2018 Design Guangzhou Main Venue: 100 top works of industrial design in the world!

This afternoon, Shude Light, one of the main venues of “2018 Design Guangzhou”, held a media guided tour. In the creative park of the old factory transformation, 100 top works of global industrial design gathered, and well-known domestic designers displayed the latest achievements on the spot, allowing design to go from daily life to the public. In Guangzhou, there is a group of international level designers, they are not lacking high-end talents, returnees, speaking of the design atmosphere of Guangzhou, Zhang Chaohui, a craftsman who studied from internationally renowned masters, bluntly said that “there is great prospects”, which is a place where designers’ ideas can be landed.

Main venue: The dilapidated chemical reagent factory was transformed into a pure creative park

Located on the south side of Industrial Avenue, the Tree Light Creative Park officially opened its doors this month. Walking through a series of 5 buildings with pure white exterior walls, sunlight passes through the floor-to-ceiling glass leaving a clean light and shadow, transparent and fast. You wouldn’t expect that more than a year ago, this was an old factory area that had been abandoned for a long time – Guangzhou Chemical Reagent Factory.

“At that time, these buildings were factory buildings in the seventies and eighties, and the pink mosaic facades were mottled by the accumulation of chemical raw materials.” Chen Donghua, the architectural designer in charge of the renovation, introduced. Is it a simple restoration, or is it a choice to give the old factory a new style? He chose the latter, using pure white as the main tone of the creative park, and the whole building was “white to the end”.

“For many owners, this ‘nothing’ style may not be acceptable, it is too uncommercial.” Chen Donghua is glad to meet the owner with artistic pursuits this time, “I hope not to add too many commercial labels, and the architecture does not emphasize self-prominence, only as a ‘stage background’ to set off more content.” “

However, the designers also deliberately preserved the original unique installation of the factory, with three huge cylindrical pipes running through the first two floors of a building, attracting young female tourists to take photos together. “This is the hole used by the factory to exhaust air, and it was specially activated during the renovation process to retain the memories of the old industry.” Chen Donghua said.

In order to better adapt to the actual use needs, the architects connected the second floors of the five buildings through a new corridor, allowing more possibilities for the upstairs space. According to reports, since the opening of the door on October 1, the average daily passenger flow of Shude Light has reached 20,000, with the highest peak exceeding 30,000.

Exhibition: “A feast where designers and art collide”

The reporter walked into the light of Shude, walked up to the second floor through the white corridor, and there were 100 works placed flat on a table more than 60 meters long, small and delicate, all of which caught people’s attention with unique shapes. This is the Global Industrial Design 100 exhibition, which selects 100 excellent design works from around the world in recent years, and also takes the history of global industrial design as the context on both sides, telling classic ideas along the centuries.

A watch that does not need chopsticks clips and is not afraid to touch the floating chopsticks on the table, and blind people can “see the time”… The person in charge of the exhibition told reporters that a selection of daily practical works that have been highly recognized by the design profession and the public are placed here, covering household items, stationery, electronic products, furniture and other categories, many of which have won the world’s top design awards.

In front of the first few display windows of the exhibition, Qin Xianghui, who had just rushed from Huangpu after work, looked down from time to time to ponder the text introduction, stopped in two steps, and was attracted by the many products in front of him. “I used to study design, and after graduation I also did product design.” Qin Xianghui said that there had been information about the Guangzhou Living Art Experience Center, but the open industrial design exhibition was “difficult to come across.”

He felt fortunate to encounter such an event, “When we do design, we yearn for many master-level products when we study, but they can only be seen in books, but they are not accessible. This time, we saw the real design. Qin Xianghui said a little excited, “Like that exquisite guitar, it is forged in one piece, it is difficult for you to see the difference from the appearance, but in fact, it is an innovation in another realm of forging technology; Like the curved wooden chair, it is difficult to even imagine it in ordinary times, which is also a design innovation in different realms. “

Qin Xianghui said that this is “a feast of designers and art colliding”, seeing is believing, feeling that the design representing the world’s high level and imagination are completely two experiences, and it also brings him a lot of insights.

