“Naked Pants” “Waist Pants”, watch “flat” yoga pants how to support hundreds of billion

A yoga pants that seems to be “flat”, selling prices of 1680 yuan in Lululemon Tmall, slightly lower than this price, but still more than thousands of yoga trousers are not a few in this store. With a yoga pants, Lululemon, established in 1998, has supported millions of months, and also attracted more and more participants in the game, including not only Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Anta, Li Ning and other well-known sports brands. There are many domestic emerging brands such as Keep, granules, Rapei, MAIA Active, etc. – They aim at the female sportswear market represented by yoga pants.

In the eyes of yoga enthusiasts, more and more new brands have no effect on Lululemon’s “Feng Shen” status. For women consumers who are not so love sports, Lululemon also became a fashion trend of yoga pants.

Is LULULEMON’s status really unable to shake? Where is the gap between China’s emerging sports apparel brand and LULULEMON in the field of yoga?

Why do you get more and more girls wearing “yoga pants”?


Ending Yoga every night After working, Bai Qing (pseudonym) will habitually throw yoga clothes into the washing machine, and select the second day of yoga pants and sports underwear.

Since May 2020, such a day has lasted more than a year. “After resigning work, the exercise of yoga practice occupies most of my daily lives, and the purchase of clothes has also changed from the previous Office Lady style to present sports, where yoga costs account for a lot.” Bai Qing said to the Beijing News Season Shell Finance News.

Indeed, the rise of “her economy” and Yue’s concept, set off a new year of women’s fitness. Yoga is an important new segment of the female fitness movement, and the foreground is optimistic. Ai Rui Consulting “The Development Trend Research Report of China Yoga Industry in 2021” shows that in 2020, the super 60% of Chinese women’s sports fitness enthusiasts participated in yoga practice. According to the Zhizheng Advisory Report, 2015 to 2019, China’s yoga consumption market size has a year composite growth rate of up to 37.8%, and this area is considered to be a high-speed development Blue Sea market.


Yoga sports belt hot yoga clothing consumption. 2021 “Double Eleven”, sports apparel represented by yoga pants, is sought after by female consumers, and the turnover has reached a high innovation. Jingdong “opening the door” activity began in 10 minutes, high-end professional women’s yoga clothing increased by 250% year-on-year.


Yoga pants is not the exclusive of sports girls. As the star trend, the social platform is shared, yoga pants have become a fashion item for girls to go to work, shopping is indispensable. Will highlight yoga pants as fashion items have become more and more women’s consumers. But some people don’t understand, knowing the topic of “Why is the girl wearing ‘yoga pants'” on the street, “has attracted 6,574 people, and 16.58 million browsing.

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On December 24th, 2021, the Beijing News Seas and Financial Reporter searched “Yoga Pants” on Xiaohong Book Platform, there have been 60,000 + note, the search results are ranked, the main content is sharing, LULULEMON Yoga pants with the same paragraph and inunding sharing, net red yoga pants evaluation, etc. Xiao Hong Book blogger “@ 人 不 点” 一 标 “” “笔 内容 年 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔 笔41,000 collections and 1190 reviews. In numerous sharing notes about yoga pants, comfort, fashion, and cost-effective are netizens discuss more keywords.

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Wushu eight yoga pants, can exceed 1,000 yuan, can not be 100

There are many content sharing in yoga pants, and there are many brands. At present, in addition to launching professional sports brands of yoga clothes, Under Armor, Lorna Jane, Alo Yoga is also a popular brand. In addition, many traditional sports brands have flooded into the yoga pants market, such as Nike, Adidas, Anta, Li Ning, PUMA, etc. Among them, in 2020, PUMA released Yoga Product Line Puma Studio, Li Ning Group’s high-end female sportswear brand Danskin released yoga and other products. Domestic emerging sportswear brand field, Keep, particle fanatic heat, ruty Loli, Maia Active, etc., from the perspective of female movement, gradually emerged in recent years.

The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter noticed that a high-ranking feature, many brands of yoga pants named five flowers. There is ordinary “sports fitness pants”, as well as “Shark Pants” “Yunzhu” “Waist Pants” “Zero Pants” “Naked Pants”. I often regard yoga pants as a daily dressed 90-to-date, Changning (pseudonym) tells the Beijing News Seashell Finance reporter, and the characteristics of the character can trigger consumers’ curiosity and attention, but they will not really consume decision-making. .

