Hug short video social marketing, Jiangzhong, the beginning of the young market seizes new traffic entrance

Incation of health products marketing, most people’s first reflection tend to frown, and associate with the traditional sales method of “magic brain-slogan” occupying memory points. However, in recent years, with the strong development of the new media, the traditional marketing and communication model of health products is greatly influenced and impact. This also makes the original four major media’s advertising effects, health products big advertising marketing model Enter a regular period.


In the face of terminal education, brave advertising, intimidate marketing is no longer tuned marketing dilemma, how is the traditional health care product to restrict, complete the butterfly?

China’s well-known health products brand initiates answered this issue, that is, grabbing its own positioning, grasping the margin market dominated by small molecule protein peptides, boldly embraces young consumers.

On November 25th, the first day of the new short video community represents a fast-handed platform, and the identity of the cooperative merchant, and has been hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation, the Guangdong Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation Sanda Family Love Fund Launch Ceremony and Sanda Family Fan meets the activities, and the famous net red “Sanda brother” is strongly united, and 14 when the red star fan flow is short video, live platform bonus, bringing us a traditional product embrace innovative marketing method.

Break through new thinking, cross-border joint star singing products

On November 25th, “Departing from Love” Guangdong Provincial Poverty Alleviation Foundation Sanda Family Love Fund launching ceremony and soldan family fans will be opened in the Foshan International Sports Culture Performing Arts Center.


The event is initiated by nearly 50 million fans, and it is intended to be grateful to the love of fans, thank the partner’s support, in the form of concert, invited Hong Kong famous performance star Chen Xiaochun, Liang Qiqi, former Beyond band member Huang Jiaqiang, Hunan Satellite TV host Du Haitao, Chen Taoist, Hu Xia, next door old Fan, Nanzheng North War, Ahan, Ma Liang, Yuan Ye and other 14 when the red star is joining, condense the power of love, calling for common “to love to love”.

As a cooperative merchant of this event, the first-class brand adheres to the belief in the development of the big health industry in Hua Runjiang, actively engages in social welfare, with the spiritual spirit and scientific wisdom to work health products, and continue to give back to society with love. Come, the initial and shed brother uses love as a link, not only through the public welfare concert, but also uses the help of enterprising health products innovation marketing, and realizes brand marketing.

New era of health care, the initial peptide set young group

As a popular event exhibition area of ​​the Sanda Family Fantasy, the first-year welfare area has received a lot of light fans on the watch and praise. After all, this young consumer understands “health”, “healthy youth”, I don’t know when I have become synonymous with young people. They are not only in the insulation cup, but also passionate about all healthy lifestyles. This seemingly contradictory two points are cut into the protein powder market in terms of peptides, and the primary brand people who have professional proteins are unified.

According to reports, the primary brand people’s participating nutritial powder is the latest products in the 50-year-old drug enterprises in 2018. Select the northeastern people to participate in the raw materials, extract their nutrients, and fully retain the essence of ginseng, which is conducive to human supplement nutrition Enhance immunity.

Pursue and then build a new video of the game


After the first war, the first-day brand immediately added traffic, increase the topic heat, layered, and went deep into the vision of consumers. On the event of the event, played to open a live broadcast, for the exclusive benefits brought by the old iron. The live exposure is more than 26 million;

Where is the future of traditional health products? No one can answer this question, however, this time the first dollar uses a quick marketing link, a strong social gene, a unique old iron economy and the frontier innovation game marketing and innovation, undoubtedly opening up in a fierce competitive China Health Products market. It is an innovative marketing world for the promotion of traditional health products that are deeply affected by traditional major advertising marketing models.

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