This plug, which countless people have been waiting for for 3 years, finally handed in a satisfactory answer…

From the time I knew that there was a 4001 model, it has been 3 years now, and I have bounced the ticket for 3 years, and this year’s various exhibitions finally heard the final voice, paid the deposit early, sat and waited for the receipt, WeChat SF prompted that there was a courier from Dongguan, or very excited.

The moment I opened the box, it was especially like the feeling of getting EXK back then, and I felt that these accessories of Dayinke were much more practical than EXK, and some friends actually felt that everyone was praising the accessories when they were just released, as if the sound had nothing to say. It is believed that some of the people who preemptively book are either diehard or conquered. It is estimated that this group of people will be more cautious when they get new headphones, and they will talk about the sense of hearing. I have been listening recently, and only after feeling basically stable did I take it out and talk in detail, although I occasionally complain about domestic production, but I still hope that domestic production capacity will rise, and hate the mood that iron is not steel.

First of all, let’s talk about the performance and easy problems when the sound is just obtained, the overall sound will appear a little muffled, but the overall naturalness of the sound, the looseness will be very good, the low frequency is definitely not fat and dirty, I believe everyone has heard of the praise of the level and cleanliness of the low frequency. Some students said that the high frequency will appear relatively dark compared to some moving iron plugs, in fact, this not so bright is actually very in line with the needs of most old burners, listen patiently and find that the high frequency is enough, just decay fast, in addition, the customized SF set has suppression of high frequency, and the gray set is the son (it is said to take this tune). Another person said that there was no low frequency as soon as he got it. This is not a water moon, no low frequency? Non-existent, under normal circumstances, it is the silicone sleeve that is not suitable to cause sound leakage, the original supporting my right ear does not leak, the left ear leaks, change the small set is good.

I originally wanted to match the entire front end with DK4001, but I didn’t expect that the DX200 in my hand was still very matched, and the thrust and resolution did not drag the hind legs of the 4001. This set of overall listening if I want to say, the biggest points are stable, low frequency clean, loose, warm, natural and relatively strong sense of disocclusion, according to their own hearing, I feel that it is from several aspects, one is that this dynamic unit plating makes the damping very good, so that the diaphragm is reset faster, there is no excess sound, the level is good, cleaner, and the amount is enough atmosphere. Second, the dynamic unit is responsible for the medium and low moving iron, which is responsible for high frequency and extremely high frequency division, so that the moving iron and dynamic sound are more integrated, and the medium frequency is also rich, and the thickness is moderate and comfortable and natural. Third, the cavity design is a bass maze in the back cavity, the overall sound has benefits, the sense of naturalness atmosphere, and the low-frequency listening sense is really good (will not deliberately create a sense of atmosphere that should not be). In addition, I personally feel that no matter how good the sound of the plug, should not forget to wear, without a good wear, it is really annoying to death, including some upgrade lines affect the wear.

The wear of the pole is OK, the improvement over the previous generation flagship DK3001 is very large, and the cavity feels smaller than the 3001. Weight 12g, the previous generation of the flagship is 31g, here you can black Sony’s new plug Z1R, all rely on earbud sleeves to support the wear, the cavity is large and too heavy, fortunately it is also zirconium, otherwise it is more uncomfortable to wear. (Insert a lot of plugs pin direction, earhook degree of ear sticking, especially the male model, accidentally earhook solidified crooked, very troublesome, because the angle of the earhook and plug is not suitable, will make the plug always have a loose ear piercing feeling, even sound leakage, only with large eartips, but large earmuffs and earring, very affect the wearing and mood, and Dayinke this design can be adjusted arbitrarily, the cable and ear skull fit, and the angle of the cable and the earphone into the ear can also be adjusted casually, first stuff the unit into the pinna, and then adjust slightly, Very fit), wearing it, coupled with this loose and comfortable hearing, in order to really appreciate the advantages I said above, anyway, there are really few domestic plugs that can make me listen to a large compilation leisurely. Yes, I can really listen to large formations, in addition to excellent separation, positioning, and imaging, the sound field is regular, and the instruments perform their respective duties, large-scale is large-scale, small compilation is small preparation, and the mid-frequency is not weakened because of the sound field. Judging from the sound hole in the back, I guess it may be semi-open? Because the sound really has an open-ended, that trend, you won’t feel a lot of miscellaneous sounds in the cavity “confusing”. As the big guys say, it’s easier to make a sound open and make a good sound.

