Black technology children’s milk cover shampoo and cleansing bubbles, severely powdered

Meow mother said

Last summer, Meow’s mother discovered a magical black tech children’s shower gel from Turtle Daddy’s house. ☛

Shocked! Black technology children’s shower gel, pro-test can purify water quality! 》

, I hoarded a lot of it myself at that time, and I used it until this year.

Many friends are also seriously fanned by their family, including Meow Mama’s little friend Muli Mushroom. This year, Turtle Papa has two new products:

For children over 3 years old

cap shampoo moisturizer

It can be used for 1 year old and above

Amino acid cleansing bubbles

Mushroom told me that as soon as the new model came out, she couldn’t wait to try it for the baby, and she liked it so much that she had to recommend it to Meow’s mother, hahaha. (Sure enough, the women got together to talk about how to spend money for the baby~)

2瓶 79

After using up our little fart children, Meow Mama just wanted to say – shocking people (wu)! Hahahaha~ So we saved up an experience report to share with you. Of course, rest assured, the super super cost-effective link at the end of the article is a must!!!

The hand speed of understanding is pulled to the end of the text

Ventura | Mushroom

Turtle Papa Amino Acid Milk Cap Shampoo Moisturizer

When it comes to washing hair, our sister Vicky is a difficult household. Because I am afraid of water entering my eyes, I am reluctant to wash my hair every time, and I have to quietly prepare myself in the bathroom for a few minutes

, the mood is as heavy as being tortured.

On this day I took it with (gu) hand (yi).

Put it on the sink, and sure enough, the sharp-eyed chick found me and asked me what it was, and I pretended to be mysterious: this is the turtle daddy milk cover shampoo, which mermaids use to wash their hair! So she got excited, I want to use it, I want to use it!

Pick up the bottle and see the words on it”

Shake it before use!

The chick shook excitedly a few times.

The squeezed foam sniffed,

There is no taste

。 Apply to hair

Good ductility

, compared to the shampoo used before,

The foam is richer

。 The chick asked to wash it herself on the spot.

I have concerns before rinsing, so much foam, it takes a long time to rinse, right? In fact, it’s just the opposite, it’s easier to wash than any other shampoo before.

It’s gone when you flush it, and it won’t be slippery to the touch like it’s not washed clean, but it’s not astringent, it’s the feeling of washing clean

After blow-drying, her hair was smooth, and it was a natural smoothness to the touch, and Vicky felt that she had upgraded to a mermaid, and her hair was flicked around, and it was stinky and beautiful.

01 Why should I change to a special shampoo after the age of 3?

Raising a daughter to dress up as a doll is the joy of many mothers’ imaginations, especially all kinds of princesses braiding hair, like dressing up dolls.

To be honest, I only found out when I really practiced it… As soon as the hair grows, just washing and combing it will be fateful!

If the child has an itchy head, a red scalp, and his hair always feels unclean and oily, or has frizz and split ends and yellowing after washing, it proves that

The shampoo you are using for ta now is really not suitable for ta anymore.

The child grows up and needs a special shampoo.

Turtle Papa Amino Acid Milk Cap Shampoo, exactly

Specially developed for 3+ kids

The advantages help you sort it out:

Shampoo moisturizer in one bottle

No need to wear conditioner, hair can also smooth

APG × amino acids, “binucleus” clean

, hold the shampoo needs of older children

Cleansing grade surface life, soap-based, sulfate-free, silicone oil

, gentle care, do not hurt the scalp

Squalane deep moisturizer, 1g squalane = 500g olive oil

, smoothes frizz, smooth hair so smooth that it does not need to be combed

The world’s top factories import raw materials

, EU double organic certification, green to the end, safe and clean

Fun milk cap design

, shake it to become “milk”, press one press to automatically foam, let the child love washing hair

02 One bottle = shampoo + conditioner

I don’t know if you find it, in order to ensure that the children’s shampoo is gentle and safe, it is often easy to dry and dry after washing, and the cleaning power is often insufficient.

But the turtle daddy little cover solves the two key problems of dryness and cleanliness! Add the hair care function directly to the shampoo – the upper milk cover, moisturize the hair; Lower liquid, clean,

One bottle = shampoo + hair care


Shake it before use, mix the ingredients, wash once to have the effect of cleansing + moisturizing, no need to apply another conditioner, hair can be light and clean without knots!

03 “Dual-core” cleaning, holding the cleaning needs of older children

In the general children’s shampoo cleaning is not enough, the turtle daddy small milk cover is adopted

Amino acids × complex of APG

, immediately hold the cleaning needs of older children.

