How do you calculate how much electricity a solar panel generates in a day?

How many kWh of electricity can solar panels generate in a day?

For example: a 100W solar panel, the current is 5.5A maximum, the voltage is about 18V, the light is about 8 hours a day, but the current will be very low in the morning and evening and cannot reach 5.5A of full power.

So let’s calculate that the effective light of a day is about 4 hours, this

You can check from the Internet that the effective light time of each area, so 100W full power multiplied by 4 hours, the total power generation is about 400W that is, 0.4 kWh.

Several factors affect solar panel power generation:

Installation of photovoltaic panels is required


Angle and direction to make

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The board fully receives sunlight and performs at its best. If it is installed indiscriminately, it will affect power generation


For example

Your area has been experiencing extreme weather for many years, rain, snow, smog, sandstorms, etc., even the sun cannot be seen, and even the best photovoltaic panels cannot generate electricity.

If you use low-quality cables and other lines,

A leakage condition has occurred

Generate more electricity

are useless and prone to accidents. This shows the importance of materials.

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It should be cleaned from time to time. For example, there is a big tree near the photovoltaic panel, or a tall house, the total light is not enough for several hours, how can it fully generate electricity. That’s a matter of location. Or, the local wind and sand are strong, only installed

plates, but not carefully maintained, the boards are covered with dust and cannot adequately generate electricity.

According to laboratory results from solar panel occlusion, not to mention large blocks of occlusion, the shadow caused by a few leaves and a wire above the power station may reduce the power generation of solar panels by more than half, or even not at all.

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