The most common mistake of washing your face, no wonder the more you wash your face, the dirtier!

You can not have too much makeup every day, you can avoid the tedious daily skin care routine, but only the work of cleansing must not be abandoned. Did you know that most skin problems are related to incomplete cleansing, and there are many unknown wrong methods in cleansing, so you must not lie down?

First: the temperature of the cleansing water

The water temperature of the cleansing is a very important point, the temperature of the cleansing water does have a certain oil control effect, but the closed pores can not allow the cleaning power to penetrate into the pores, the correct cleansing method should be alternating hot and cold. Start by opening the pores with hot water at about 34 degrees Celsius, lather thoroughly with cleansers, then rub your face in circular motions, and finally use cold water dozens of times.

*A.O. Smith Face softener

The more you wash your face, the tighter it gets? Are you still washing your face with tap water (hard water)? Maybe it’s not the fault of the facial cleanser, but the pot of face washing water ~ A.O. The soft water produced by the A.O. Smith water softener can reduce the calcium and magnesium ions in the water quality, will not react with the cleansing product to produce soap scale, the foaming is also milder and denser, 7 days can increase the skin moisture to about 37.9%, washing the face with soft water is the improvement of the skin barrier every time, after washing the face slippery, washing hair, brushing teeth can also be used, health is a long-term solution, there are babies’ hot mothers, can make the baby bath safer and gentle ~


*Membrane Law Maison Mung Bean Cleansing Brightening Foaming Balm

This cleansing balm selects the fresh extract of mung bean skin extract, mung bean cleansing and cleansing, which preserves the pure and fresh skin cleansing effect of natural mung bean, effectively cleanses the skin and makes the skin clear, transparent, clear and white.

Second: dosage

The amount of facial cleanser determines the intensity of cleansing, too little to exert its cleansing effect, and too much dosage, will lead to excessive skin cleaning, wash away the skin’s own oil components, easy to cause skin tightness after cleansing, the correct amount of cleansing is spread in the palm of the palm of a circle of 2cm.

*Fuller Acne Cleanser

Infused with wild chrysanthemum extract and licorice extract, it can deeply and thoroughly remove oil and dirt, tighten pores, make the skin even and refined, and continuously replenish moisture, refreshing and untached. And it can repair damaged acne skin and improve skin quality.

*Tronmei Anrun Cleansing Gel

Rich in amino acids, it creates a rich foam, smooth and non-sticky, gentle and non-irritating the skin, free of soap-based ingredients, maintains the skin’s natural barrier, brightens the skin and stamina, is comfortable and not tight. Gently removes skin pollution, excess oil, does not damage keratin, effectively unclogs pores.

*Eight cups of water to clear the silky cleanser

Infused with natural active ingredients, this cleanser gently cleanses and pampers the skin. At the same time, the foam is dense and delicate, and small plant molecules penetrate to unclog pores and clean dirt. It doesn’t dry after washing, very praise~

Third: facial cleansing techniques

The technique of cleansing is also a point we need to pay attention to, the “T” area is the oily part of the skin, but many girls subconsciously like to clean the U area first, then clean the T area, and finally clean the U area again, such a technique will lead to excessive cleaning of the U area, make the face sensitive, we need to start from the T zone when using cleansing products at the beginning.

*Yasi Sheng Dai Aloe Vera Gel Facial Cleanser

It has the effect of hydrating and moisturizing, removing acne and soothing, and repairing the skin. Contains tea tree extract with antibacterial effect, quickly penetrates the hair follicles for conditioning. The soothing effect and natural penetration power are good, multi-effect repair the skin, regulate the balance of water and oil.

* Pakaz Almond Helichrysum Facial Cleanser

This delicate foam has a textured product that nourishes the skin while washing the face. Plant extracts are added to infuse the skin with a steady stream of nutrients, hydrate and moisturize, and remove shine and dirt from pores, so as to cleanse well and not harm the skin.

* Picaz rose awakening cleansing foam

Deeply cleanses pores, awakens skin, sweeps away oil and dust, and restores freshness and clarity. Natural rose flower extract, which contains amino acids ammonium, vitamin C and vitamin E to hydrate and gently treat the skin.

Fourth: the selection of cleansing products

Many girls are very blind in the choice of cleansing products, because the packaging is good-looking, or there are some core ingredients that everyone says are good to buy, but do you choose according to your skin type? For dry skin, please do not choose a cleansing soap that is too strong, sensitive skin stratum corneum is relatively thin, should not use alkaline formulas, or products with fruit acid concentration, and the type of combination skin is more diverse, the number of cleansing times a day is at most once in the morning and evening, do not exceed this number.

*Heart of Grass and Trees Longjing Native Essence Cleansing Crystal

Enriched with West Lake Longjing Green Tea, it foams silky and replenishes moisture to the skin. It not only removes excess keratin from the surface of the skin, but also cleanses deep dirt, eliminates blackheads, whiteheads and oil horn plugs, reduces pores, and makes the skin clean and refined.

*Tujia Selenium Mud Workshop Amino acid cleansing balm

Deeply cleanses the skin of oil and dirt, tones the skin, allows the skin to breathe freely, soothes fatigue and enhances skin vitality. Weak acid formula, even washed twice does not dry, natural skin brightening effect, any skin can be used, after washing in the skin to form a protective film, the effect is long-lasting~

*Skin-friendly aloe vera foaming cleanser

100% imported from Korea, it has an excellent soothing effect on dry skin and fragile skin! Squeeze a little can form a very rich foam, the cleaning ability is very good~ dirt, oil, skin care residue can be cleaned very clean, the aloe vera ingredients in it make the washing not tight at all, moist very comfortable










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