The era of paying music is about to end? Intelligent music will become mainstream

This is the CEO of the speaker Patrick Spence, smart sound brand Sonos. Since his in 2012, Sonos has begun to enter the Chinese market, while China has also entered the “Golden Age” of the content. How to combine massive content with smart sound? In this speech, Patrick brought us his answer.

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Hello, I am Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO, I am honored to share with you today. I think I have a lot of common situations, such as Mr. Li Hai Bo, Mr. and Himalayan, how we care about how people get a better listening experience.


This is also the reason why our first wireless family smart sound system in the world fifteen years ago, and we have created the primary river of smart sounds.

Our initial heart is very simple, that is, letters full of music, we insist that our loved music culture is more integrated into life, constantly enriching its connotation and sharing this culture to what we care about.

Each of our technologies, every product is served for this vision, it is this initial heart to make Sonos different. When other people are in production equipment, we are in the creation system, because we firmly believe that the family is full of music is a transformation experience.

When others build barriers, we are always open because the culture we pursue should not be limited to a company or a service, and our users should not limit this. When other people just put the product into your home, we are fighting for defending design.

Now, we can change the way to listen to the world again. Look at this era of today, the Internet has created a golden era of content, one for the best era. Music flow media services are almost all music works. All good music we are all right, TV and movies are the same, and entertainment creative is endless. We use various devices at home to broadcast all content at any time.


Maybe you didn’t notice that China’s streaming users have grown 20% per year in the past five years, and the number of people who subscribed to streaming media music services in the world will over 10 billion in 2030. Obviously, everyone wants to listen to more, everyone wants to get a better experience, and even more wonderful is that this is just a start. With the voice assistant and smart sound, we will get the content of the content and the Internet itself will have a profound and permanent change.

We will transfer from slidging screens, typing and reading models to voice or order, listening and appreciation model, some people call this “Sound Internet”, some people call it “Asked Internet”, and we call it ” Voice network.

This interactive technology is subtle, so that we have never been convenient in this golden era. With the voice assistant, listen to the audio content is extremely convenient, and do not hinder you to do other things while listening. Whether you are busy cooking, still busy doing housework, voice assistants make this all incumbent. The technology has another benefit in China, allowing us to access other content in the Internet more convenient.

Some companies are setting barriers, you must pay for content, this is a bit similar to what we have to see four different channels.

But Sonos’s vision is to dig the most abundant cultural content in this golden era and open it.


In Sonos, we will use experiences accumulated in the past 15 years to build the ultimate family tone network experience, just like architect design space, we design the sound in the family space, which means we will create a system of cooperative work, one The system is getting better and better.

This means real openness to every voice assistant service, every music flow medium, each collaborative platform, and any companies that want to settle on the Sonos platform.

This means that the product design should be straightforward, which can truly integrate your life, which means providing the ultimate sound experience for each family, this is our goal.

By creating a sound platform, let the sound network integrate into your life, now I want to talk about the two ways we have achieved this goal.

First of all, we will of course include China to more developers. The reason is very simple. We hope that Sonos has an idea to create content and share it to the world. We hope to provide developers with an open general platform, they can freely innovate here without being trapped in a single technical ecosystem.

In the past year, we have been testing a development platform. More than 100 companies and developers are currently involved in this project, and we create an API to make developers can develop on the Sonos platform.

These include a lot of partners such as the Finnish Technology, Kuke Music. They are developing various functions, from selected music.


To the software that replaces the doorbell with your favorite music, their development content can be said to all, next year, we will open the platform to everyone, we will provide development tools and information documents, etc., used to support anything that wants to create content on the Sonos platform. people.


We provide tools, documents, and other necessary support for partners and developers to accelerate innovation.

We will launch a certified project – so that the best experience results will win the badge of “Work With Sonos”.


This medal is a fixed pill we have to eat to Sonos users to ensure that companies that participate in development and innovation can reach Sonos for high quality requirements.

Then say the second, our latest smart sound products SONOS One, it is equipped with voice interaction, there are many smart sounds that you can talk to the conversation, but this will be the first smart sound you really want to listen. You can enjoy the best voice network experience through Sonos One, whether you can enjoy a variety of streaming media music services, you can enjoy the TV show you love, or listen to the “Good Speaking” program on the Himalayan platform.

This is the first step in us to enter the home audio future, and it is the latest step in the extraordinary journey we started 15 years ago. When we develop the first smart sound, the Internet is still in the time of dialing Internet, the streaming service has not yet existed, and our vision is to cover all songs, showing excellent sound quality, and there is no need to connect, which is crazy.

Technical challenges can be described as huge, for example, how to make multiple audio devices in multiple rooms to play music at any time under the premise of wireless?

Under the case of 2003, it has not yet been present, no one is willing to try, and no one thinks that we can do this. But SONOS still chooses to meet the challenge, we solve this problem through the wheat network, which is a new idea in the audio field.


New hardware, new software, everything is new, we have benefited from it. This also made me understand that as long as we are willing to face the challenge, you can achieve great goals. After many years, we continued the same spirit to Sonos One.

How to make your audio in playing music while collecting your instructions? We have developed advanced echo cancellation technology for this, allowing it to carefully capture the sound instructions sent by the user in the music environment. How can I make it clear your instructions in any environment where the smart sound is placed in the room? Our engineers have joined the microphone arrays of six microphones to make Sonos One can be clearly distinguished.

Its development is based on more than ten years of machine learning, speech recognition and picture processing technology accumulation. Whether you use SonOS APP or use third-party APP to control Sonos One through voice, soon, even if you can’t remember the specific information You can still find the music you want. Suppose you want to listen to Jay Chou’s song, but you don’t know the song name, you only remember the album cover look, you can tell the Sonos One Play the cover is the album of Jay Chou in the red hoodie, then you can hear it immediately. His “Simple Love” in the “Van Titsi” album, this experience can soon be realized.


This is the magic of Sonos, which is the unlimited possibilities created by people who are willing to accept challenges.


From the first audio we developed to today’s Sonos One, we always put cultures first, all the way, unforgettable. Let the technology hide in content, your favorite audio, what you wish, you can choose the service, you really want the design and listening experience, these are our way to integrate the sound network into your life.

People have never experienced unprecedented experience, and more conveniently touching excellent movies, TV and music works, which is the future vision of Sonos.


Thank you for listening to my sharing, thank you.

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