Advantages of sensor faucets| price details 4 major brands are difficult to distinguish

Sensor faucets

It is also applied in modern homes, hotels, KTV and other places, and the sensor design gives full play to water saving, and the sensor faucet will not cause waste of water resources but also has a beautiful and generous high value. Are there other aspects of sensor-activated faucets besides these advantages? Now that there are so many brands on the market, how should we choose sensor faucets? Which brand is better?

Is the sensor faucet good?

Fully automatic induction faucet is through the principle of infrared reflection, when the human hand is placed in the infrared area of the faucet, the infrared emitting tube emits infrared rays due to the blocking of the human hand reflected to the infrared receiving tube, through the integrated line of the microcomputer processing signal sent to the pulse solenoid valve, the solenoid valve accepts the signal according to the specified instructions to open the valve core to control the faucet water; When the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive a signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset through the internal spring to control the faucet’s water shut-off.

Automatic sensor faucet can be divided into operating room sensor faucet and basin sensor faucet according to the function, the main difference between the operating room sensor faucet and the basin sensor faucet is that the operating room sensor faucet height is higher, generally the height is more than 30cm, and the height of the basin sensor faucet is generally within 20cm.

Feature benefits

1. Intelligent water saving: automatic induction control on and off, hand or water container, washing items into the sensing range, the faucet will automatically discharge water, and stop the water after leaving, the water-saving function is significant.

2. Overtime protection: 30 seconds overtime washing automatic water off function to avoid waste of water resources caused by foreign matter in the sensing range for a long time

3. Convenient and hygienic: the switch on and off water is completely completed automatically by the sensor, and the manual does not need to touch the faucet, effectively avoiding bacterial cross-infection

4. Intelligent power saving: using modern digital technology, ultra-low energy consumption (DC type products use 4 No. 5 alkaline batteries, quiescent current ≤60μA).

5. Strong adaptability: the sensing sensitivity (range) can be adjusted according to different use environments.

6. Production process: brass precision casting, surface chrome plating, forever gloss; Streamlined design, modern feel.

7. Easy maintenance: built-in filter to avoid impurities flowing into the solenoid valve and affecting normal work, and easy to clean.

8. Weak current prompt: DC type products are equipped with battery replacement prompt function, when the battery power is insufficient, the indicator light is in a constant state to prompt timely replacement of the battery.

9. Applicable places: hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, airports, medical institutions and other public places.

Disadvantages of sensor faucets

1. The price is high. The high production cost of sensor faucets has led to the generally higher price of sensor faucets sold on the market, and some sensor faucets will also be more expensive because of their excellent performance.

2. Replace the power supply system regularly. Since the sensor faucet is driven by a power supply, the power supply system components inside the sensor faucet need to be regularly overhauled and replaced.

Precautions for the use of sensor-operated faucets

1. Daily cleaning. Use the sensor faucet for a period of time to do maintenance and cleaning, to ensure the gloss of the faucet appearance, pay attention to cleaning, do not use a damp towel or hard object to wipe the surface of the faucet, which will damage its surface metal plating. Corrosive solutions also cannot be used to clean sensor faucets.

2. Prevent scratching. Daily use of the faucet should not be scratched by sharp objects, simple scratches will cause damage to the surface of the faucet, affecting the quality and use. Do not use wet hands to contact the faucet, dry the water on the hands, and then touch the faucet, or the sensor faucet should not be in a humid environment for a long time.

3. Replace the battery. Because the sensor faucet belongs to the DC series of products, when in use, the sensor lamp continues to flash, representing insufficient electric energy, then the battery needs to be replaced immediately, otherwise it will affect the use and reduce its life. Moreover, the sensor faucet should also regularly clean its filter screen to prevent blockage.

Brand recommendation

1. Kohler

Kohler has a history of more than 100 years, with design and technology to achieve classics, for the majority of consumers to improve the high-quality bathroom environment.


TOTO is one of the ten David bath brands in China, which takes the concept of protecting the global environment and strives to create the most comfortable and environmentally friendly bathroom environment for users.

3. Wrigley

Wrigley sanitary ware wins the love and credibility of global consumers with integrity, speaks with the quality of products, products are widely sold overseas, and wins the trust of consumers all over the world.

4. Jiu Mu

Jiumu ranks first in the list of Chinese value brands and is a leader in the sanitary ware industry. The variety of products is very complete, the quality is very good, in order to provide consumers with the best intelligent bathroom environment, favored by many young people.

Sensor faucet price

Xunmu sanitary ware sensor faucet ¥178.00

Electric Treasure Automatic Sensor Faucet ¥110.00

SmartSensor Faucet ¥180.00

Hong Kong Shang automatic sensor faucet ¥126.00

That’s all there is to know about sensor faucets, I hope it can help you.

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