Liu Wen appeared after terminating her contract with Coach, her shirt and pleated skirt were very low-key, and her smile was shy and in a good mood

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As a “national model”, Liu Wen’s business ability is naturally undoubted. In addition, she has worked hard abroad since she was a child, perhaps she has tasted all kinds of bittersweet and bittersweet, which makes her love her motherland even more.

Recently, after Versace, many brands have been exposed to disrespect China’s sovereignty, and Coach, endorsed by Liu Wen, is one of them. After Liu Wen learned of this, she decisively terminated the contract on the 17th day of the endorsement and terminated the cooperation with the brand, and Liu Wen may pay a sky-high liquidated damages of 160 million yuan. However, Liu Wen appeared for the first time after the termination of the contract, appeared at the airport without makeup, smiling shyly and looking in a good mood.

Although Liu Wen is a well-known model at home and abroad, she is a very low-key person in private, and it can be seen from her outfit that she lives a very transparent and casual life. Plain face appears without idol baggage, easily resists the high-definition lens, and plain face is also beautiful and confident. I saw that Liu Wen was wearing a pure white shirt that day, and the loose fit design revealed a bit of lazy and casual atmosphere, which seemed to be really based on casual and comfortable travel wear.

The pleated skirt has always felt young and energetic, very preppy style, not so much the standard for “student girls” to wear, but more to be an age-reducing artifact for trendy people in the fashion circle. Liu Wen combines a black pleated skirt and a white shirt, giving people a comfortable sense of sight in color, creating a fresh and natural girlish temperament.

Liu Wen also paired her feet with classic 3-hole Martin boots, decorated with stockings of the same color to create a more preppy look. Liu Wen, as a supermodel who is accustomed to seeing all kinds of big scenes, did not expect to cover her face and smile shyly in front of the camera, it seems that she is really a little girl in private.

Liu Wen is a very modest and low-key person, but perhaps the charm of the supermodel temperament, even a simple T-shirt + jeans makes her look so bright in the crowd. Randomly tie up the ball head, looking youthful and old, and has a very free sense of fashion. In fact, Liu Wen’s outfit is the most common matching formula for many ordinary girls in their daily lives, and the way to wear a top into pants is also one of the “tips of caution” to show leg length.

T-shirts are too malleable in summer, there is no shape it can’t get, just change the tone and design of the T-shirt, you can concave another set of fashion outfits. Liu Wen chose a tie-dye effect T-shirt this time, which visually brings out a rich sense of layering, novel and fashionable, and the hem is tied up with a small pulling way of wearing, which breaks the monotony and dullness, and the personality is eye-catching.

Liu Wen is like a walking hanger, and there is no clothing that she can’t control. Like the “death color” mid-length T-shirt she wears, ordinary people wear pajamas in minutes, but Liu Wen wears a unique sense of fashion, even the mid-length fit design can not hide the slender and slender legs, can pull the weeds out of the feeling of planting grass, it is really not simple!

The same is a mid-length T-shirt, but Liu Wen’s upper body this time is a calm and handsome army green, which itself is a very loose fit, and the lower body is matched with straight slacks, which will make the whole look loose, especially for short and fat girls, it is a match that must not be tried. However, this kind of frame does not exist in Liu Wen, she can still easily hold it by her appearance and figure.

Liu Wen appeared after terminating her contract with Coach, her shirt and pleated skirt were very low-key, and her smile was shy and in a good mood. Liu Wen’s termination incident this time has also attracted a lot of fans, but if you first know her, the rescue will know that she has always been a low-key and decent person, which can be seen from the way she dresses or does things. I hope that Liu Wen’s future career development will not be affected, and she will continue to happily be the casual and little girl in her heart.

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