In addition to naming, there is a big difference in the price and main characteristics of different brand yoga pants. As a professional sports brand, LULULEMON, LORNA JANE are divided into different series of intensity, such as LululeMon, etc., Wunder Pace, Base Pace and other series, Lorna Jane has Must Have, Ultimate, New Amy, Everyday, etc. Bai Qing told the Beijing News Shell Finance Reporter, “If you don’t buy professional brand yoga pants, I can’t think of a yoga pants of Pu Tutong, there are so many categories.”

Although Lululemon, Lorna Jane has the same product classification, but there is a big difference in prices. Unlike Lorna Jane Yoga Pants 300 yuan -800 yuan floating, Lululemon’s yoga pants started from 400 yuan, the highest price is 1680 yuan. According to the Beijing News Shell Finance News, LULULEMON Tmall official flagship store, 318 women’s sports tight trousers have average price of 824 yuan, of which the price of more than 1,000 yuan is about 16%, selling price Yoga trousers in more than 850 yuan, about 60%, LULULEMON has been known as “Hermes” in yoga pants because of its sales price of thousands of yuan.

Figure / LULULEMON Tmall official flagship store screenshot

In fact, in terms of price, in addition to Adidas is not much sold, thousands of yoga pants can be slightly “counter-balance”, and other traditional sports brands are below LULULEMON. Nike’s yoga pants is sold below 650 yuan, Anta, Li Ning’s yoga pants floats up and down in 300 yuan, and the yoga trousers of Shi Jie is about 100 yuan. In addition, the emerging sports brands such as Maia Active, the price of the particles is slightly higher, about 400 yuan, where Maia Active “waist pants” is the highest price of more than 800 yuan, the ruthenium Loli yoga pants price is 200 yuan about.

Although Adidas, Maia Active and other brands have a high price yoga pants, but sales and LULULEMON gaps are large. The Beijing News Seashell Finance reporter found that Lululemon Tmall official flagship store, a sales price of 1180 yuan in sports tights month sales is 26 orders, the price of 850 yuan of sports tights month sales is 3000+ single. In Adidas Tmall official flagship store, a sales price of 1099 yuan, a sports tights month sales is 3 sheets, and the sales price of 899 yuan will have a monthly sales volume of 4 orders. In the Maia Active Tmall flagship store, the price of “waist pants” is 58 sheets, the store has the highest sales in the store, and the “waist pants” price of more than 4,000 orders is 302 yuan. In addition, 199 yuan of the Rapi Yoga pants, monthly sales of 1000+ single, lost in Yoga pants sales price of 850 yuan in Lululemon.

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In terms of wearing experience, I have started Lorna Jane, Maia Active, Lululemon, Nike brand yoga pants, Total, Nike brand yoga pants, I told the Beijing News Seashell Finance reporter, Nike launched yoga pants breathable, suction resistance is very good, but the waist, The hip effect is general. As a professional yoga brand brand, Lorna Jane can be able to take advantage of the support, tightness, wrapping, and comfort. Maia Active “cloud sensing pants” skin care and waist, hips effect make people surprises, but in terms of comfort, pull long leg lines, and improve hip lines, etc.. “At present, I still think that Lululemon’s yoga pants is the best, and it is good to wear it.”

In addition, the Beijing News Season Shell Financial Reporter found in the e-commerce platform and Xiaohong book, in the information search in yoga pants, there is no shortage of “Lululemon Original Site” “Lululemon Yoga Pants Orplanm”. These replacement items are sold to tens of dollars, although appearance and brand yoga pants are no different, but the fabric has a lot of differences, and the body decoration is large.

4 sports and clothing brands within 13 months have been financing, and many financing amounts are more than 23 million yuan.

The market heat is attracted to the brand in the yoga pants traveled, and it has also caused the attention of capital. Maia Active has recently announced that it is divided into C-round strategic financing, financing amounts from Belle International Investment. This is the fourth round of financing that Maia Active has completed since 2017. In November last year, cross-scene sports fashion brand Raw.j completed two consecutive rounds of financing from Jinpui and Dejube brothers. In April last year, sports brand Moly Vivi completed Net 100 million A round financing, exclusive investment by Jingwei China. In November 2020, the particles have completed hundreds of millions of C round financing from Gao Yutong investment.

