The right way to open Qingming

APRIL| Qingming Festival

May time slow down and may the deceased not be dispersed

May time slow down, may the dead never die

Rainy flowers in the Qingming season,

Outdoor treading is beautiful,

Peach blossoms bright green grass,

Relax and relax.

Qingming Festival, also known as Stepping Youth Festival

At this time, all things “spit out the old and embrace the new”, and spring and Jingming are a good season for the tomb festival and the suburban youth tour.

Open the right way to embark on a youth tour: get a pair of comfortable pants and feel the whole comfort of spring.

A pair of black slacks

Good things will happen in April.

A pair of black casual sweatpants, elastic drawstring waistband, leg zipper threaded cuffs, not only visually thin, sports stretch fabric, but also bring body freedom and comfort. One of the must-choose pants for Qingming Trekking.


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A pair of jeans

A pair of jeans that contained all the good expectations we had for spring.

Spring is full of vitality, not only synonymous with spring, but also to describe us wearing jeans.

Soft denim fabric to free our body and mind; Simple and casual matching, you can easily reduce age, Qingming must choose pants.

A pair of white trousers

On the occasion of this spring blossom and grass warblers, a pair of white trousers is undoubtedly a highlight, which embellishes the spring color and brightens the dresser.

A pair of white pants, paired with this year’s most popular yellow top, is sure to be the most beautiful scenery in the spring.

Meet the spring, live up to the good times,

About 100 yuan,

Choose a pair of comfortable pants,

Let’s go on a spring outing!

Good things will happen in April.

Good things will happen in April.


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