At the beginning of August, it is recommended that women in their thirties and forties pair their small-legged jeans with shirts to look tall, thin and fanciful

With the arrival of late summer, the hot weather is fading away, and early autumn is beckoning to us, this is a good time to show off your figure, thin small-legged jeans can be worn willfully. As long as you are between the ages of 20 and 45 and are not too obese girls, small-legged jeans can definitely make you look tall and thin, and it is not a dream to easily lose ten years of age. Wear it with a variety of shirts.

1. Small leg pants with a shirt

Small leg pants with a shirt is a classic match, this combination generally choose cropped small leg pants, generally denim fabric, if you have straight legs and a proud figure, then tight small leg jeans you can easily control. The color can choose dark blue and azure blue, both of which are good. If you want to be a little more avant-garde, you can choose a frayed or ripped style, which is more fashionable. The top is recommended with a striped shirt, which not only shows temperament but also works with small leg pants to show height and thinness.

These small leg pants have a typical European and American style, which we can see from the style of clothes. Pure European and American style is still quite marketable in China, and many fashionable and avant-garde girls like this style. The small leg pants grow to the naked feet, pure black or pure blue is integrated into the whitening process, and the pants look very vintage. The shirt is tucked into the pants and partially exposed, which is a common technique in European and American style, casual and natural, and looks young. With white flat shoes, it has a youthful and girly feeling. Pair it with lace-up single shoes, mature femininity. Which style do you prefer?

2. Small leg pants with a T-shirt

Small-legged jeans with a T-shirt are a summer classic that never ends, because in the summer heat, hipsters can always pair a variety of T-shirts with tsundere small-footed jeans to concave the shape. Especially in Europe, because the summer in Europe will not be so hot, a light small-legged jeans will not feel stuffy how to wear them. Pair it with boots for an edgy trend. Paired with lace-up shoes, it’s simple and stylish. Even if you match ordinary flat casual shoes, it also gives people a relaxed casual style, without the slightest feeling of price drop, which is the magic of small leg pants.

In a few days, it will be autumn, and the weather will be cooler sooner or later after the autumn, at this time, small leg pants with T-shirts are obviously a little inappropriate, so you can prepare a short leather jacket to match morning and night, which can both concave shape and keep warm.

3. Small leg pants with a long T-shirt

Small leg jeans with long T-shirts are still elegant, it is best to choose 9-minute long pants, so that the leg length can also echo the long T-shirt to achieve an excellent visual division ratio. More typical long T-shirts have checks, patterns, solid colors three, pattern long T-shirts are slightly lively, youthful, check and solid color long T gentle sense, more feminine. You can also flexibly choose the one that suits you according to your needs and personality.

There is a leopard print long T is also more popular, this kind of top is generally yellow background color with dark brown leopard pattern, typical texture texture, this style of clothing is more difficult to control, can be controlled or temperament is very good. Relatively speaking, the black long T is a versatile and not picky color, and there is no sense of violation with blue small leg pants, which is quite coordinated, and the visual sense is also good.

4. Pair small leg pants with a jacket

Small leg pants with a jacket is a typical style of wearing in early autumn in a few days, since it is paired with a coat, it is best to choose a long style for small foot jeans. A light and loose pullover sweatshirt can make you look a little younger, and the youthful girly atmosphere is eternal, which is a typical age-reducing style match. Since sweatshirts are relatively loose, when paired with tight small leg pants, there will be a good visual beauty. Accentuates slender legs.

The perfect combination of small-footed jeans is to match a variety of denim jackets of different colors, which can be layered with a shirt or T-shirt, and a new denim jacket with a new style, absolutely outstanding temperament. It is recommended that you match a white denim jacket, loose choose a short one, white is more eye-catching than blue, both visual sense is better, choose a blue denim jacket is a little outdated, there is no sense of beauty, but also old-fashioned. In order to coordinate with the overall image, you can choose casual flats, so that the overall layering is clear, and the visual perception is better.

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