In the first place, how do you take it in a suit?

End the campus life into the workplace, how to wear a thing that everyone is more headache. At the time of college, clothing is mainly leisure and comfortable, and the requirements in temperament and maturity are relatively low. In the workplace, the personal dress represents the company’s image, naturally can’t be horses and tiger, and we are wearing a few classic workplace from the recent “Star Daishi” middle school:

Black suit with white shirt, here black suit doesn’t know if you have found the careful machine inside, right, this suit is not simple black, there is a pattern texture, it is not so old, the shoulder, Mature temperament is displayed, it is worth learning. Inside the classic white shirt, it will never be wrong.


Let’s take a look at this set, gray suit relative to pure black suit, color is relatively bright, then equipped with V-tie inside, it will seem to be very refreshing, especially V-neck, slimming while showing The slender neck and sexy clavicle, if a simple style necklace is then matched, the whole will be very bright.


Let’s take a look, don’t match the whatever black suit, the bag hip circle is also a good choice, not only temperament, but it is necessary to pay attention, the length of the package is not too long, the knee and the above position Best length, very practiced, too long, showing people’s feeling is to be more dragging, and it is not convenient to walk.


Ok, today’s share will come here, and continue to chase while talking while talking.

The pictures come from TV series “Star Over the Sea”, if there is any infringement, you can contact delete.

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