Not only is it open to designers, the person in charge of the exhibition told reporters that while sharing the frontier of design, the exhibition also hopes that design can be felt and enter daily life, “It is not only sunny and snowy, but also can make life better.” “

The reporter saw a lot of innovative living utensils in these 100 boutique designs, such as Braille smart watches, which can make deaf and visually impaired people feel the flow of time under their fingertips, and can also read dates and information reminders, etc., which is the world’s first Braille smart watch and won international design awards such as iF. The LOVEPOT humidifier, which also won the iF International Design Award, does not need to be plugged in, humidifies everywhere, looks like a heart-shaped potted plant, can quickly evaporate water into the air after adding water, and all profits from its products will be given to charities to serve poor children. And the floating chopsticks have also attracted a lot of attention. The reporter found that the chopsticks benefited from the tail shape being raised, there is no need for a chopstick holder, even if it is placed on the table, the head of the chopsticks will not touch the table.

It is understood that as a design event with the participation of the whole people, the 2018 Design Guangzhou series of activities with the theme of “making life more interesting” was officially opened together with the 124th Autumn Canton Fair on October 15, which is also the first time that craft design products have entered the cultural and creative park, going to the neighborhood, and will last until November 4.

In addition, the reporter learned that the Shude Light Exhibition invited excellent design creative brands and enterprises at home and abroad to jointly display the latest design products, allowing the public to get close to the cutting-edge design trend. Participating exhibitors include Nordic Home, Homemaker, Local Creation, Hong Kong Design Gallery, Suguo Yinzhuang, I-brand, Guangzhou Liangbai Design Company, Chuangmu Workshop, Blankpage Studio, PIY General Studio, JTS Jiteshang, Lightspace Wrights Home, and Yishang Gate has no season.

Among them, “China’s Most Beautiful Book” focuses on the integrity of book design, the perfect combination of book content and form, the improvement of the function of the book itself by book design, the harmonious unity of design style and suitable feel, and the use of technical means as an important element of design. China’s most beautiful design book exhibition, hidden in the corner of Shude Design Bookstore, meets beauty around the corner, attracting many neighbors to check in and take photos.

Designer says Guangzhou:

Guangzhou is the place where wild ideas are put into practice

The “Suguo Yinzhuang” exhibition hall is located in a very prominent position in the main venue, and the scene shows how a piece of silver skin can be tempered thousands of times and finally broken into a silver pot. Zhang Chaohui, the founder of Suguo Yinzhuang, who has this technology, said that “there are only three or five people” who can achieve this level in Japan.

Why choose the somewhat unpopular silverware forge? Zhang Zhaohui recalled his experience when he was a student at Tsinghua University, when the school asked Japanese teachers to teach students the art of forging, “This is a traditional Chinese craft, why can’t we do it ourselves?” He was determined to use this as his specialty.

“It takes a lot of silver to make silver, and it took us five years and a lot of money to have more than 20 patents for a silver pot alone. For example, the overall zero welding technology, 90 degree tilt pouring kettle lid does not come out, are the results of our painstaking research. Zhang Chaohui said.

Graduated from Tsinghua University and studied under internationally renowned masters, Zhang Chaohui finally chose to develop in Guangzhou. “Beijing may value concepts and ideas, Guangzhou is more pragmatic, has a strong manufacturing and processing industry, and is a place to implement wild ideas.” His studio is located in a creative park in Nansha, about half an hour’s drive from the city. “Nansha allows designers and craftsmen to calm down and do design, and the transportation is also very convenient.”

Speaking of Guangzhou’s design atmosphere, Zhang Chaohui bluntly said that he “likes it” and is “very optimistic” about Guangzhou: “Guangzhou is a very trendy place, in line with international standards, can be exposed to the latest ideas and things, coupled with strong landing ability, there are great prospects in the future.” “

Text: Guangzhou Reference Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Tianyan Su Zan

Photo: Guangzhou Reference Guangzhou Daily reporter Luo Changwei

Guangzhou Reference Guangzhou Daily Editor Dong Yeheng

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