Planting grass| I bought a few pairs of white sandals this summer

Recent frequent flights, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Macau… Whether it was the blazing sun in the north or the scorching heat wave in the south, I felt that summer had come so unexpectedly.

After summer, it is natural to update your wardrobe. The same goes for shoe cabinets.

For some reason, as you can tell from my shopping list, white seems to be one of my favorite colors this summer. Probably because she is refreshing, simple and easy to match. Today, let’s share a few pairs of white shoes that you bought this summer. Hopefully, we can plant a grassland for you too. 👡

The first thing to share is the pair of Chanel sandals that I bought last time I went to Macau. From the 20/21 early spring collection, I remember when I was looking at the lookbook, I saw at a glance that the model was wearing a swimsuit + black and white striped cardigan.

Whether it’s diamond check quilting, strap chain, black and white color scheme and small double C logo, everything is simple and sophisticated.

The sole is slightly thicker and decorated with woven hemp rope. Perfect for going to the beach or on vacation. Sheepskin material, fine leather.

Overall, it is quite easy to wear, but the position of the clamp is a little hard, and if you wear it for the first time, you can prepare a band-aid in case you need it.

Dress / Marisfrolg

When I went to Macau this time, I wore it to shoot a group of Chanel films. With a dress with an off-white accent with a black edge, there is a casual echo.

This pair of Cristal sandals from Hermès is also a new pair I recently entered. In fact, this style has many colors, such as satin material bright color contrast, suede nude color black … And I still chose white.

The calfskin double strap without frills looks elegant and generous, and it goes well with pants or skirts. And most of the designs of the H family are classic models that will not be out of season and can be worn for a long time.

The two straps are different in width and feature lacquered metal Hapi buckles of different sizes.

Because the shoe shape is more delicate, it is more suitable for girls with narrower and thinner feet.

Top/Dries Van Noten

Pants/Acne Studios


The day before yesterday, I came back from Chengdu and got off the plane and went straight to the event, which played well the advantages of both appearance and comfort in this pair of shoes. Whether it’s wearing to catch a flight or some slightly more formal occasions, it can be well held.

The Row’s pair of thin-laced sandals are one of my most photographed shoes recently. In Lane Crawford, I saw this year’s new pair of Constance, and immediately took it into my pocket.

The color is low saturation cream white. The style of the clamped feet and the thin strap made of soft and delicate goat leather can set off the delicate and dexterous femininity.

Coupled with the fashionable square head design, there is a restrained beauty, extremely simple, just right. The leather insole is soft and comfortable to step on, and the straps, although very thin, subtly wrap the feet.

It is better to wear than expected, and it will not strangle your feet. The 2cm kitten heel, although it is a thin heel, is very stable when walking without getting tired.

Left: Shirt/Hermes

Wide-leg pants / Céline

Right: Dress / Xu Zhi

Skirt / Theory


I heard that The Row has recently experienced financial crisis due to the previous bankruptcy of Barney’s and the impact of the pandemic. I really hope that my treasure brand can survive the epidemic…

The next summer favorite, from Jil Sander. These lace-up low-heeled sandals perfectly embody the essence of his minimalist aesthetic. The broadband of the instep and the thin strap that wraps around the ankle create a stark contrast.

The strap design can define the ankle for a slimmer look. The design of the sole is actually larger than the shape of the foot, which has a playful sense of structure. A small heel of about 2cm, the height is just right for me.

Tops / Nisiss

Outerwear/The Row

Skirt / Acne Studios

Some time ago, I was on a business trip in Shanghai, so I wore it with a skirt with cotton and linen texture to go shopping.

However, the shoes are slightly heavy, and the ankle rope must be tied correctly when wearing it, otherwise it will fall off as you walk. Don’t ask me how I know…

The Row can be said to be my true love, from fashion to handbags, and shoes. Today there are two pairs from their home.

Last year, I bought A pair of leather clip drags from The Row, which is wide and simple, easy to wear and versatile, but slightly heavy. So when I saw this pair this year, I immediately started it.

Black and white color scheme, the design is a bit like the taste of Japanese clogs.

The sole design is rounded and slightly square. The straps are velvet and canvas panels. Not only does it provide a double contrast of color and material, but also the position of the clamp foot is velor, which is a full score for comfort.

The overall style feels not too casual and loose, and it is also very good to look at with some summer dresses, quite atmospheric.

This By Far’s wedge heel is also one of the more preferred high heels that I haven’t bought much recently. This simple and classic design, almost most styles of clothing can be matched.

Generally, I have fewer opportunities to wear high heels, so I will try to find more comfortable ones when choosing high heels. This pair of By Far’s wedge heels are deep in my heart, and I won’t get tired of standing for half a day.


Skirt / Stella McCartney

I used to wear it to the event, and after standing for hours to take photos and videos, I was still “walking like a fly”. Compared with the general wedge shape and the bulky feeling, it has a small idea that narrows inward on both sides, which is lighter and more chic.

The last pair is still from Chanel. The pair of sandals was bought during a trip to Macau last week. This time, I also bought a few other pairs of shoes and saved them for sharing with you next time.

Speaking of this pair of sandals, it is also a pair that is very suitable for summer vacations.

The delicate light gold logo is embellished with a diamond-checked quilted sheepskin strap for a fluffy softness. Combined with the design of thick braided rope, it injects a navy style, which is more casual, and looks good with jeans and T-shirt.

The top strap is adjustable, so those with a higher instep don’t have to worry at all. The sole is made of cork wood, which adds a natural casual feeling, and it is not too hard to wear.

I can’t wait to put it on when I return to Beijing in the past two days, and it’s good to go in person. It doesn’t press the instep and doesn’t heel the foot. It is a pair of sandals that can be blindly entered.

The above are my favorite 7 pairs of white shoes this summer~ are basically simple and practical sandal styles. Which pair of grass have you been planted?

In fact, in addition to the white series, I have also bought a lot of new shoes recently, if you want to see it, remember to leave a message to tell me, and find an opportunity to tell you later.


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