-plastic scooter is lighter in weight but has a shorter service life. The all-metal scooter has a large weight and obvious abnormal noise when coasting, but it has a long service life. The ‘plastic + metal’ combination material scooter combines the advantages of the two and is the most cost-effective. The industry insider said.

Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily

Author: Bu Lan Xiang Yue

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