Blackpink member Lisa’s off-work wardrobe is your new source of fashion inspiration

Think about it


The wardrobe of member Lisa, the first thing that comes to mind is likely to be

Her shiny Celine jacket

Or trendy stage attire. But there’s also a lot to appreciate about the pop star’s casual attire.

The K-pop icon’s casual styling is a lesson in savvy styling – notice how she pairs a hoodie with a sports jacket. No matter how casual she dresses, she also relies on her perfect bangs to ensure she looks neat. Lisa’s latest low-cut outfit with long hair is a great example.

From her vintage outerwear to vintage-inspired suits, bring your off-work wardrobe to life with Lisa’s understated styling techniques.

The power of Lisa’s bangs

Lisa’s straight-cut tassels have always been at the heart of her overall look, bringing sweetness to her sportswear and ensuring that every new look speaks for itself.

Vintage jacket

Lisa kicked off the new year with a mix of high and low to inspire us all. Speaking about her favorite brand, Celine, she wore a vintage baseball jacket, a fun T-shirt and a luxurious cross-body bag.

Vintage T-shirt

The best-dressed women in the world usually have a bunch of vintage t-shirts in hand that can bring unbalanced vibrancy to any look. We loved that Lisa wore her gown with black jeans, unkempt hair and a strand of gold ornaments.

Clever tailoring combinations

A low-key appearance can also appear intelligent. Like Lisa, pairing an oversized track jacket with a hoodie is both trendy and cool.

Simple vest

Simple does not mean boring. Here, a pure white vest makes her openwork sweater sparkle,

And the chunky boots bring a touch of runway recognition chic,

This is something that more obvious sneakers can’t choose.

Trendy add-ons

Instead of piling her accessories together, Lisa opted for carefully selected products, such as this chunky watch, a beanie with the Vivienne Westwood logo, and a very chic Hermès hair band.

Stylish sportswear

When she could have been glorious, Lisa chose comfort instead, and she chose a black velvet tracksuit to celebrate Christmas.

Colorful knitting

Soft and gorgeous knitwear is even more pleasing to the eye under soft tones.

Cardigan sweater

Lisa relies on a camera-grabbing cardigan to increase her fashion share.

Graphic T-shirt

A patterned T-shirt – whatever the tagline it is – can give a point of view. Be flexible and adjust the length or sleeves of the t-shirt to your liking.

Casual denim

Lisa wears indigo coarse cargo pants, a T-shirt and sneakers to stay stylish.

Gray polo shirt

Buy a chic gray polo shirt, it will soon become one of your most reliable clothes and easy to care for.

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