If you eat maca, you will eat Baiyun Mountain Tiema

Since its discovery, Maca has been popular all over the world, whether it is the rich and handsome in the BMW car or the working guy in the office, everyone knows the power of Maca.

Baiyunshan Tiema is an unprecedented scientific research team gathered by Baiyunshan and Huangda Health Products Company, under the leadership of Murad, the president of the General Research Institute of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and the “father of Viagra”, which took two years to develop Maca ginseng yellow essence solid drink.

And what kind of sparks will be created when the two meet? And look at the breakdown below:

Maca is really effective

Everyone says maca is powerful, so let’s take a look at whether it’s a waste of fame.

Maca contains a variety of alkaloids, which can regulate the functions of the adrenal glands, O1529, ovaries, etc., balance the hormone levels in the body, and the taurine, protein and other conditioning and repair physiological functions can improve qi and blood and relieve menopausal symptoms.

The point is that maca can be used by both men and women, and has the ability to regulate endocrine and fight menopausal syndrome. In terms of improving the lives of men and women, maca can enhance male and female libido, and in foreign countries, maca is sold in pharmacies as drugs and health products that can enhance sexual desire and fertility.

Among them, rich protein amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals and their unique bioactive substances majaene and macamide, plus two unique plant active ingredients can directly act on the human pituitary gland, enhance the endocrine regulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonads, and promote the secretion of sex hormones. Known as “Natural Viagra” and “Natural Viagra”

It can be seen that maca is milder and has no side effects compared to other drugs, and it can be said that maca is a very good food!

But is it enough to eat maca alone?

Are you still eating single maca?

There is a famous saying in Chinese medicine that rhubarb is a tonic when used properly, and ginseng is poison when used incorrectly.

Maca’s effect is indeed strong – it can regulate body functions, it is a good medicine to replenish body energy, and it is a good medicine with anti-fatigue effect, but no matter how good the medicine does not pay attention to collocation, it is a violent thing. Modern people’s lifestyles are diversified, and the flow of qi and blood in the body has become chaotic, and relying on a single direction to nourish the effect is not obvious, and it can only be half the effort. Therefore, “supplement”, need to match the “supplement”, to eat maca, you need a scientific formula.

According to the analysis of Chinese medicine theory, the prescription for “replenishing” the spirit of essence and qi should be: ginseng and maca to replenish vitality as jun medicine, yellow essence, mulberry, wolfberry, yam nourishing kidney yin as the medicine, raspberry, cinnamon, qiao shi warm tonic kidney yang as adjuvant, mulberry leaf clear heat and ephemeral fire, combined with the warmth of raspberry, cinnamon, and chia, the same as adjuvant; Licorice invigorates qi and neutralizes, harmonizes the efficacy of various medicines, and makes medicine.

And Baiyun Mountain Tiema is the perfect combination of this recipe.

High-quality raw materials and high-tech have achieved excellent Baiyun Mountain Tiema

Despite the scientific formula, to talk about excellence, you also need high-quality raw materials and high-tech refining methods, and Baiyunshan Tiema has done it all!

In terms of raw materials, ginseng, yellow essence and other Chinese medicinal materials contained in Baiyun Mountain Tiema are also from the GAP base of Chinese medicinal materials under the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, the raw materials are authentic, green, strong, in addition to ginseng, huangjing and other precious Chinese medicinal materials, the maca in Baiyun Mountain Tiema are all high-quality black maca, selected from the South American Andes at an altitude of 3500~4500 meters in the Puno ecological region of Peru,

In terms of refining method, Baiyunshan Tiema adopts the patented high-pressure differential extraction technology – “High Efficiency High Differential Low Temperature Continuous Extraction, Separation and Concentration Technology and Equipment (HHLSE)”, which not only has high extraction efficiency, high quality controllability, low heavy metal and pesticide residues, cold water is soluble, color, aroma and taste are consistent with raw materials, and the active ingredients of similar polarity of solvents are consistent with raw materials, which is consistent with the clinical application theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

Good formula + excellent raw materials + high technology = Baiyun Mountain Tiema, obviously easy to see, no need to add stunts, Baiyun Mountain Tiema is so excellent.

Therefore, if you eat maca, you will eat Baiyun Mountain Tiema!

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