Guan Chenchen participated in the National Games | Guan Chenchen, and the “kangaroo shake hand” was popular all over the venue

(Reporter Wang Chunyan, Fu Ruixia) The “kangaroo shaking hand” meme active in everyone’s WeChat may not have imagined that they would become so common in gymnastics that it has almost become a communication gesture.

The women’s gymnastics preliminary round of the 14th National Games was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province on the 20th, and Guan Chenchen, the women’s balance beam champion of the Tokyo Olympics, attracted the most attention. Not surprisingly, she once again contributed the classic “Kangaroo Shake Hand” in the balance beam competition and received the warmest applause from the audience.

On September 20, Zhejiang team player Guan Chenchen in the balance beam competition. Photo by Xu Yanan, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

After the game, Guan Chenchen, wrapped in a down jacket, walked out of the arena wearing slippers, his steps were a little faltering, and he felt as if he had a foot injury. But when a reporter was concerned about the condition of her feet, Guan Chenchen, who had been smiling, frowned and pouted again: “Don’t ask this question, sister.” ”

The 21st is the Mid-Autumn Festival of the traditional Chinese festival, and Guan Chenchen also smiled at the reporter’s camera and “compared hearts”: “I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, and I want to eat mooncakes.” ”

A reporter suggested that Guan Chenchen do “kangaroo shaking hands” again to the camera, but she shook her head and refused, and did not tell everyone why she refused.

On September 20, Zhejiang team player Guan Chenchen in the balance beam competition. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Bowen

Guan Chenchen may not know that “kangaroo shaking hands” has become the “standard” for watching gymnastics competitions now. In the three hot events of the day, when the on-site host interacted with the audience, not only did he have common actions such as clapping and dancing, but also added “kangaroo shaking hands” at the end.

In the end, Guan Chenchen, who represented Zhejiang, temporarily ranked second in the balance beam event, and Li Shijia of the Sichuan team temporarily ranked first. Guangdong, Zhejiang and Beijing ranked the top three women’s teams in the preliminary round, and the final will be played on the 22nd.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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