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2019 officially kicked off, here is of course to send the editor’s most sincere wishes, I wish all men a lot of money this year, read more articles on our public account, and dress to a higher level.

Okay, getting to the topic of our new issue. In winter wear, almost everyone is wrapped in thick clothing due to the cold weather. In order to hide the bloated shape, people usually choose dark clothing styles. Indeed, it is a very wise choice.

However, dark clothing will also make the layering of the shape not obvious and look too single, while dark clothing will also make the overall look too dull, and lack of vitality is also a problem.

Faced with this problem, many people may choose scarves or other accessories of different colors to increase the layering and richness of the shape.

However, the method I want to introduce today does not require other accessories, but changes the color of the pants to achieve the same effect, which is even better than the embellishment of accessories.

Since you still keep the dark clothing, let’s just change your pants to the white color with the most contrasting colors. In this way, it can ensure the upper body


, to ensure that the overall shape is more clean, while the contrast color matching also instantly highlights the sense of layering.


Since the color is chosen, then you must also consider the fit, after all, the fit cut of the pants determines the final upper body effect.

The wide-leg fit of white pants is the most recommended by Xiaobian, after all, autumn pants and even cotton pants are generally worn in winter, and if you wear them with ordinary pants, in addition to leg discomfort, it will change the shape of the original pants.

In addition to the comfort is difficult to compete with other fits, the shape of the legs will also be completely outlined, which is too unfriendly for friends who do not look good. If you have to choose, remember to have boots to match in winter, at least it is still very helpful to stretch your body.

As for the normal fit, as long as you mind the shortcomings of the above two fits, the versatile fit fit is also a good choice.


In the monotonous outfit of winter, as mentioned above, the combination of black jacket and black lining is quite mainstream, but if a pair of white pants is used as a bottom, the original formal and solemn atmosphere will change, because the contrast outfit instantly makes the whole look lively.

And the same popular navy blue and navy blue as black are also the winter choices of many people, changing into a pair of white pants, coupled with the “aristocratic” atmosphere of blue itself, there is a vague sense of luxury in addition to vitality.

In addition to blue and black, gray is also a good choice for creating a beautiful look in winter. The white shirt lined with a stand collar is paired with a turtleneck sweater, and unlike the previous coat, the outermost coat also adopts the style of a stand collar to make the look more fashionable.

Gray can also be said to be synonymous with “elegance”, and the three-color mix of white, beige and gray exudes a refined and harmonious overall color. The white pants are a good finishing touch to the look, portraying an elegant and gentle gentleman.

Since white pants are not as formal as dark pants such as black, they can create that yuppie feeling when worn. For example, the following outfit with a checked suit, the green wool vest jacket is a checked suit, which is more British, and the pants are white pants with a wide-leg style. Whether it’s a tapered shape, brown pointy-scalped shoes or a tie in the same color as the vest, the details are a reflection of texture.

The gray sweater is matched with the upper body of the camel tweed jacket, and the dark color is combined with the warm color to create an elegant atmosphere, and the combination of white pants portrays a standard urban warm male image.

Of course, in addition to these above-mentioned tops, military coats, leather jackets, etc. can also present different feelings.

In addition, in order to make the whole look richer, when choosing white pants in winter, you can choose some details, such as the pleated details of the pants and the contour of the waist, etc., and the addition of some folds can make the monotonous winter style more attractive.

In addition to the outline of the details, you can also choose the material of the pants. In winter, corduroy white pants can give warmth both visually and practically, so that mom no longer has to worry about you not wearing enough. In addition to warmth, corduroy offers comfort that other materials cannot. Paired with a navy turtleneck sweater and tweed jacket, the combination of white and navy blue exudes a luxurious texture.

Since white pants will not be as formal as dark pants, in addition to more choices in materials, the upper body matching also has a stronger adaptability. The leather jacket is lined with a camouflage military jacket, and the combination of tight white pants is even more vibrant, coupled with a petal-print scarf and brown cargo boots, this outfit is not “ruffian”.

The slim-fitting white pants, combined with the shape of the navy Pea Jacket and brown cargo boots, are reminiscent of the mods sub-youth culture style, clean and stylish.

In the choice of shoes, in addition to boots, you can also choose some sneakers to match, which can also highlight the fashion charm.

White sneakers and white pants on the color of the sense of unity. Let the lower body shape use the same color for stretch combination, and the uniform color allows the pants and shoes to be integrated, which is naturally good for stretching the body shape, easily creating the illusion of “2 meters” leg length.

The navy blue bodice is paired with 9-point white pants, and the meticulous cut makes the look more neat. At the same time, the blue shoes echo the upper body, giving a casual impression. Due to the cut of the 9-point trousers, there are different differences between the legs and the shoes, such as the color of the socks and whether they are wearing ankle socks.

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