In addition, the overall sense of stability is like you changed from five-inch bass to eight-inch stability, it is said that Zhao Gong listened to the beryllium plating scheme that was restarted after listening to Dawu, but it seems that it is not fully beryllium plating is beryllium on both sides of the diaphragm, the excellent characteristics of the beryllium diaphragm plus the low-frequency maze of the back cavity, every time it enters the ear is very comfortable, so that people can relax, compared to some multi-unit moving iron, I feel that those things can not rest while listening during the lunch break, the whole person’s shoulders are tight during the listening process, of course, some people like the hearing of high-frequency explosions, I really can’t stand it anyway. But you want to say that the extreme high frequency is not good? Let’s put it this way, when it is time to come, it is still “a pillar of Optimus”, under the premise of natural hearing, it is still vivid, there is a sip of milk tea and a sip of ice residue warm and cool, I personally think this high frequency, better than an ear stimulation, and enduring.

Big dynamics, big scenes really have to erupt and explode (dynamic and transient are good, fast and not procrastinating), to have layers, excellent analysis but not trivial, clear knots, and a good sense of wholeness. If the tooth sound does not exist, there will never be an uncomfortable feeling of pricking, and the low frequencies can really be described as clearly visible. In fact, the test stopper can try the piano, many plugs are not performing well piano, I liked MPRO to listen to the piano back then, and many plugs to listen to the piano is very bad, dry work is not infectious. If there is dense and tense music with dense and tense drums, it is recommended to test the low frequencies, it is really the feeling of 10,000 horses galloping, the elasticity of low frequencies and diving can be played vividly, unlike some plugs where 10,000 horses gallop into dozens of fat people rolling over. In addition, the sense of low-frequency atmosphere is great, especially the sense of oppression of extremely low frequency is also great, occasionally making people’s chest feel stuffy, the last time I had this feeling was when I listened to the floor box at the exhibition…

Talking about the female voice, I think it is still toxic and sweet (compared to the famous plug of 10,000 yuan vocal high school, there must be a gap, and there is no second super flat), generally everyone thinks that the female voice wants to perform well, the plug should be a little higher to be poisonous, in fact, in vocal teaching, many girls’ laryngeal position is not particularly good, resulting in a good sound at first glance, but not resistant to hearing and no rhyme, in fact, it is still the kind of female voice with a stable laryngeal position and relatively low is good, secretly bright, thick and thin, with taste and wonderful. Pole in the performance of the female voice, there is this feeling, unlike some partial plugs, the first listening is amazing, the more you listen to it, the more unsteady, people always feel shrugged, in a state of tension listening to songs, there is no sense of stability and naturalness. By the way, talking about this album, interested in taking the pole to listen to the OST of “Bug Master”, the crystal clear and not harsh of various instruments, the texture and brightness are enough, the performance of extremely high frequencies is extended, the smoothness is very amazing, a lot of overtones and details can be clearly captured, no matter how small it is, it’s not too cool, I think it’s not enough to describe it with big beads and small beads falling on the jade disk, the delicacy is simply, this album allows people to listen to the beginning and the end do not want to cut, I have used so many headphones to listen, CHI (pole) performance I like the most. (CHI, is it Tai Chi Quan?)

Talk about this cable that the public is interested in more than the headset is Furukawa single crystal copper mixed sterling silver, if you buy it is recommended not to smash the big price to play the cable without upgrading, four quick plugs are very convenient, various balance jacks are directly replaced in seconds, people who play with the line and the front end know best, in the face of various balance ports, your high-priced cable can not change the plug… Well, I understand your speechlessness. For example, I played a circle of the 4.4 balance line, and finally could only admit that I was loyal to 3.5, mainly because I couldn’t buy it, and I estimated that this line sold for at least 2000. In fact, very early when playing 4.4, I once briefly wrote a post about the source investigation of single crystal copper wire, I felt that the domestic wire source channel was really very messy, and finally I ordered a few wires of Dayinke, and then changed the headphones to MMCX, in the middle of watching and trying so many MMCX pins, the original expansion pin of Dayinke is the most stable, how to insert how cool, if your MMCX has a problem, try this pin. Regarding single crystal copper, seriously, I think it is the most reliable in his family. A while ago, a certain merchant’s silver wire fraud was also convinced. Now look at the post I wrote at the beginning, it seems that there is still a certain reference.

The 6.35 plug in the accessories is comparable to the Furukawa plug bought at a high price, this will not be Furukawa OEM, right? If the pot period has passed, it is recommended to put a medium-sized gray transparent sleeve, the analysis will be improved as a whole, and the overall sense of distance is shortened, but if you like to hear softer, or use a customized SF cover, the ear canal layer is very thin, very comfortable to wear, with Okamoto style. Portable handmade lambskin box to make a suggestion, the overall space is a little thicker, the volume is a little smaller is better, put in the bag does not occupy a place, easy to store.

If you don’t have enough money, don’t try it, because you are likely to swipe your credit card on the spot.

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