Apple released a new iPad mini with smaller bezels and a more novel color scheme

Apple announced its new iPad mini. It features a new shell (made of 100% recycled aluminum) with narrower bezels and sleeker corners. The iPad Mini is currently Apple’s smallest tablet, even with a breakthrough in size.

Although Apple has been considering using a Mini LED display on the new iPad, unfortunately the Mini 6 uses a Liquid Retina display, which is still LCD in nature. Up to 500 nits brightness with True Tone and wide color gamut.

Since its debut in 2012, the iPad Mini’s design has remained largely consistent. The new model is a subversion of the traditional structure, with thinner bezels than the iPad Mini 5 and new color options. Choose from purple, pink, space gray, and starlight.

The new iPad Mini looks a lot like the Pro and Air, and arguably very much like a giant iPhone. Apple has long called this “full screen” device with thick bezels “edge to edge screens.”

Front 12MP ultra-wide camera (Center Stage support), rear camera with 12MP @f/1.8 aperture, Focus Pixels / True Tone flash, support for intelligent HDR / 4K video recording and other features,

The Lighting interface has been replaced with a more versatile USB-C, making it easy for photographers to connect cameras or use ultrasound devices for medical care.

At the same time, the iPad mini is also equipped with a 5G modem, which supports extremely fast downlink rates (peak 3.5Gbps), providing support for the second-generation Apple Pencil.

The latest generation iPad mini is scheduled for shipment starting next week, starting at $499, and the price also includes a 20W original USB-C charging adapter.

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