Wear a climber down hooded jacket and explore Svalbard, the far northern island of the world

From the Norwegian capital Oslo, after two night flights, the plane does not go east-west, straight to the far north, time quietly comes to the hour, but the night is getting darker, the midnight window is like a sunrise like a yellowish tone, but the time stopped at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, and then the plane began to descend into the clouds, the distant towering and cold Black Mountain, sandwiched between the clouds and the sea, the world in front of you is so abstract and strange.

Landing…finally at the other end of the world, Longyearbyen, a cold-shore archipelago at 78 degrees north latitude

The Cold Coast Islands are located in the northernmost part of Norway’s territory, transliterated as “Svalbard islands”, spanning 74 ° to 81 ° north latitude, with a total area of 60,000 square kilometers and a permanent population of no more than 3 or 4,000 people, making it the northernmost place in the world with a permanent population.

To Svalbard, in fact, it is not difficult at all, the ticket is still very cheap, from the Norwegian capital OSLO back and forth, but after you arrive in Longyearbyen, you can’t leave the town by yourself, you must participate in the local itinerary is usually to take an Arctic boat to the islands (the ticket to the island is cheap, but the itinerary is completely Nordic prices)

Take part in the glaciers seen on a day trip to Pyramiden

I came here on September 2, 2018, the temperature was about zero degrees, there was still no night, the sky was still blue in the middle of the night, and then it began to light up at three o’clock in the morning!

It is recommended to join a trip to the Cold Coast Islands, and it is worth it to see the glacier! Visit Svalbard

Warm jacket for polar travel

Klattermusen Atle 2.0 FP800+ climber down hooded coat

This trip to the Arctic Circle, although it is a visit at the end of summer, but the latitude is far north, the temperature is unstable, sometimes rain and snow, usually around zero, the moderator’s jacket is Swedish outdoor brand Klattermusen Atle 2.0 men’s 93/7 FP800+ climber down hooded jacket, looks large and warm, but when I first picked it up, I unexpectedly felt so light, such a coat turned out to be only 540 grams, very light, even the whole coat can be stored in the internal mesh pocket , is completely down can be “stuffed” characteristics, very suitable for travel to take out, but will not add too much burden to carry.

Klattermusen Atle 2.0 Men’s 93/7 FP800+ Climber Down Hooded Coat, 93/7 in the model refers to the 93/7 fluff ratio (93% white goose down, 7% feathers), which can provide the best support and heat storage efficiency for the filling layer, and the inner box structure allows the down to be evenly distributed without moving away.

The diagonal zipper design on the chest prevents the zipper pulls from touching the chin, and the neck is made of flannel for a comfortable touch

There is a handbag on the left and right, and a hidden mesh pocket in the left chest, which can also allow the entire coat to be stored in the inner mesh pocket.

The chest zipper is designed with a double end, which is convenient for outdoor activities without affecting the windproof and warm effect.

I invited three friends to dress up, and in different environments, such as hiking/winter snow viewing, the degree of use and practicality are high.

Pyramiden – Pilameden, discover Russian culture and architecture in the Arctic wilderness!

Pyramiden is an abandoned remote ghost town located in the Russian settlement and coal mining community of Svalbard, Norway. Founded by the Swedes in 1910, sold to the Soviet Union in 1927. It was closed by the Russian government in 1998 and a large number of buildings and facilities were abandoned in the area. Since 2007, it has become a tourist destination.

We signed up for a day at Pyramiden with the glacier



The glacier stretches endlessly and the depth of field is fascinating

Polar travel, bringing different perspectives, conflicting with the reality images you usually come into contact with, has a psychedelic beauty

As the boat sailed into the glacier, fog began to rise and it rained, but the travelers were still excited

Fellow friends, in front of this beautiful scenery, no matter how windy or cold. Also get a glimpse of the visual stunnings of the vast expanse of glaciers up close.

Klattermusen Atle 2.0 down hooded jacket, I think the coolest thing is that it is waterproof and not afraid of rain, unlike ordinary down jackets, which are most afraid of encountering moisture and moisture, but this one I have worn in the Nordic polar for more than a month, and I have not been wet at all in the general rain. Because PFOA-Free does not contain PFOA-Free water repellent treatment, it is ideal for wearing the outer layer as long as it is not raining heavily.

After the glacier tour, head to National Geographic, one of the most fascinating ghost towns in the world, Pyramiden

Visiting Pyramiden is like stepping into a time machine. The buildings here are so well preserved that many visitors feel they are “back in time” to the Soviet era. When the mine closed and the entire town was abandoned, it seemed that everyone left in a hurry. Cups were left on tables, newspaper news on the wall and skis in the hallway. The beautiful indoor swimming pool and elaborate cultural center feature Soviet-era architecture and bear witness to the city’s golden years at the time.

Watch the smoke and rain of the glacier at noon, and let it be sunny in the afternoon

Leaving in the afternoon, I stood at the stern and quietly admired the tip of the iceberg in the north

I mentioned Nordic prices a few times, to actually share with you that this price is really scary

The burger in the restaurant is about 120 yuan (only this burger in the photo, no other fries or drinks)

The pure natural mineral water from the North Pole is only 750ml, and the selling price is about 330 yuan. After reading this, I drink the water of the accommodation every day, which is completely the concept of drinking more and earning more?

Using the Klattermusen Atle 2.0 climber down hooded jacket for half a year, not only in the city can be worn, outdoor mountaineering and hiking is also very suitable, its down vest is lightweight and warm, with elastic cuffs, its back is lengthened to prevent strong winds, the hooded design enhances the warmth effect, good compressibility, easy to carry.

However, the official reminder that down should not be stored in a compressed state, and if it is wet, the warmth provided by the down will decrease.

This coat is not cheap, if you buy one can be used for several years, and its strong lightness and warmth, it is worth investing, especially friends who are particularly afraid of cold!

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