No matter how low the budget is, it has to be Tissot, why mechanical watches are the last stubbornness of watch fans

For watch fans,

Lower than Tissot Lilok’s budget, that’s not called a budget

, can’t afford to buy installments, not because it is worth it, but because the mechanical watch is in their hearts

Minimum Configuration

, and Tissot Lilok as an entry-level threshold for mechanical watches, is enough!

Huawei Watch, Casio, Citizen, from intelligence, quartz to optical kinetic energy, they all have a common point, accurate and stable time, long storage time, basically three or five years will not stop.

The charm of mechanical watches is unique, the gears run and rotate with each other, and the small watch case seems to be a mechanical city, and the gears run in an orderly manner, each performing its own duties, this pure mechanical beauty is incomparable to them.

Compared to quartz, which can be mass-produced, mechanical movements test the manual work of watchmakers, equivalent

High-end handmade customization

Goperfoss Hand Made 1 series

The watch took more than 6,000 hours of handwork by the watchmaker, so the cost of a mechanical watch is more than that of quartz.


As a precision chronograph instrument, the components required for the movement are more precise in the face of different functions, and the test for the watchmaker is more severe

Complex mechanical watches can even have up to 500+ internal components

Piaget’s outstanding work ultra-thin collection

, the process requirements for the movement are a higher level,

Back penetration



It seems to have become the exclusive design of mechanical watches.


No high-end brand will take quartz watches as their own brand logo, exquisite watchmaking skills can be vividly reflected in the world of mechanical watches, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and other luxury brands are almost all mechanical watches.

Quartz watches are hardly found in the watch cabinets of collectors (except for individual limited, joint and special editions).

Just imagine being one

LV designer suit

Haute couture shoes

, in front of you is the same price




, which one do you choose?

Everyone understands the truth of a good horse with a good saddle, but the temperament of the mechanical watch is what is more needed at this time, not that quartz is not as good as the mechanical, but that the mechanical watch gives

Calm and decent

It’s really too much.

Not only is the pie important,

In terms of value preservation, mechanical watches also crush quartz, and those hot scarce premium models are all mechanical watches alone,

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

is the best example, you don’t buy before the news of discontinuation is more than 100,000,

Now it’s soaring into the millions

, which is just a routine operation for mechanical watches, where price doubling is just a routine operation.

Once a novice enters the bezel, 80% of the people will be fascinated by the mechanical watch.

Ordinary people may be puzzled, they mainly focus on the price, size, strap and appearance when buying a watch, and after reporting their wearing needs, follow the explanation of the shopping guide to decide to place an order.

The main process of buying a watch for a novice:

Find customer service


Find a salesperson

The more you know, the more you get tangled.

● Choose a brand according to your budget

It is the daily operation of watch fans, and the design, material, movement and other hardware are picky again, and finally see if there is anything special, such as limited editions, joint names, patents, functions and many other factors.

Being sold with rhythm?


Don’t say that Li Ka-shing wears Citizen anymore

Count how many Patek Philippes are in the collection of people’s watch cabinets



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