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Recently, a “green” product came to the cabin. In line with the basic survival principle of “if you want to live a passable life, you must bring some green around you”, Kong Shao fought 120,000 points of professional cultivation, or held this wave of “green” with tears!

But what surprised Kong Shao was that it was this “green” little thing that made tens of millions of German housewives “can’t stop and be fascinated”, and when they talked about it, they all praised and praised it, expressing their love… More than 3 million bottles were sold in a year, and fans were frantically attracted in 26 countries, and all those who used it were deeply impressed by this wave of “green”… Kong Shao can say that even men with thick lines can’t help but buy a few more cans to go home and offer treasures to their wives when they see it!

Oh, it’s this “green jar”. Poke the video to find out ⬇️

In fact, there is nothing special, so I can’t let go of it, after using it, I just want to buy another 180 bottles! ( # Tsundere Face… And buying a bottle can last for 4 or 5 years, which is very cost-effective!

This environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaning powder (also known as universal powder) launched by the German company Zielinsky – Universalstein “green jar”, one can easily overcome all kinds of stain problems you can imagine, and decontamination, cleaning, polishing, maintenance only need one process, so that the cleaned home, clean to sparkle –

Universalstein “Green Jar”

Eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaning powder

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—— NO.1 ——

As you can imagine

“Cleaning Challenges” and “Stubborn Stains”

It is enough to use this bottle

Whether it is the cleaning of household items or the cleaning of stubborn stains in life, it is difficult to defeat it.

When using, just use a sponge or rag with water, take some cleaning powder on the white powder surface, and squeeze it a little to produce a rich foam (# Since it is a highly concentrated powder, a small amount of dipping is enough).

The delicate foam contains glycerin soap tablets, which are naturally natural to clean and protect surfaces and remove any stubborn stains, as well as protect hands during cleaning, even without gloves.

Stovetops covered with oil stains after cooking▼

Stick to the bottom of the pan and dry hard and difficult to scrub the scabs

A sink covered with water stains

Lipstick imprint on glass

Yellowed little white shoes

As well as a thick oxide layer attached to the surface of the delicate metal, you will quickly see the original brilliance of the metal if you rub it gently.

Comparison of bracelets from the Republic of China period and modern dining spoons▼

It is also suitable for stainless steel, marble, ceramics, concrete, glass, aluminum, silver, gold, copper, brass, tin, plastic, lacquered wood and other surface materials. There is basically no corner where it can’t.

And with regular use, it can also form a protective film on the surface of the object, permanently isolate the stain, making subsequent cleaning a breeze.

In short, whether it is ovens, pots, hoods, refrigerators and other large and small kitchen appliances, bathroom tiles, mirrors, walls, vehicles, sports equipment cleaning, or blinds, metal musical instruments, travel shoes and other outdoor products maintenance, and even the stains in your life that you don’t know how to remove, hand over to the “green jar”, it is completely OK~

—— NO.2 ——

Food grade cleaning powder

Safe, reliable, hands-free, baby-usable

After using it, I just want to repurchase

As the “secret weapon” of the Germans, it is really powerful! German colleagues even refused to take very dirty things and use it as a before and after scrubbing GIF, for the very strange reason that they thought that with green jars at home, there would be no such dirty things. (# What’s going on with this inexplicable sense of superiority!!!

The customer sends back the actual test

Comparison of the use of ordinary cleaning paste and green jar cleaning paste

The original words sent back by the customer: “There is still a little residue that has not been wiped clean, but enough, too lazy to wipe, want to wipe clean, too easy.” ”

With the “green jar”

After 15 years of furnace, we finally ushered in the second spring of “furnace birth”

This is the happy feedback from a customer who wiped the stovetop with this cleansing cream for 15 years. Clean as ever~! All in all, you can immediately appreciate this cute green jar as soon as you get started, which is really touching! It really doesn’t matter what the green appearance is, okay!

All kinds of stubborn stains in life, when encountering this “green jar” is completely ended, the key is that it is safe to use fried chicken, fried chicken is environmentally friendly!

