A large collection of must-have coats for autumn and winter, each one is a favorite of fashionable people!

The just-concluded Seoul Fashion Week I don’t know if everyone has paid attention to duck, as an influential fashion week in Asia, Seoul Fashion Week still contributed a number of street photos that are worth learning from this year

Of course, not only to admire their dress, but most importantly, to discover the trend of this season from their street photography! ▼

After all, South Korea, which is similar to our season, borrows the highest degree of actual wear, and Fjun, who has watched a lot of street photos, found that all kinds of jackets worn by fashionable people are quite sucking, follow them to buy, you are the most fashionable boy in the whole street


Capable of both formal elegance and casual fashion, blazers have won the favor of trendy people with their unique versatility, and can be seen everywhere outside of Seoul Fashion Week▼

The black blazer is designed to get rid of the dullness and create a casual and fashionable feeling▼

And the suit suit that is easy to give a dull impression is broken by a small belt and the sense of unscrupulous fashion is about to come out

If you don’t have a good figure or want to wear it simply, you can work on the style of your blazer. For example, since last year, the plaid blazer that has not been popular can win a lot▼

For example, this kind of checked suit with a belt F Jun recommends that everyone buy one this autumn and winter, and it is enough to wear a pair of your wide-leg pants▼

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UR check lapel long sleeve suit / Price: ¥339.00

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UR texture fabric suit / Price: ¥449.00

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Denim jacket

If there is a competition between fashionable jackets, blazers will always have a fierce rival, that is – denim jackets! Although it is not as sweet and salty as a blazer, it is also an inseparable favorite of fashionable people with its powerful street feel▼

Even the most adorable little trendsetters at Fashion Week have chosen denim jackets to mix and match PK! ▼

The denim jacket also seems to have an inherent inclusive characteristic, no matter how exaggerated the design elements are, no matter how layered the matching can be perfectly integrated▼

So designers always play with their imagination on denim jackets, and Gucci designers are one of them. In the past two years, the denim jackets he designed with embroidery and patches have almost become a hit▼

UR cartoon embroidered denim jacket / Price: ¥399.00

Tao Order: ¥XbD3b7D4jEC¥

UR simple hooded denim jacket / Price: ¥269.00

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Coat jacket

F Jun has always advocated both grace and temperature, so in addition to thinner blazers and denim jackets in cold autumn and winter, warmer coats are also a must-have! ▼

To enhance personal temperament in autumn and winter, coats are really the best choice. It continues the smartness of the blazer and lacks the uninhibited feel of a denim jacket, which is often the most commonly worn item in winter▼

However, F-jun, who loves freshness and classics, tends to prefer timeless basic models in the choice of coats, so when I open my wardrobe, it is basically based on black camel ash▼

However, recently, when watching the latest street photo look of foreign fashionables, I found that not only the checked blazer is very popular, but even the checked coat is also a piece for the time bloggers, which really makes people grow grass▼

This coat style with belt is fashionable and sassy, do you also have a little heart? Don’t worry, F Jun will send the recommendation right away~▼

UR checked double-breasted belt coat / Price: ¥899.00

Tao Order: ¥hb5yb7DU69c¥

UR cuff strappy jacket / Price: ¥619.00

Tao Order: ¥JpTBb7DUVYf¥

If you happen to lack these beautiful coats to help you fashionably through the winter, then F Jun tells you that it is best to start now, after all, November is the annual Double 11 carnival, buy the best time you want! ▼

And I believe that the sharp-eyed cuties have also found that the items recommended by F Jun in this issue are all from UR, why? Of course, UR’s Double 11 discount is strong! ▼

On the day of Double 11, the whole store was as low as 3% off, and there were 3 surprise prices in the first 30 minutes

Oh, advice everyone

Keep an eye on your store in advance

Information so as not to miss the deal! ▼

In addition, on Double 11, if you are the 1st and 2nd place in the total payment amount of the whole store, you can take the Internet celebrity hair dryer Dyson home! The little babies in the 3rd-6th place are given Air pods headphones. The discount is so big and there are gifts to give, if you don’t buy it, you will lose a lot! ▼

Everyone has the opportunity to take it home!

Of course, the most important thing is that UR’s autumn and winter items this season are all fashionable, not only can you buy satisfactory jackets at UR, fashionable skirts, versatile and comfortable undershirts and a variety of sweaters with a versatile and rich sense of design can be purchased at UR one stop! ▼

And isn’t it almost time for babies in the north to change into down jackets? The intimate UR is also taken care of for everyone! Launched a series of high-end down jackets in autumn and winter colors, casual underwear will make your look look brilliant enough, so that you can win so easy this winter! ▼

In addition, fashionable couple styling with boyfriends can also be done in UR! Knitwear in the same color is the best choice for trendy children, whether as a jacket or as an underwear; Sweatshirts are the strongest item for couples to show affection, even if different styles are very CP as long as they keep the same color! ▼

So you guys cutie hurry now

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Grab your coupon and put all the trendy items in your collection on the Little Star! The price of Double 11 on the day is subject to the announcement of the official flagship store of UR, and everyone is welcome to report the results of the battle with F Jun at that time~

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Recommended items:

Recommended items:

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