Airai “starts from the heart” in the autumn and winter of 2021 and comes prepared

On May 9th, Airayi’s “Starting from the Heart” autumn and winter new product order meeting kicked off in Lishui, Zhejiang. Starting from the heart, it is also a new start to express the firm belief of brand transformation; Starting from the heart, it is also a new departure, new positioning, new logo, new products, new stores, new communication; Starting from the heart is to start from the original intention and create value for users.

1. Deep insight into user needs is the starting point of brand creation

All consumer goods are a projection of the consumer’s personal consciousness. Throughout the transformation of China’s garment industry, the essence is the awakening of users’ self-awareness, and the process of iterative upgrading of consumption concepts of different generations of people.

Founded in 1997, Airay pioneered the fashionization of down jackets. The brands “Look at Me in the Age of Light Clothing” and “Pay Tribute to Fashion” all express the attitude of Ailayi to support the pursuit of clothing by pioneering women in that era. Over time, the people I served in the past were the same and more different values than women of the same age in this era.

Repositioning is particularly important for AILAY, understanding what new women think and understand their behavior in order to continue to fulfill the mission of “creating value for users”. Since 2020, Airai has chosen an international consulting firm, Accenture, to work together. At present, a number of milestones have been completed, target consumer portrait, brand values, VI system, SI system…

Women use clothing to express their different states of self, while Ailei uses a logo to express the personality of the brand balancer. Through ICON, Ailei expresses the balance between the beauty of art and life, the balance of women’s softness and tenacity, and the state of Zhang and Chi.

The rounded and tense arc in the new logo shows the “softness” of women’s appearance; The solid and crisp straight line fits the “toughness” inside the woman.

2. Product innovation ability is the core of the brand

Starting from the target consumer group, with the support of down research, AILEI constantly iterates products with the attitude of fashion outside and research. Based on the insight of the new woman, Ailei reinvents the design style – elegant and tense, refined and uncomplicated, and the art of combining life resonates with the user. At the press conference, I saw that this season’s products have a visual impact with a sense of volume shoulder shape and waist design. The use of textured and layered fabric materials enriches the sensory experience.

“Thinness” is the constant passion of contemporary women, and one of the research on this season’s products is around “slimming”. Ailayi conducts research on the height, body shape, body proportion and other aspects of Asian women, and through ergonomic design, introduces clothing that is more suitable for Asian women’s body types. In addition, research on the temperature of the human body is carried out around “temperature control” to maintain a balance between warmth and aesthetics. The combination of zonal fleece technology and carbon nano flexible heating components allows the human body temperature to reach the most comfortable state. 24 years of experience in the down apparel industry and CNAS certified national down laboratories are the guarantee for AILAYI to provide high-quality products.

3. Aggressive supply chain

New retail wins the terminal, and new manufacturing wins the supply chain. For the apparel industry, the flexibility of the supply chain determines the speed at which brands can get to market, retail prices and inventory control. At the press conference, General Manager Zhang Siwei said: Establishing a rapid response supply chain is an important measure for Airai’s operations in 2021.

Shorten the planning and design development time, improve the market fit and accuracy of the product, reduce the order meeting ratio, expand the quarterly order return rate, and more importantly, accelerate the supply speed of the return order products, and increase the new frequency on rollover.

In 2019, Airai began to lay out the “future garment manufacturing factory” and established the first 5G smart factory in the down garment industry, transforming from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. For every four pieces of clothing sold in China, one is sold through a technologically efficient new retail system. On the other hand, clothing production is completed by a sewing machine, a pair of hands, and a day’s hard work. Since clothing manufacturing is a “non-standard” system, each piece of clothing is handmade, production efficiency and workers’ “proficiency” determine the manufacturing ability, so “receiving large orders” is the law of survival of traditional clothing manufacturing, “receiving small orders” will produce profit inversion if it is a little careless.

At this ordering meeting, Ailei let customers see the “intelligent manufacturing” scene. Airai’s intelligent manufacturing is a 5G factory, clothes, machines, and people are all interconnected, and production is completed through 5G networks. Automatic cutting bed, automatic template, part supermarket, the visual impact of scientific and technological progress to customers completely breaks their old impression of production. On the surface, intelligent manufacturing replaces many manual tasks with more automated equipment, in essence, clothes have ID cards, and “machine decision-making” replaces “manual decision-making”. The future of industrial manufacturing, not machines to replace people, but human-machine symbiosis, Airai is firmly moving towards the future.

4. Build a place to connect with emotions

Offline stores are not about spending money on shopping, but about seeking ways of brand communication and solutions, and consumers do not go to the store to shop for clothes, they come to experience it in order to find their own sense of existence. Airai eventually chose Designaffairs, a strategic design consulting firm. At the beginning of 2021, Airay began the design journey of brand image around the insight into the behavior habits of customers entering the store and digital transformation. General Manager Zhang Siwei said at the meeting: “The image store of Ailei is a sales scene that conveys fashionable and unassuming down aesthetics, provides a beautiful experience with cordial and connotation, and generates a warm and powerful emotional connection with users. ”

“Down Aesthetic Store” is the new generation image store of Airai

The naming of . The new generation of image is in line with the brand positioning and the characteristics of the new woman’s flexibility, while also adding a fun, interesting, digital and hands-on offline experience. The design of the down aesthetic store is based on the purpose of customer experience, making functional divisions of attraction, display, interaction and trial. Ingenious devices and props such as temperature-sensing interaction and breathing scenes create comfortable life experience lines and scenes, which are the highlights of the new generation of images, allowing AILAYI to get close to users and convey the voice of the brand.

In the past 19-20 years, affected by uncertainties such as the epidemic and climate, it has brought shocks and challenges to Airai. We hope that in the autumn and winter of 2021, Airay can turn things around and return to its youth like the theme of this order meeting!

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