Three versatile backpacks for urban commuting and daily leisure

What kind of bag do you carry when you go out on weekdays, how do you choose a backpack that suits you? This question has plagued Mr.Tiger for a long time. The ordinary function package shape is too mediocre or even a little old-fashioned, and the fashionable trend backpack looks good but is not too practical. What are some of the best options for great form factor and functionality?

In this issue of Mr.Tiger, I would like to recommend three versatile backpacks to everyone, hoping to bring solutions to you who are confused.

01 Sling Premium

Break with tradition and elegant streets

As a hot trend item on the street in recent years, cross-body bags have appeared in many street fashion styles, but most of the designs are trendy, exaggerated prints, some functional snap combinations, etc., which are not only less functional for daily commuting, but also limited in the choice of collocation. This Bellroy Sling Premium satchel has a simple design without overly ostentatious patterns, which is not only visually versatile but also attractive. Break with the traditional definition of a cross-body bag and decide your style: spice up your daily commute, wear a trendy suit for a light weekend trip, and be safe and worry-free when traveling.

The leather zipper ring also reflects the overall material details, and in addition to the zipper pockets on the inside and outside, the inner lining is also designed

Velcro layering

It can be used as storage for small items. It is worth mentioning that each bag in the Premium Collection series is thoughtfully designed

Key hook clasp

Avoid the embarrassment of bits and pieces scattered all over the bag.

Sling Premium details

The canvas strap is gentler and sweat-absorbing than leather straps, and does not rattle when handled.

Fast magic magnetic clasp

It replaces the traditional snap button, which is more convenient when wearing and avoids the embarrassment of holding the clothes when pressing. When the strap is fastened with a magnetic closure, the size of the bag is automatically adjusted to ensure that the bag is always thin and thin.

02 Classic Backpack Premium

Understated simplicity and classic design

Backpack in daily life as the most photographed item I believe you must have seen a variety of styles, this Classic Backpack Premium 20L is not too large but enough to meet the needs of daily commuting,

Separate computer and folder compartments hold a 15-inch laptop.

The low-key color scheme expands more possibilities of backpacks, which is not only the best choice for men, but also a dress up accessory for many gentlemen and girls.

The same design adopts the design of canvas straps, and breathable mesh is added to the inside of the backpack and harness to improve the comfort of carrying.

The tough silhouette is paired with selected leather at the bottom to maintain the silhouette of the backpack at all times,

Don’t worry about the feeling of crinkle in your backpack due to falling contents.

In terms of details, it continues the family-style intimate functional design,

The zippered pockets at the backpack bracelet and side allow you to access small items at any time

, I believe that friends who often carry backpacks must have a headache when getting the keys, and the side pockets are lined with configuration


It solves this problem very well. In general, this is a bag that will be more and more loved in use, whether it is the texture of the details, the functional design and the overall storage system are very reasonable.

Classic Backpack Premium details

03 Tokyo Tote Premium

Practical functions Smart storage

Tote bags have long been not a women’s patent, and are slowly accepted by the public as more and more men’s tote bags appear. Tote bags are generally carried in two ways: hand-held or shoulder-to-shoulder, and often slip off when carried on one shoulder, this Tokyo Tote Premium has a non-slip design on the nylon strap and a very soft material, inspired by Tokyo, with minimalist lines and luxurious leather, you can create your own warmth when walking on the street.

In addition to being a unisex tote bag that both men and women can carry, this Tokyo Tote Premium smart storage system is also excellent.

The 15L capacity is a 13-inch laptop with a dedicated compartment for a 13-inch laptop, and a thoughtful wet and dry separation pocket for a water cup or umbrella.

Details inside the package

Separate small objects are layered

It is convenient for storing headphones, business cards, etc., and the zipper pocket on the inside of the backpack is also set

, powerful practical features make it possible to appear in any scene. In fact, everyone should change the inherent thinking about backpacks, what kind of bag to carry on any occasion is not conventional, a powerful and fashionable backpack I believe it can accompany you on any occasion.

Tokyo Tote Premium details section

Surprising storage space, understated and luxurious leather design, and classic and attractive exterior styling are Mr.Tiger’s summary of Bellroy’s three backpacks. If you are also looking for a backpack that you are looking for, I hope today’s recommendation will provide you with a good solution.

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