Implementation of new security standards

Source: People’s Daily – People’s Daily Overseas Edition

According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) The “Safety Precautionary Requirements for Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens” (GB/T 29315-2022) was recently approved and released by the State Administration for Market Regulation and has been officially implemented since June 1. This standard specifies 16 key parts and areas of campus security precautions, extending the campus security protection area from the inside to the entrance and surrounding areas.

The new standard is the first revision on the basis of the 2012 version of the standard, which makes up for the low requirements for human prevention and physical prevention, and the mismatch and incoordination between system technical indicators and new technology applications, which is of great significance for further improving the normative system of campus safety precautions.

The standard focuses on reflecting the “combination of civil air defense, material defense, and technical defense” of campus safety, and takes the personal safety of students and faculty and staff as the main goal, proceeds from reality, strengthens problem-orientation, and strives to improve relevant content and technical specifications in key parts, important measures, emergency response, technical support, etc., and improve the level of school safety and prevention. The standards apply to the construction and management of safety prevention systems in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and the construction and management of safety prevention systems in other institutions or places such as centralized education and training, rescue and protection for minors may be implemented by reference.

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