Tong Yao was finally willing to dress up as “Kuotai”, wearing a short skirt and a deep V to open to the abdomen, and the aura was different

Although the long dress is very gorgeous, it will inevitably look dragged and cumbersome when worn normally. The short skirt shape is much more refreshing and beautiful, and after a pair of high heels under the feet, the proportion of the body will become more superior, which is very suitable for women with long waists and short legs to try.

The white short dress that Tong Yao recently wore is a combination of sexiness and elegance. The white skirt is high-end and versatile, and the large area of exposed skin adds style. A necklace with a color-block style around the neck can not only play an eye-catching role, but also fill the gap between the neck.

Contents of this issue:

1. Tong Yao’s outfit analysis;

2. How to match a sexy and expensive short skirt look;

Tong Yao’s outfit analysis

When it comes to expensive skirt shapes, the first thing many people want is a gorgeous retro long dress. But Tong Yao’s short skirt shape also presents a high-class and generous effect. The short skirt and high heels show off the height and long legs, and the raised design of the skirt shoulders can enhance the momentum.

Because of the large area of skin-revealing design, the short skirt shape can easily create a sexy atmosphere. The short skirt silhouette chosen by Tong Yao is also particularly slim, outlining her waist and hips. Coupled with the deep V-shaped neckline design, it shows her proud bust.

How to match a sexy and expensive short skirt look?

Tip 1: Skirt shape shows good figure

The short skirt can not only reduce the age and show tenderness, but also show a high-class style if the choice is appropriate. For example, the short skirt on Tong Yao’s body outlines the most seductive curves of women. The deep V-neckline also accentuates the slender neck and enhances the elegance of the look.

Many mature women in life do not have the good body conditions of stars. Therefore, when choosing a short skirt, you need to know what style can promote the strengths and avoid the weaknesses. For example, the skirt is slightly wider and can cover the hip curve, which is suitable for women with pear-shaped bodies.

In addition, women with wide shoulders and fat bodies should also remember the lightning pad shoulder short skirt. Because the shoulder pads enlarge their figures, making the visual proportions look more uneven. Short skirts in the bandeau style are much more practical and can also divert attention from the fat on the lower body.

Tip 2: High-grade and generous color matching

Many women do not like to wear short skirts, because they are worried that this skirt with a large area of skin will produce a dusty atmosphere. In fact, when we choose a high-end color matching, the short skirt can also have a high-class and elegant temperament. Like the white dress on Tong Yao’s body, it has a relatively strong sense of formality.

In addition to white, black skirts also have high-class and versatile attributes. And black can be thinner than white, and people with fat bodies can easily control it. The large area of skin exposure of the short skirt can also soothe the retro temperament of black, creating a beautiful and modern temperament.

If you think black and white are too conventional, we can also choose some colors that can show white. For example, dark green is both novel and classical, which is very suitable for the dressing needs of mature women. Dark green does not have too many restrictions on skin color, and black and yellow skin can also interpret well.

Tip 3: Jewelry is delicate and expensive

Even if the solid color skirt has a strong sense of design, it still needs to use accessories to increase the sophistication. Especially the basic black and white skirt, if there are no details, it is easy to drown in the crowd. When matching accessories, you can choose an exaggerated style to make it eye-catching.

The jewelry worn by Tong Yao is very designed, silver and white diamond ornaments and red gemstones are spliced together, which can not only set off the beauty of mature women, but also light up the pure white dress. The red gemstone also echoes Tong Yao’s vintage makeup, which can achieve the purpose of improving the complexion.

After reading Tong Yao’s interpretation of the short skirt, we can find that as long as the color matching is classic and advanced, the short skirt shape will not have a sense of cheapness. In addition, when choosing a skirt type, we must also know how to combine our own needs. Because those styles that are stunning on stars are mostly not suitable for people with mediocre figures.

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