The legendary detergent brand, which was born in the bakery more than 40 years ago, was initially used as a stain remover only when they themselves were doing chores in the bakery, so all the ingredients must be healthy and non-toxic, and later began to be sold in small quantities around and in weekly fairs, and today it is sold in 26 countries with an annual sales of 3 million boxes.

The ingredients are all from natural raw materials, composed of a mixture of green soft soap, clay, glycerin and a little lemonade, which is highly compressed into powder, which has good biodegradability, and is environmentally friendly and phosphorus-free, does not hurt hands and does not harm the human body.

In 1999, Zielinsky’s “Green Jar” was tested by the Federal Institute for Materials Testing and Research, the industry’s most authoritative material safety testing organization, and the organic ingredients and biodegradability reached unprecedented limit values, almost the same safety as food.

—— NO.3 ——

large capacity,

One bottle can be used for 4~5 years

The key has no expiration date yet

The capacity of a can of 650g is more than a pound! It is two or three times the amount of most similar products, a German house of four / a two-story house can be used for about 2 years, and the average domestic family can use it for 4~5 years.

And most importantly, it has no expiration date, no expiration date, no expiration date! In other words, you can still use it after ten or twenty years of sitting there! Powerful enough~

Finally, get up and check out the buyer show ⬇️ from the Germans

Zielinsky universal powder can be cleaned of practically everything, including powerful oil scale. Whether it’s an oven that has stuck to stubborn splashes, a discolored granite sink, a stained stainless steel pot and pan, a garden chair, a barbecue, etc… Everything is neat and bright again!

It is very economical to use, after so many years, I finally have to buy a new can! I haven’t used any other cleaner anymore and highly recommended!

Kitchens and bathrooms can be used everywhere, all materials, all surfaces, because it won’t break or scratch anything, and there won’t be another cleaner in the world that will make your already dirty sinks and bathtubs shine again. Did you know that the bathtub becomes dull because there are leftover soaps, shower gels, shampoos, bath foams, cleaning products, etc. adhering and damage, using all-purpose powder, bathtubs and sinks, just like new, beautiful and shiny. The result: unbelievable! The pearl-like effect is also beautiful (polishing effect), especially on the small hardware, so shiny and perfect. The price won’t scare you, because a can will never run out!

Perfect for cleaning the sink! The polishing effect lasts a long time. Stainless steel sink for kitchen, sink in bathroom and granite floor in shower for easy scale removal. Top! Never want to use anything else!

We have been using this product for years. We have to find out time and time again that cheaper alternatives end up being “too expensive” because their cleaning power does not live up to expectations (only to keep changing). Cheaper alternatives end up being “too expensive”! This is simply the golden phrase of life!

Finally, look at a bizarre one! But don’t follow suit:

With Zielinsky Universal Powder for more than 10 years, it removes stains on many surfaces, the best on the market, with this I got rid of all stains! What other products can’t do, it can! Strictly confidential: follow carefully – every 2 months for tooth cleaning. Tea stains and plaque in the teeth disappear within 1 minute. Just as good as cleaning your teeth at the dentist!

Scaling ??? Exo me? Who said that Germans don’t have a sense of humor!

⚠️ Tips: “Green jar” is called all-purpose powder, which means that it is effective against almost all surface dirt, but it is not effective against stains that have penetrated deep into the texture or have become integrated with the material (such as ink that has penetrated into clothes), so please use laundry detergent.

With this magical “green jar”, all kinds of powder, medicine and so on at home. Finally can all be laid off! Now Kong Shao finally understands, why this green little jar makes German housewives want to stop, green and want to be green again, even I, a big man, can’t stand such a “temptation”! (# Crazy orders while crying…)

One jar for all cleaning issues


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Titanium empty cabin survival rules:

This “green” not only solves the cleaning problem,

It can also help the family build a harmonious and happy relationship.

Multifunctional folding hanger


Toilet wrap cleaning treasure


Intelligent sweeping robot


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Note: Titanium empty cabin genuine guarantee, free shipping and tax, can be shipped worldwide, international friends need to buy please contact customer service. The goods will arrive about 2 weeks after delivery, and will not be shipped on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

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