Don’t worry about overcleaning

, they are even connected

The mystery of La Mer

This lady-level brand is picked up for ultra-gentle cleansing grade work.

The amino acid is selected as disodium cocoyl glutamate, which belongs to the amino acid surface activity

The most moisturizing glutamate

, while washing off the oil, it will not wash off the water,

Long-term use of the scalp does not itch, hair does not dry

。 The pH value is also weakly acidic closer to the skin.

APG is a new type of nonionic surfactant.

Gentle, non-toxic, biodegradable and virtually non-irritating to the human body

。 The key is that the performance is good! Strong detergent, rich and delicate foam, good moisture.

The combination of the two can be washed cleaner, even if the baby goes out for a day, stained with all kinds of dust, mud and sweat, wash it once, and the hair is immediately light and fluffy again.

04 What is the secret of milk caps?

As I told you earlier, the milk cover layer of the small milk cover is full of nutrients, and the main thing is Elizabeth Arden gold gum and Estée Lauder small brown bottle

Lady-grade skincare ingredients



1g = 500g olive oil! When washing your hair, you can firmly wrap each strand, smooth the upturned scales, and form a moisturizing protective film on the surface of the hair.

The hair that used to be dragged so that the child couldn’t comb it out in pain is now naturally dried smoothly, without knots at all.

The plant squalane is extracted from olives, olives are abundant in Spain, this squalane is

Imported from Spain, a large country of squalane

The other two main ingredients of the small milk cap are also from the world’s top factories, which is also due to the principle that the brand has always adhered to:

For children, it must be the best raw materials

APG comes from BASF, the world’s largest chemical company

All have passed the EU’s green organic certification, from growth to finished products, they are in line with the organic principle of no environmental pollution, no pesticides and no chemical agents.

Amino acids come from

Japanese Ajinomoto –

The absolute industry authority in producing the world’s first amino acid


The small milk cap also does not contain any fragrance, alcohol, coloring, sulfate, soap, silicone oil,

Even if

Babies with sensitive skin can use it with confidence

Turtle Papa Kids Double Extract Amino Acid Cleansing Bubble

After the chick successfully accepted the brand of Turtle Daddy, I nervously presented her with a bottle

Children’s double extract amino acid cleansing bubble

You must know that Vicky, who usually can’t get a drop of water on his face, completely refused to wash his face with water before, let alone bubbles. But

In summer, sunscreen is often used, and washing with clean water alone cannot be washed at all

, Every time I think about it, I am a little uneasy.

As with shampoo, so does cleansing bubbles

There is almost no smell

Target. I asked Vicky to try “painting” the bubbles on her face, allowing to avoid the eye area (around a large circle), and it turned out to be her

A finger accidentally ran across his eye

, just about to scream but stopped, tell me, Mom

It doesn’t seem to feel much

The old mother’s heart (and ears) relaxed at once. Later, she unhurriedly painted bubbles on her full face, and she enjoyed it.

With my experience with the last shampoo, I guessed that this cleansing bubble should be easy to wash, so I discussed with Vicky and we will rinse it, and it will be finished before counting to 3. As a result, the chick rushed for a second and moved away

。 I touched it

1瓶 49

There is no slippery residue


Just rush it

, or quite powerful! She also showed me her tender face, which was very smooth before applying fragrance (young is good).

01 Children’s facial cleanser is essential

Why is it necessary to use children’s facial cleanser? You can try the effect of children’s sunscreen after washing, it is really not worrying!

There is also a layer of oil on the surface after washing

Look closely at how dirty the skin is!

It’s not just that sunscreen water can’t be washed clean,

Bacteria from sweat, haze from clogging pores… Clean water is not clean!

More seriously, the bacteria on the skin are not washed clean, even more

It is easy to cause rashes

; Older children, there will be directly

The problem of blackheads

This requires a facial cleanser: gentle, safe, and clean, just count it:

Cleansing formula of amino acids + amino acids

(Other amino acids + SLS/SLS, soap base), gentle and cleansing


The world’s top 1 amino acid supplier

, double the skin nourishment, wash out the “water egg muscle”

30 seconds deep into the pores to wash away urban smog and sun protection

EU certified 100% natural and organic ingredients

, 1 year old can be used

EU ECOCERT certification

02 Double natural amino acids, wash clean without damaging the skin

Why does Papa Turtle really coexist with cleanliness and gentleness? Because it is not only a real amino acid facial cleanser, but also depends

A combination of two amino acids

to achieve cleaning power!

