Into the pit Apple wireless headphones AirPods experience: invincible and convenient, one word “cool”!


Since the era of walkman, headphones have always been an indispensable thing in the lives of many of us, from the beginning of the walkman, at that time or put cassettes, to the later CD version, and then MP3, MP4, until the emergence of mobile phones, completely destroyed the walkman, although there are still audiophiles will buy, but the vast majority of people are directly with mobile phones to listen to songs, since there are headphones have always been wired, in order to get rid of the shackles of wired, the emergence of wireless headphones, really changed people’s lifestyle, The development of science and technology is really amazing, and the wisdom of human beings is really endless! Haha, it’s far away, so I also got rid of the shackles of wired headphones and entered the pit of this wireless headphone airpods!

Here is the purchase screenshot

Let’s experience it out of the box

This is the front package, very eye-catching 2 headphone headphones, no wire…

On the side are some simple information parameters

The back shows the earphones and the box, the box can charge the earphones, and the box itself can also be charged, which is really convenient!

When you open the box, the first thing you see is the instruction manual box

Taking the instruction manual, the perfectly wrapped earphone case appeared, a little excited

After the earphone case is removed, there is a charging cable inside

A family portrait, no charging head, it’s a pity

Take out the headphone box, the packaging is good, it feels very good

Look at the back again

Eskimos, wow, what a delicate feeling, like a peeled egg

Look at the bottom of the box, there is a charging port

Open the lid and 2 rabbits lie quietly inside

When turned on, that indicator lights up and then turns off, orange to indicate charging, green to fully charge

The shape of the headset is the same as earpods, the difference is that there is no wire, and there are several more sensors on the headset, the official introduction says that there is a voice accelerometer, optical sensor and motion accelerometer, it sounds cool!

Let’s connect the phone, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, just need to get close to the phone, open the cover, it will prompt to connect through iCloud, and then simply operate to connect successfully

At first, the battery is only about 80%, and after taking it out, you can start the music journey!

User experience:

After a few days of use, it is really too convenient, only need to connect for the first time, no longer need to care, after taking it out of the box, directly into the ear, it has been successfully connected, and then you can listen to songs and watch videos, provided that the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is always on. Really don’t need to be like other headphones, but also to turn on the switch, and then pair, and then start, Apple’s own headphones are really perfectly integrated, you don’t need to worry at all, when you want to use, you can pick it up and use it, it’s really convenient and fast! The experience is very good, it will make you forget to use headphones, it’s amazing, after getting used to it, I don’t want to use other Bluetooth headsets!

The sound quality of the headphones, how to talk about it, can only be regarded as general, after all, it is wireless, the sound quality of this thing because I am a fungus, so I don’t pay much attention to it, I can listen to a sound, occasionally listen to a music on it, and then watch videos and movies! Daily use is basically like this, listen to songs when sitting in the car, but after wearing it, the external sound will still be a little noisy, should be no noise reduction function, this point complained, but this is good, noise reduction this function I think it still does more harm than good, after all, most of the headphones are outdoors, such as taking a car, taking the subway, walking, cycling, etc., so that after wearing noise-canceling headphones, it is very dangerous, because you can’t hear the outside world, you can only observe through your eyes, it’s no different from a deaf person, So I have always felt that this function is not particularly good, but for students who take the plane, it should be a better experience, after all, the noise of the plane is too big!

In terms of charging, the box and earphones are fully charged, and they can be used for 1-2 hours in transportation every day, and they can be used for a week without charging the box! This is my own experience, the official introduction is:

AirPods with charging case: More than 24 hours of listening(3) and up to 11 hours of talk time(6)

AirPods (single charge): Up to 5 hours of listening time(2) and up to 2 hours of talk time(5)

Put it in the charging case for up to 3 hours of listening time(4) or more than an hour of talk time(7)

It feels so complicated, anyway, as long as it is normal listening, it is completely enough, no need to put it in the box to charge, no need to care, when it is fully charged, it is really convenient!


In general, this headset gives me the feeling of a word, cool, how a cool word, convenient to invisible, the battery power is amazing, ordinary use does not have to worry about whether there is electricity, the Jabra bought before, basically 2 hours to prompt the lack of power, really annoying, and the charging is also slow, the experience is very poor! It may also be Apple’s, so the compatibility and stability are very good, so students who want to experience it can try it, if they don’t care about the price and sound quality!

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