Love you can’t open in your heart? Try illy’s set of alphabet coffee cups

Sometimes some people have a hard time saying their love, but don’t say it, they must be panicked, then they have to use something to express it. Recently, illy Coffee has launched a new illy art collection designed by Italian artist Matteo Attruia, a complete set of printed coffee cups and tea tray gift packs.

Matteo Attruia’s work is known for its elegance and irony, and he often uses a variety of media, including painting, photography, recycled everyday objects and installations, in a variety of styles. This time, based on Matteo Thun’s 1991 ILLY Classic coffee cup, artist Matteo Attruia has divided the new ILLY Art Collection into 36 different combinations of messages, each with its own meaning and positive direction, inspired by the way threatening letters are written.

Simply put, it is to combine the words on the coffee cup with the words on the accompanying tea tray, and you can get a different message each time. The “I love you” that you can’t say can also be reflected in this set of coffee cups. Illy Coffee said that it mainly wants to highlight the connection between coffee consumption and sociality through this set of coffee cups. People can combine them at will to express their mood at this moment.

It seems that Illy’s coffee cup set is very interesting, but the price is not cheap at all. Espresso coffee cups are 348 yuan for one cup, 498 yuan for two cups, and 1300 yuan for six cups; The Cappuccino coffee cup holds 608 yuan for two and 1950 yuan for six. So it’s true that art is expensive, and in the near future, illy art collection cups will be sold in Tmall illy flagship stores, illy flagship stores and illyshop.

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