Li Yitong’s flaxen brown hair color is fashionable, and she wears a cutout knitted top with high-waisted shorts, which is sweet and age-reducing

Actor Li Yitong looks beautiful, a sister next door temperament exudes from her body, when she went to the beach for a vacation, her pure dressing style made many people praise it, and she was also pushed on the hot search with this style. She uses a cutout knitted small top with high-waisted shorts, showing off her slim figure while retaining a refreshing girly atmosphere, and her eyes are also generous.

First, fashion goddess style matching

Slender little girls often use age-reducing and sweet designs when matching clothing, so as to retain their delicate and small girly state.

Knitwear with hollow elements will bring a very refreshing visual sense, but this kind of openwork will also expose the inner layer, if only choose underwear, then there will be too much embarrassment, appropriate in the inside to add a beautiful back, small suspenders are more appropriate. Li Yitong’s outfit uses a vest of the same tone, so that it will not be exposed, and there will be no color exaggeration defects due to color contrast.

When matching knitted clothing, girls can choose casual pants on the lower body, so that they will retain a casual feeling. Li Yitong chose white high-waisted wide-leg pants on the lower body, which brought a touch of handsome charm by using a heavy texture waist shape at the waist, and the use of raw edges at this time combined with this casual combination is very appropriate.

Usually when concave girly atmosphere, if you add some cartoon graphic accessories, you can exude the cute atmosphere of reducing age, and there is the playful beauty of a girl. Li Yitong chose a round rabbit bag, which was combined with her sweet and pure image to form a refreshing and cute goddess demeanor.

Mid-sleeved long skirt princess skirts can also reveal a very noble atmosphere if combined with deeper colors, and this red color is often used in the design of dresses. Li Yitong used it to concave a daily skirt, V-neck with a slightly loose top and a waist A version of the long skirt is a classic skirt with a sense of age, it is very compatible with the fair-skinned and slender goddess, when matching this skirt, you must highlight the delicate charm, put on fresh makeup, with noble bags and small white shoes, you can bring fashion.

If you want to bring a noble and sexy charm, you must choose a little black dress, and the sloping neckline design will bring the personality of irregular clothing. Li Yitong incorporated bright diamond elements into one neckline when matching this outfit, while on the other side it uses long-sleeved shoulder pads, just like matching a blazer, showing a handsome personality.

Cool and sweet matching is easier to bring fresh personality, at this time, you can try to use denim suits to show your handsome self and show off your personality and fashion temperament. Li Yitong chose a light-colored soft denim shirt on the upper body, changed the sleeves to bell sleeves to be sweeter, and she used a double-layer lower skirt and exposed the pockets, which is super personality and even has an uncontrollable sense of trend, looking exaggerated and eye-catching.

Second, temperament high-level goddess

A costume should be integrated with a variety of elements, so that the temperament of the goddess will become more distinctive, the older girls in the choice of clothing often use some big brand design style clothing to present their sense of nobility, then if you add some small women’s charm design, will become more outstanding.

If the white loose knitted top adopts a pure color shape, then for thin girls, such clothes will have a clear sense of looseness and comfort on the body. Usually when choosing solid color clothing, most girls will not be able to control the embarrassment of fashion because of their temperament is not enough, appropriate to add cartoon graphic prints on clothes or integrate hollows and other elements on clothes, will make a person look a lot more foreign.

White is a great color, and it is combined with red wide-leg trousers to complement each other and bring layers of beauty to highlight personal clothing.

Simple and eye-catching matching and Li Yitong’s sweet temperament is very matched, shirt with short skirt whether it is a girl, or mature girls will choose to match, it can concave their own temperament of a little woman, but not every girl wearing a short skirt can show their good clothes. Li Yitong chose a houndstooth mid-length trench coat outside, which looks very atmospheric, and makes it delicate and high-end by adding pearl bead strands to the waist.

The black short trench dress is very friendly to slender girls, Li Yitong chose a dark trench coat skirt, by matching a dark bow neckline shirt with an irregular skirt skirt, showing off a super temperamental little woman style. When matching a trench coat, girls should add a design that suits them on the basis of the classic. Li Yitong has a slender figure, with a bow belt and black socks, full of fashion.

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