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The owner wanted to divide her apartment into two areas – her own private space and an area that could accommodate many guests. So, she approached Korneev Design for the planning and design.

The prevalence of Nordic style, most people choose home design, mostly black, white, gray. But beauty lies in things, but it exists in the heart, and everyone has their own preferred style. The owner of this room prefers colorful and exotic designs. Korneev Design, who received a work order, decided to build an Alice Wonderland-like apartment for the owner.


The walls of the entrance area are decorated with tree-shaped wallpaper and exotic mosaic tiles, visually separating this area from the rest of the space, creating a completely different image of the forest. The huge contrast with the outdoor environment allows the owner to fall into his own fantasy space as soon as he enters the door.

The creative chandelier decorated with hemp rope and the wood-worn storage cabinet are practical while decorating the space to create an atmosphere, making it easy for homeowners to enter and exit the door and store their usual clothes, shoes and hats.

Floors of different materials divide the entrance and living room areas, allowing the owner to naturally transition from a dream space to a soft but stylish living space.

Living room

Due to space constraints, the living room, kitchen and dining room are planned together. The vein-patterned ceiling, retro-style tile wall stickers, old wooden reception sofas, rich small details, make the whole space pleasing and warm.

The wooden dining table collides with the metallic chandelier of the same color, which balances the relationship between artistry and functionality.

Sitting on one side of the dining table, you can see the exotic tile decoration of the kitchen, as if you have fallen into another space in an instant.

In order to accommodate many guests, the designer designed two spaces for her guests – two single sofas in front of the window and a distressed couch that can accommodate 3-4 people.

The designer also cleverly used a printed carpet to gently separate it from the kitchen area. So that visiting guests can also clearly distinguish the functions of the two areas.

The cute fish wallpaper on the side of the fireplace shows the lovely and romantic inner space of the owner.


The bedside wall in the bedroom is designed with old wood panels, which echoes the image of the forest created at the entrance. The use of softer colors and natural textured materials gives people a sense of peace of mind, as if they are returning to a wooden hut in the forest.

On the right hand side of the bed is a row of distressed textured wardrobes, which meet the storage needs of the homeowner, and also echo the design of the entrance. The designer deliberately designed the inside of the bedroom door as a mirror, which is practical and at the same time makes the narrow space visually extendable.

Opposite the bed is the owner’s work area, with a desk and bookcase. The simple desk makes the work more efficient, while the bright yellow bookcase adds a touch of vitality to the space.

The hanging pictures on the wall in front of the desk echo the fish wallpaper in the living room area, and this remote echo of the overall space details makes the space rich in layers without losing the sense of wholeness.


On the left-hand side of the entrance is the bathroom, from which the floor extends, and the entire bathroom adopts the tropical island design preferred by the owner.

The addition of black elements balances the excessive saturation of the sea blue of the wall, making the entire space jump out of the space without losing its composure. The wooden frames, small stools, and ladder-shaped hangers make you feel like you have traveled to a seaside resort.


The designer pays great attention to the details of each room, and it is precisely because of these details that the whole design has a sense of coherence.

The tiles in the kitchen and the paintings in the living room echo the design of the bathroom.

The wallpaper in the living room will remind you of the frog princes on the bedroom painting.

The decorative greenery of the bedroom will make you miss the bathroom that resembles a resort.

The design of the whole case and all the details can be seen in the professionalism and care injected by the design team. And the romantic and lovely inner space of the owner, and most importantly – the love they both have for the house.

Instead of chasing the same black, white and gray, follow your heart and inject some colors and styles into your home that you love.

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Text / Nan Xiaonan

Design & Photos / Korneev Design workshop

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