Dodge these barrages! Endless treasures are waiting for you! Genki Knight takes you on an adventure!

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As autumn grows stronger, do you feel that the liver is too hot and there is nowhere to liver? Do you think that there is nothing to do after the liver collapses every day? Or maybe the wallet has been emptied by various game anniversaries? Today’s recommended game “Genki Knight”, click to play for a year, equipment does not cost a penny!

Soul Knight is a pixel-style mobile game produced by Conscience Games Company Ryoya, and its story background is very simple: the destroyed world needs a savior-like character, and the player plays this role, and the ultimate goal of the game is to break through the infinite dungeon.

Players have also played rouguelike games to a greater or lesser extent, such as “Hammer Guard”, “Isaac’s Combination” and other games that are quite testing operations, so considering that it is inconvenient to operate on mobile phones, “Genki Knight” has optimized the operating system, and the simple operation interface and automatic aiming system can make Mengxin get started quickly.

As a game that also references the room mechanics of Advancing into the Dungeon, the buff mechanics of King of the Wasteland, the statues of Rune Guardians, the pets of Torchlight, and the constellation mechanics of Dawn of Terror, I will briefly introduce the basic system of this game.

First of all, the biggest feature of “Genki Knight” is the character and weapon system, and the characters in the game have three attributes, the health bar shield and the blue bar messenger. Attacking with a weapon will consume the blue bar (usually the stronger the weapon, the higher the blue consumption), the shield will be deducted first when attacked, the shield can automatically recover when not attacked, the shield will be deducted after the shield is zeroed, and the health bar will be dead when it is zeroed. There are more than ten characters in the game, each with different initial attributes and initial skills. For example, the ranger’s forward roll dodge, such as the paladin’s shield is protected from damage, and so on.

At the same time, “Genki Knight” also has hundreds of weapons, each weapon also has its own unique attack method, so how to choose the right weapon combination is the key to clearing the level.

(Eat my vow and the sword of victory!) )

Secondly, the only currency in the game is gems (and yuan), and at the end of each game, you will be given gems according to the number of levels passed, the number of kills and the number of gold coins obtained in the game, which can be used to buy and upgrade characters.

There are also statues that can be enshrined in the game, and unleashing skills after offering can get additional effects. The Weapon Forge will melt down the weapon at hand and give you a new weapon at random. The Trevi Fountain can be thrown into it to test his ancestry (the author has hardly produced anything and shed non-chieftain tears), and other features of the game are waiting for players to discover for themselves!

(I dodged this level of barrage after five hundred years of training)

Fight, shoot, dodge the barrage! The rouguelike mode coupled with dungeon elements makes Genki Knight extremely rich and fun. The items you get are different from game to round. What, do you still have questions? Is this game available online, you ask? Can a cool house afford a server? Just kidding, this game can still be connected to the LAN, as long as you connect to the same wifi with your friends, you can play online battles with up to four people.

There are also recommended videos of Chinese boys and clearance videos of God of War APi on station B, so interested friends hurry up to download the game and fight with friends!

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