Little cute silicone silicone rice pocket – the smart choice for baby rice pocket

Baby eating is a headache in the mother’s heart, often full of rice, so many mothers will buy rice pockets for babies, and there are many materials for rice pockets on the market. Xiaomeng silicone found that by comparing more Bao’s mother prefers to buy silicone rice pockets, because it has too many advantages, which cloth and plastic rice bags cannot compare.

The advantages of silicone saliva pockets are mainly as follows:

1. The product is soft and safe, which is the first choice for healthy meals for babies and babies;

2. The product will not be moldy, preventing the growth of bacteria.

3. The product occupies less space, can be folded, and can be put into bags or pockets;

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4. The product is easy to clean, rinse with clean water, dry and use;

5. The product is colorful and cartoon logo, which increases children’s appetite;

6. Made of European standard food-grade silicone, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, pure silicone;

7. It can pass the most stringent knife and fork certification of LFGB and does not contain any harmful substances;

8. Can withstand high temperature of 230 degrees, and low temperature of minus 40 degrees, safe and environmentally friendly;

Through the introduction of Xiaomeng silicone, I believe that most mothers will not hesitate to choose silicone rice pockets, silicone rice pockets – good companionship for babies to eat, good helpers for mothers.

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Xiaomeng Life is co-founded by designers focusing on the field of food-grade silicone household and daily necessities, and a group of teams who are passionate about Internet innovative business operations and advocate the concept of healthy and high-quality life. The company has hundreds of daily life products in stock, which can meet the needs of a variety of different groups of people and provide users with healthy, high-quality, low-cost household and daily necessities.

Xiaomeng silicone mainly provides mother and baby series, outdoor sports series, beauty series, kitchen series, daily home series and other products, the main products are as follows:

1) Mother and baby series: including silicone spoons, silicone bowls, silicone dinner plates, silicone teethers, silicone nipples, silicone food bottles, silicone bibs, etc.

2) Outdoor sports series: including folding water cups, telescopic water bottles, sports bracelets, sports watches, silicone shoe covers, etc.

3) Beauty series: including face brush, cleansing instrument, makeup brush cleaning pad, nail pad, makeup mirror, silicone powder puff, etc.

4) Kitchen series: including cutting board, cleaning gloves, heat insulation pad, non-slip mat, coaster, drainage rack, washing basket, dishwashing brush, scraper, spatula, silicone fresh-keeping cover, cake mold, cake cup, egg cooker, silicone seasoning bowl, etc.

5) Daily home series: including night light, tea maker, ice tray, ashtray, wine bottle stopper, acupuncture point shooter, bath brush, silicone brush, silicone key chain, placemat, etc.

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