It’s obviously a colliding shirt, but it bumps into a different charm! Xu Zheng is casual and casual, Cai Xukun is young and free

To say that in the fashion circle, celebrities collide with shirts is a common thing, after all, they are all people who are at the forefront of fashion trends, and their eyes will always have some similarities. But don’t think that colliding shirts is only exclusive to female celebrities, in fact, male celebrities do not spare any effort to bump shirts for their favorite clothes.

The protagonist of today’s colliding shirt is the PORTS suit jacket top worn by Uncle Xu Zheng. In addition to Xu Zheng, popular idol Cai Xukun, actor Ren Jialun, and singer Xiao Jingteng have all worn it. To put it bluntly, this chic design suit top has won the favor of “old bacon” and “small fresh meat”.

First of all, look at the “Uncle Circle C position” Xu Zheng who has recently become popular all over the country, when he previously appeared in the movie “Time and Space Cohabitation” press conference, he was wearing a PORTS dark suit, the lower body with the same color casual trousers, and white sneakers, it is not difficult to see that although my Uncle Xu Zheng is 46 years old, he is still extraordinary.

And Xu Zheng also personally demonstrated what is called “bald head can also match the suit perfectly”~ Although Xu Zheng has reached the age of a standard “uncle”, and even quietly made a blessing, but the visual look does not affect him wearing this suit to highlight the casual and casual style of wood~

Opposite the uncle-level Xu Zheng is the most popular idol Cai Xukun. Cai Xukun when recording the variety show “Every Day Up”, wearing a white lapel shirt and a PORTS 1961 single-row casual suit, not only is his appearance still online, but also gives people a fresh and attractive rush of youth.

In addition, 20-year-old Cai Xukun also demonstrated himself. Different from Uncle Xu Zheng’s explanation of hairstyle + suit, Cai Xukun personally demonstrated “shooting in a suit can also be dashing and free”… Seeing this, you will really feel a youthful aura bursting out!

If Xu Zheng wears this PORTS suit to show casualness and Cai Xukun fully reflects the dashing youthful style, then I think Ren Jialun’s upper body effect is more elegant and gentlemanly. When attending the press conference of the TV series “The Legend of the White Snake of Heavenly Servants”, Ren Jialun was wearing the same suit as Xu Zheng and Cai Xukun~

Not only suit tops, but Ren Jialun directly wore the same striped slacks from PORTS. Ren Jialun, who is wearing a PORTS casual suit suit, steps on white casual shoes, and looks neat and free in a classic black and white outfit, which looks like a fashion blockbuster in minutes~

He also chose a stand-up collar white shirt as the base, and the black bow tie showed the style of an English prince while also having a bit of fashion and age-reducing effect. Such Ren Jialun seems to me to have a very elegant and restrained temperament.

Like Ren Jialun, he chose to wear a PORTS upper and lower suit suit, as well as the “rain god” Xiao Jingteng. On the CCTV Spring Evening, Xiao Jingteng, who was wearing a black casual suit, although he was not as elegant as the black and white suit next to Di Mahi, he put a red sweater inside, and the combination effect with the dark suit can be regarded as a full sense of matching!

Earlier, it was said that Xu Zheng of the uncle group and Cai Xukun of the fresh meat group just corresponded, and now looking at Xiao Jingteng, his domineering appearance when wearing a PORTS suit just contrasts with Ren Jialun’s gentlemanly restrainedness.

On the surface, this is a casual colliding incident between four male stars with different temperaments such as Xu Zheng, Cai Xukun, Ren Jialun, and Xiao Jingteng, but in fact it can also be seen as a “head-to-head confrontation between uncle circle and fresh meat”.

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