This spring, “thin jacket + skirt” is more popular, gentle and good-looking, shopping and work

Hi, little fairies, hello everyone~

New season, new beginning, the arrival of spring, everything will be beautiful drops again~ As the weather gets warmer and warmer, some heavy cotton jackets and down jackets can also be slowly put away.

Because of this slightly cold season, you can easily cope with a light jacket when you go out, and wear a skirt inside, which is not only gentle but also good-looking, allowing you to travel easily!

This spring, when wearing a thin coat, remember to wear a skirt inside, it is really popular to wear it this way,

Go shopping and go to work! If you like a little fairy dressed like this, you might as well follow along.

Let’s take a look at what “thin coats” are worth buying this spring↓

(1) Knitted cardigan

In spring, a knitted cardigan is indispensable anyway, not too thick and not too thin fabric, and this season is just right to wear. Relatively simple style, very versatile and durable, the effect is really not too good to wear, dropped shoulder sleeves + loose fit, the upper body can experience the effect of thinning. The small pocket design on both sides is simple and full of details, which is quite eye-catching.

The lower body can be matched with skirts or pants, and different wearing methods have different shapes, as you like~

(2) Denim jacket

Speaking of the thin coats that are popular this spring, did anyone think of denim jackets for the first time? This piece is really one of the coats that will never go out of style in your wardrobe. Not too thick fabric, this warm season is just right to wear, the loose fit, plus just over the hip length, can accommodate a lot of figures!

In addition, this denim jacket has no limitations in collocation, and any style can be created at will.

(3) Windbreaker jacket

Spring without a trench coat is probably incomplete, right? A light and thin style that is just right for this warm and cold season. When choosing a trench coat, pay attention to its color and shape selection, according to your own body and skin color to choose, you must be able to pick the right one. In terms of matching, skirts and pants are very good.

(4) Blazer

In recent years, blazers have also been highly sought after, and in the spring, you may wish to buy yourself a thin apricot blazer, the color is recommended to choose a light color, for example, this color is very good. Relatively simple and generous design, the upper body shows temperament and good looks, and the loose fit has an excellent tolerance effect on the figure. Matching skirts and pants have their own style.

About the above several “light coats + skirts” collocation

Look1, knitted cardigan + skirt

Blue thin knitted cardigan + printed skirt

How to look at this set is very retro, there is wood? A thin blue short-knit cardigan, this length is really exclusive to small girls. The black printed skirt with the bottom is a vivid interpretation of vintage fan. Moreover, the black platform leather shoes worn on your feet give you a little more gentleness.

Plaid thin knit cardigan + apricot skirt

The first glance of the whole is gentleness, right? From knitted cardigans to skirts at the bottoms, the colors are light and light. The saturation is very low, so there is not much demand for skin tone, and yellow and black skin can easily hold it! The small plaid knitted cardigan of the milk candy series, light and soft fabric, will not prick the skin when worn alone, with an apricot midi skirt, it looks good and temperamental, and the beauty is easy to travel.

Look2, denim jacket + skirt

Embroidered thin denim jacket + white pleated skirt

Such a set full of small freshness, it is too suitable to wear in spring, the light short blue embroidered denim jacket, the embroidery pattern of white small daisies, is also too delicate. The fabric of the denim jacket is not too thick, the thickness is moderate, and the length of the short style is very suitable for small people who are only 150-156 in height. Choose a white pleated skirt to match, refreshing blue, and clean white to match, good looking and age-reducing.

Look3, trench coat + skirt

Yellow thin trench coat + floral dress

This year is really popular yellow, spring warm blossom season, give yourself such a yellow trench coat, light material, but wear it drapes very well, the length of the mid-length model, the upper body lengthens the entire body proportion, very tall and thin. Inside with a light-colored floral dress, the spring atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, some romance is not lost gentle temperament, plus a pair of white boots, and a little more high-end. Go shopping and go to work!

Look4, blazer + skirt

Check thin suit + midi skirt

If you are tired of seeing a variety of solid color suits, then this spring, buy yourself a checked blazer, the color matching is light, wearing the body will basically not look very dark, the design of small check elements makes the whole retro style more intense. With a mid-length skirt, an A-line skirt, look thin, and look good! A belt is added to the waist to embellish, and the waist line is raised to shape the figure, perfect!

Whether you are going out shopping or commuting to work, this outfit can satisfy you.


What do you think? After reading this “thin jacket + skirt” outfit shared by Lily above, do you still like it? Different combinations of light coats and skirts, which one do you prefer? Gentle and good-looking, shopping and going to work!

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