Blindly hook tie angler evaluation, No. 8 Iseni hook to No. 0.8 sleeve no pressure!

From the real beginning, the fishing driver line is tied by themselves, one is because they feel that the finished line set is expensive, and the other is that they feel that they are still tied with confidence. I also thought about buying a hook binding device, but after reading many brands of hook binding devices and reading the reviews, I was a little determined to buy it. This time I was lucky enough to grab a blind hook binding, at first I was skeptical of this thing, because after all, it is a machine, I am afraid that it will hurt the line, after all, the probability of wild fishing encountering a big fish is really not large, in case of injury caused by tangential running fish, it is a bit worth the loss.

After drinking some wine, there is too much nonsense, let’s talk about my feelings about it. First of all, from the packaging point of view, I think it is still very good, plastic boxed, waterproof. Open the box, the first thing that catches your eye is the hook binding, there is a sponge wrapped around it, the instruction manual is under the hook binding, the whole box is just a few things, it looks relatively simple and generous. Take out the hook tier first, it feels very good and there are no burrs.

Because it was the first time to use it, I must take out the manual first, but I read it a few times and didn’t understand how to use it, and then I went to find a video to learn it

Watch the video, and then start tying the hook yourself, first use 3.0 plus No. 8 Iseni, wrap it seven times, wrap it and take it down and then tighten it, it looks quite good, the thread does not hurt, I pulled it, it feels very strong, and the line should not come off when I touch the big fish hook

Thick line big hook tried, it’s time to try the thin line small hook, the instruction manual says that the minimum can tie the No. 1 sleeve, it just so happens that I used to buy the wrong model of 0.8 sleeve, and 0.2 line, try the limit? Haha, still the same usage, the binding effect is as follows , how about it, it’s okay, 0.8 sleeves can also be tied.

Since there are only these two hook types at home, I can only tie these two to see the effect, but I think other hook types are definitely not a problem. Overall, this hook binding device is very cost-effective in the same price of the product, the workmanship is also very good, blind product I trust very much, not to settle. Another point is that the reserved thread must be enough, otherwise it will not be tied well. Well, don’t say it, the literary talent is limited, please forgive me for not writing well.

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