One-stop store opening service Oliyan Mask Experience Hall solves different business problems

When Oliyan established a cosmetics brand, she insisted on taking a path different from traditional brands. It has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known beauty brands at home and abroad. Now, Oliyan Supermarket occupies a very important position in the beauty industry at home and abroad. Now the Oliyan store can be described as a star-studded store, such as Estée Lauder, Lancôme, SK-II, Physi’s shop, etc., a strong brand lineup has attracted absolute market attention, a variety of choices, just to create a kind of beauty. With its own brand advantages, Oliyan Supermarket has captured a group of loyal fans, its product variety, wide range of choices, thoughtful service, so that the majority of female friends come to Siqilan and never want to go to other beauty supermarkets.

Ou Liyan’s professional mask experience hall brand, its emergence is to help female friends protect their beautiful face, find the lost youth, it provides female friends with a variety of rich categories of “magic props”. Since its introduction, it has been well received. Especially some white-collar workers, housewives, and consumers who usually don’t have time for their own skin care and beauty have become loyal fans of Oliyan’s fast fashion skin care brand.

In addition to these advantages, the channel shift advantages of the Oliyan Mask Experience Hall cannot be ignored. In the process of development of the domestic market, the brand and the well-known cosmetics and skin care products in the world

Establish good cooperation, and have its own logistics supply channels, which can ensure the perfection and formality of the supply chain for stores, thereby ensuring stores

Quality issues within cosmetics. As everyone knows, improper use of skin care products and cosmetics will affect and change the original skin texture of the skin, which may just be lack of water, and improper management will become allergic skin, which is not worth the loss. Oliyan decided to help women understand their skin, focusing on the problems of women’s facials, and broadening the multi-dimensional aspects of facial care from a deep perspective. Oliyan’s pioneering skincare concept based on professional facial care, “Skin Splitting Care”, came into being.

It is with these unique brand advantages that Ou Liyan has successfully gained a foothold in the domestic skin care market, and now has hundreds of chain stores across the country. In the future, Ou Liyan will also strive to continue to bring more consumers a perfect beauty and skin care experience!

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