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Some people in the message area asked to recommend watches with a price of 10,000 yuan, and we have really pushed a lot of the price of 10,000 yuan, but who makes this price demand so much, 10,000 yuan is a hurdle, less than 10,000, lo and behold, more than 10,000 yuan and pain. Today’s recommendation form is for you who are hovering around the price of 10,000 yuan!

Radar RADO


R32115115 Mechanical men’s watch

Price of 10,350.00

Inspired by Rado’s classic models, the Opterus collection was launched in 2012 and is an everyday model for every occasion, with more than 70 different models. The innovative combination of the Rado’s case and bezel is made of stainless steel and titanium carbide cermet respectively, combined with rose gold hour markers and hands, to create a classic model.

You can see the radiant luster of the dial sun, the date window display at three o’clock, and the radar logo at 12 o’clock is three-dimensional and exquisite. The bezel is paired with a dark coffee-colored leather strap, and the color combination is very high-end. The 38.7mm dial is very delicate, and girls wear it without pressure!


Royal Classic Series

50582 Mechanical men’s watch

Price of 10,740.00

This Neumena feels very cool, with a calm black dial decorated with symmetrical beaded patterns hidden in subtleties. The stainless steel three-dimensional tapered scale is combined with a triangular scale, and the sword-shaped hands are neat and stylish. The brand logo is engraved at 12 o’clock, and the date display window is placed at 3 o’clock, which is a deep effect.

Simple curved stainless steel case, delicate and shiny. The strap is made from natural farm crocodile leather, handmade in Germany, and has a double snap closure of the stainless steel butterfly for durability and a more comfortable fit on the wrist. 40mm dial size.

Baume and Mercier

Chrysmarck series

MOA10218 quartz men’s watch

Price of 10,060.00

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, Baume & Mercier is known for producing elegant and beautiful luxury watches, winning numerous awards, including the Pioncon de Geneve Geneva seal, the highest honor in the Geneva watch industry, in 1921. Baume & Mercier’s brand logo uses the Greek letter “Φ”, which symbolizes the golden section and perfection. Baume & Mercier uses this logo to mean that every watch produced is crafted with meticulous and perfect proportions that will never disappoint.

This Chrysmarck watch also gives a rigorous and comfortable visual feel, with a white dial with concentric circles, an inner circle polished with stripes, a small three-hand design, and an extremely symmetrical date display at 12 o’clock. The rounded and smooth case line and the crown design are also particularly elegant. The overall presentation is particularly slim visually. With a 40mm dial size, it is definitely no problem for the girls to grab it and wear it.


Inspiration series

1947/P11MA Mechanical Men’s Watch

Price of 10,480.00

This watch is the 70th anniversary model launched by Herberlin in 2017, and it attracts attention with a retro and atmospheric temperament in style. The simple and plain white dial with inter-striped engraving, under the refraction of the sunlight, has a wide vision, classical and mysterious. The rail-style minute scale adds a touch of historical retro to make reading faster and more accurate. The unique dome-style sapphire crystal with crisp sword-shaped hands ensures legibility.

The dial size is 41mm, the thickness is 10.9mm, it is thin and convenient, and it feels very comfortable to use. The crown agate gold-plated with deep sapphires stands out in warm colors throughout the dial, including the strap.

Hamilton Hamilton

American Classic Series

H32416181 Mechanical men’s watch

Price of 10,570.00

This American classic by Hamilton has a bit of rugged industrial style. Except for the rose gold color of the hour markers and hands, the whole body is stainless steel, and the 30-minute and 12-hour counters are distributed at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively. The counter wheel is outlined with black lines, which is simple and atmospheric.

The 42mm dial is not small, the crown is as high as ever, the narrow bezel design makes the thickness look thinner than the actual 14.75mm, the stainless steel bracelet looks very powerful, the whole watch looks very cold, I feel that it is still a little pressure to wear it now, and it is cool to the heart.

Junghans Junghans

Master Series

027/5202.01 Mechanical men’s watch

Price of 10,000 watches: ¥13,020.00

Look at how Jong Hans played with the Bauhaus style, the same case bezel shape, on a dial to give you a different surprise, this watch will bezel and hands, hour markers color made rose gold, dial small three-hand design, sword-shaped hour and minute hands, and 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock rose gold bar hour markers complement each other.

The white plain white dial with a black crocodile pattern leather strap, the 7.3mm case thickness is also very comfortable to wear, German rigor and elegance, clockwork fish still like this style, the ultimate simplicity to wear is to win by temperament.


Maestro Master Series

2838-PC5-00209 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Price of 10,695.00

RAYMOND WEIL’s watch looks more solemn, and a noble atmosphere comes to the face. The same is a small three needles, the hands change the style, using rose gold Breguet needles, the dial concentric circle design, the center round stud pattern decoration, and the outer large circle to form a black striped circular track, Roman time markers fall in an orderly manner. On the outer ring is the second hand bar scale.

The date window at three o’clock is simple and simple, the rose gold-plated double-layer bezel is polished and polished to look graceful and luxurious, and with the coffee-colored strap, the whole watch color is very strong, see if you are good or not!

Frederique Constant

A century-old elegant collection

FC-315M4P5 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Price of 10,000 watches: ¥11,310.00

Founded in 1988 by Dr. Peter Stas and his wife Aletta Stas, Frédérique Constant is positioned as “accessible luxury”, and indeed Frédérique Constant ‘s century-old dial features the finest craftsmanship in Geneva, Switzerland—with guilluillary accents. The internal movement is equipped with the modified movement FC-315 and uses advanced polishing technology. The 10,000-priced guilluillary and see-through design can afford this positioning.

The bare parts are polished with delicate Geneva patterns, and the watch is equipped with an exclusive modified movement FC-315, which is stable and durable, and the fine polished movement details can also be observed through the back transparency.

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