The chair should also have a backlight DX ZERO gaming chair assembly guide

2015-10-23 05:27:00 Author:Qu Nan

[Zhongguancun Online Keyboard and Mouse Channel Original] DX gaming chair in the popularity of players has been quite wide, in this keyboard has a backlight, mouse has a backlight, even the mouse pad has a backlight era, of course the chair must also have a backlight, today the author will take you to see the DXRACER gaming chair newly launched “ZERO” luminous version of the gaming chair assembly and final effect.

The DX “ZERO Illuminated Edition” gaming chair adds a backlight to the back on top of the original ZERO, and also has a breathing mode. In low light conditions, it has a very cool effect.

An “armor” was added to the back of the seat

First of all, we still managed to open the box, and judging from the appearance of the back of the chair, it was thickened a lot, and thus the weight increased a lot. The addition of this piece of armor on the back is somewhat similar to the armor of an animal, and it looks very personal.

The front is the same as the regular version

We received the green model, the standard Razer green, the front of the chair back part is basically the same as the regular version, and in DXRACER’s new logo, we can notice that the color of the “A” has changed from the original one to a full-color font.

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