Everyone in the industry knows: amino acids are mild, but the cleaning power is poor. If you want to improve the cleaning power, you can

(1) Add multiple amino acids

(2) Add non-amino acids

, such as betaine, SLS/SELS, soap.

Due to cost,

Many homes often choose (2)

, using cheap non-amino acids as the main cleaning ingredient, this is washed clean, but the skin will get worse and worse the more you wash!

And the founder of Turtle Papa thought that his own children would also use it,

Resolutely chose (1)


The amount added is second only to water

, there are multiple books, you can imagine.

Like shampoos are glutamate ingredients, they also come from

Amino acid production process TOP grade Japanese Ajinomoto Co., Ltd

, higher purity, stronger than domestic amino acid detergent power.

Test its cleaning power with difficult children’s physical sun protection! Measured with an ultraviolet camera, clean!

That cleaning power is so good, won’t it wash very dry?

It won’t.

As mentioned earlier, “glutamic acid” is the amino acid family,

2瓶 99

The mildest and most moisturizing type after washing

! The cleansing power of the skin’s own moisturizing factor is similar to water, and you will find it after a long time

The more you wash, the more moisturized

From authoritative laboratories

Whether it is going home after going out, having a dirty mouth after eating, or a child’s sweat, wash it with it, refreshing and super comfortable; Families living in smoggy cities are advised to bring one to cleanse the mousse at all times

Wash off the rubbish from your face

to restore white tender muscle.

If older children have blackheads, cleaning products should be selected well, so that the grown skin will not get worse and worse.

Unclog pores with Turtle Papa and relieve strawberry nose

03 The raw materials are natural and safe, and the eyes are not spicy

As 100% organic and natural, the amino acid raw materials of Turtle Papa are naturally indispensable to one of the largest organic certification bodies in the world——

Certification of the EU ECOCERT!

(The industry has this certified facial cleanser, 10 fingers can be counted).

Its pH is 6, weakly acidic, and it is as gentle as water when washed and does not irritate the skin.

Our human body is weakly acidic, so it is best to choose weakly acidic for washing

The paste is also not spicy on the eyes, so don’t worry about hurting your eyes.

Another safety aspect of Turtle Father Cleansing Bubble is also reflected in

It uses only 13 ingredients

。 Fragrances, foaming agents, preservatives, which are harmful to the skin, are all omitted, so


Even children with sensitive skin, even sensitive pregnant mothers, can buy it with their eyes closed

1瓶 59

Turtle Papa is also recognized by the State Food and Drug Administration.

04 Automatic foaming, no residue and convenient

The cleanser lathers at the touch of a press, eliminating the risk of uneven skin damage left by rubbing and melting the cleanser.

The water is clean, no residue, no fake slippery.

A small reminder to everyone, because the turtle father’s amino acid table is given 30% (only 15% of the more than 100 pieces are sold), so

With one pump, you can wash your face

! Don’t squeeze too much waste!

The amino acid is low-bubble, and the bubble disappears soon after the upper face. It’s like a “countdown timer”.

Once the bubbles are gone, they can be washed off

About the brand

If you are a parent who is very concerned about the ingredients and safety of children’s toiletries, you may have heard of turtle dads.

This year’s new sunscreen, only 2 months after its launch, has leapt to the first domestic sales of Tmall baby and child sunscreen, and the third in the world.

Not only was it recognized by Dr. Lilac, but it even became the previous year

【BGI’s only cooperative infant personal care brand】

How to hoard?

Having said all that, it’s finally time to talk about the price. The products of the turtle daddy’s family are all conscientious ingredients conscience price, and the relatives who bought it last time should have experience, it is really durable!


And, because they have confidence in their own products, they have a unique after-sales principle in the industry –

If you are not satisfied within 10 days, even if you have opened and used it, you can return it for a refund!

Such a strong commitment, completely

Start without loss


1 Turtle Papa Amino Acid Milk Cover Shampoo 200ml

1 bottle of 59

2 bottles 99

Free $69 ice cream body milk travel wear


2 Turtle Papa Kids Double Extract Amino Acid Cleansing Bubble 50ml

1 bottle of 49

2 bottles 79

Get 69 yuan crystal paste

It is recommended that you stock up on 2 bottles each, it is really not expensive, and use it longer so as not to replenish from time to time; Second, cleansing bubble mother can also use it, such as sensitive skin me, I really use this every day recently, it’s so fragrant!

Turtle Papa Amino Acid Milk Cap Shampoo Moisturizer

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