Teach you beauty | Poor skin because I didn’t choose the right one! Affordable cleansing products can also wash good skin


Cleaning as the first step of skin care is not casual, most of the good skin is washed out, do you know?

There are so many cleansing products, which ones are more cost-effective, and which ones have both word-of-mouth popularity? Today we will take stock for you in three categories:

Cleansing class

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Innisfree olive oil foaming cleanser

Price: ¥55/150ml

The gentle, dense lather of the highly moisturizing foaming cleanses makeup residue and aging keratin in pores without dryness.

L’orealParis Nourishing Grape Seed Foaming Cleanser

Price: ¥90/125ml

Infused with essential minerals and moisturizing essences needed by the skin, it thoroughly washes away makeup, oil and dirt, and moisturizes the skin without tightness, leaving the skin feeling fresh and refreshed.

SANA Soy Milk Beauty Cleanser

Price: ¥119/150g

Rich in foam with soy milk, it can penetrate deep into pores to dissolve makeup and dirt, completely remove dirt and makeup on the face, and lock in moisture in the skin.

FreePlus Friefons Cleansing Cream

Price: ¥150/100g

A creamy facial cleanser that protects skin moisture and removes dirt while leaving the skin soft and moisturized.

LANEIGE Por-Clear Foaming Balm

Price: ¥160/160ml

While the fine foam cleanses pores, the larger foam helps remove dirt from the skin’s surface to maintain a fresh and clean complexion.


Rosette Paste Sulphur Soap Cleansing Balm Soap

Price: about 40 yuan/90g

Targets acne, pimples, acne, thick keratin, and removes dirt from pores.

Goat soap goat milk cleansing soap

Price: about 80 yuan/100g

It is suitable for all kinds of skin, especially good for sensitive, dry skin, eczema, etc. Adults and children universal, bath, face washing, makeup removal.

Shuawa contains no added mineral carbonated soap

Price: about 145 yuan/70g

First place in the COSME Award, it is not so much soap as a piece of effervescent tablets concentrated from Kirishima Onsen. By compressing the ingredients in the hot spring into a solid piece, it gives you an extraordinary sense of use.

DHC Coenzyme Extract Elastic Cleansing Soap

Price: ¥138/100g

The thick lather gently envelops the skin and feels smooth and comfortable to use. The delicate foam penetrates deep into pores to effectively remove any remaining aged keratin and dirt.

L’OCCITANE Shea Fruit Moisturizing Cleansing Soap

A gentle plant-based cleansing formula with 7% Shea Butter to cleanse the face without drying out, leaving skin feeling soft and comfortable for all skin types.

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Price: ¥138/100g

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