Home decoration must be wrapped in this way under the water pipe, too witty, after reading it home immediately reinstalled

When decorating, the wrapping work of the sewer pipe, is a more troublesome thing, if you do not wrap the sewer pipe, throw it out when decorating, it is very ugly, even if the home is installed beautifully, see the sewer pipe, will feel white, when sleeping at night, the sound of the water is very loud, so, when we decorate, we must wrap it well

The bathroom is not big, say small is not small, for us it is mainly where we usually wash and bathe. When decorating, we must pay careful attention, in addition to waterproofing, the sewer pipe should also be wrapped. In the interior decoration, the water and electricity problem must be paid attention to, if these two aspects of decoration are not in place, it is difficult to live indoors. For example, the common problem of water leakage. Today, the editor mainly talks about the method of wrapping water pipes! There are several common methods of wrapping water pipes, but one of them should never be allowed to be carried out by workers, this has been eliminated for many years!

One: What are the functions of the sewer pipe?

Sewer pipes are usually installed in bathrooms, and some bedrooms with bathrooms also appear in sewer pipes. If the sewer pipe appears outside the bathroom, it will look very uncomfortable, so many people will choose to wrap it, that is, cover it with decorative materials. Usually the sewer pipe is separated by building materials, and the surface is then tiled or painted, consistent with the overall structure of the building, and the surface is absolutely unknown that there is actually a water pipe hidden inside.

After the sewer pipe is wrapped, it not only makes the room look more beautiful, but also reduces the pipes that destroy the overall style, and the decoration effect will be better. At the same time, because the sewer pipe is closed, the sound of the water flowing in the lower sewer is also closed, and the noise is greatly reduced.

Two: How to pack the sewer pipe?

The main purpose of the water pipe is to improve the overall aesthetics, and the sound insulation effect of the water pipe will be better. In addition, the water pipe can also effectively extend the service life of the water pipe, which has many benefits. Here are three common methods of wrapping water pipes.

1. Red brick wrapped water pipe

This construction method can be said to be an outdated method, I do not recommend everyone to use this method, although this method is relatively simple, and not easy to deform, but the pipe will occupy more space. The most important thing is that wrapping the water pipe in this way affects the aesthetics too much, so smart people have long been out of this way!

2. Wooden keel wrapping tube

This method is to use wood to make a keel around the perimeter of the pipe, and then we can also fill some sound insulation cotton into it, wrap the pipe, and then lay cement board, gypsum board and other fixation.

This construction method is suitable for some places where the bathroom is not tiled, it looks more integrated and more beautiful, but the keel is always made of wood, and it is easier to mold and rot in the humid bathroom space, reducing the service life.

3. Aluminum alloy tile clad pipe

This method of construction is not too complicated, and the effect is good-looking, and the sound insulation effect is good. The construction step is to use aluminum alloy, according to the size around the pipe, make a frame, and then inside the frame, fill it with sound insulation cotton and other materials, and then paste the tile on the outside of the frame, which looks like it is connected to the tile next to the bathroom.

The sound insulation effect of this construction method will be better, if it is the master bedroom bathroom, if you often hear the sound of flushing upstairs late at night, then it must be quite embarrassing.

Three: Bathroom pipeline decoration misunderstanding

1. The drainage pipe installer walks the pipe from top to bottom, and does not dare to punch holes at will when installing the shower bracket, so the bracket can only be installed in the corner of the wall, and the inclined pipe affects the beauty of the bathroom.

2. The toilet pipeline goes underground, once a leak occurs, it is difficult to find it in time, because the water pipe is buried it is difficult to find out the leakage, it is not convenient to repair, and it will seriously affect the neighborhood relationship.

3. When the waterway is reconstructed, if there is an old sewer pipe on the ground, it is often damaged when it is smashed and turned, do not hesitate at this time, replace it all with new ones to ensure safety.

Four: Toilet pipeline decoration precautions

1. Before installing the sewer pipe, first check whether the water pipe and connection accessories are damaged, cracked and other phenomena.

2. When designing the sewer pipe, consider the installation location of the faucet of the washing machine at home, the layout of the sewer, etc., and also pay attention to whether the location of the power socket is appropriate.

3. The water pipe is the safest to go to the top, mainly the waterway transformation most of the dark pipe, and the characteristics of water is that the water flows to a low place. If the pipeline goes underground, it is difficult to find a leak in time, only if the water floods the mountain or the floor is deformed and leaks downstairs, the leak will be found, and it is difficult to find the leakage because the water pipe is buried. At this time, the huge loss is irreparable, and even seriously affects the friendly neighborly relationship; If the water pipe goes to the top, it may be more expensive to change the water, but it is worth it as a long-term investment. The water pipe goes to the top, even if it leaks, it can be found in time, which is easy to repair and the loss is small.

4. When installing the hot water pipe, it is necessary to pay attention to distinguish the water inlet and outlet of the water heater, connect the main valve at the water inlet, connect the pipe to the toilet at the water outlet, open the valve first to determine whether there is a leakage after installation, and then install the faucet and shower head in the bathroom.

5. When installing the sewer pipe, consider the thickness of the wall tiles in advance.

6. Use as little or no connection accessories as possible under the wall and ground, so as to reduce the hidden danger of leakage, and the installation of connecting accessories should be firm and no leakage.

7. After the installation of the water pipe, the booster test must be carried out: the booster test is generally carried out under the condition of 1.5 times the water pressure, and there should be no water leakage in the test.

After reading this article, I believe that friends know which way to wrap water pipes is more suitable for their own decoration. Finally, Xiaobian also wants to remind you that when choosing water pipe materials, you should choose regular brands and excellent materials, so as to ensure that there is no water leakage or pipe bursting.

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