According to the public information, Maia Active was founded in 2016 and is positioned as a designer sportswear brand specialized for Asian women. Raw.j was founded in 2020, and the main cross-scenes of women’s fitness costumes include air vests, fitness tights, sports sweaters and sports jackets. Moly Vivi is established in 2019, positioning technology sportswear brands, with Moly Vivi Free, Moly Vivi Pro, Moly Vivi Life Series Female Fitness Clothing. Particle fanatics is found in 2014, positioning taking care of functionality and high-quality independent sports brands, including zero, warming, gold segmentation, antlers, etc.

Although the positioning and product of the above four new sports brands in the past two years have some differences, the sales channels maintain consistency, all in line channels. In addition to Raw.j, the other three brands have been laid out of the online store, of which the particles are fanatical in the 2017 layout line, the official website shows that there are three stores in Shanghai, and Moly Vivi is in the 2020 layout, currently Shanghai opened two stores. Maia Active opened the first store in Xintiandi, Shanghai in 2019, officially layout. 2021 MAIA Active added 15 stores, which is expected to increase the next door store at the end of 2022.

Independence, not defined is the main label when some female sportswear brand marketing. Particle enthusiasm was the global spokesperson in early December, and Maia Active adopted the monk model instead of the star endorsement, launched a “hot plan”, and built a brand image. In addition, Maia Active also built a brand community “sisterhood”, in the design of the city planning theme exploration activities, when the popular paddle board yoga, flying disc camping, etc., the community activities becomes entertainment, and talk about social places. Particle fanatics also regularly organizes the target consumers of hobbies to participate in the officers of different topics.

Expert: The success of the nasal ancestors of yoga pants cannot be replicated, and the emerging brand cannot be imitated.

Up to now, LuLulemon, known as “Yoga Pants, is undoubtedly the biggest winner. In addition to the monopoly price, there are also high repo rates of consumers. “Playing grass” Lululemon Yoga Pants has been more than one year, and Bai Qing, who has thought it is a sensible, has started 3 yoga pants, and the rough estimation expenditure is not less than 2,000 yuan. And fascinated LULULEMON, I will start 4 yoga pants for half a year, and the cost of buying Lululemon Yoga Pants is about 3,000 yuan. The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found that there was a lot of people who were more enthusiastic than Bai Qing and Changning more enthusiastic lululemon yoga pants, and even three months ago.


Under the support of “high customer unit price, high repo rate”, LULULEMON was established in 1998 to achieve explosive growth, the market value rose from $ 1.6 billion in the early 46 billion US dollars, surpass Adidas, becomes second only to Nike Sports and leisure field “runner”. Especially in 2020 in the epidemic, Lululemon still maintains rapid expansion gestures. For fiscal 20020, Lululemon revenue exceeded 4.4 billion US dollars. For the third quarter of 2002, LuLulemon has 552 stores in the world.

In the footwear industry brand management expert, Cheng Weixiong, general manager of Shanghai Liangxiang Brand Management Co., Ltd., is a major reason why LuLulemon’s social operations is its success. Through the yoga instructor, Isolated, the store personnel recommend, consumers share the product experience, spend the story around lifestyle, and subtle the way to affect the lifestyle and consumer scenes of consumers. Cheng Weixiong said that LuLulemon’s mature lifestyle is created, and a potential atmosphere of “do not wear lululemon is not intentional to enter the yoga” in a yoga hut.

Bai Qing told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter, there is a phenomenon in the yoga hall she exercise, and everyone will quietly wear other people when she works. According to Bai Qing, about 90% of yoga practitioners in her yoga pavilion from Lululemon.

In addition, Cheng Weixiong also pointed out that Lululemon success also benefited from its unable to counterfeit product attributes (ie, with top fabric and process design), and good interactivity in the online line. At the Beijing News Shell Finance News, I noticed when visiting the LULULEMON online store, the store salesman not only had a personal brand value and product characteristics, but I also didn’t break the sportsman, and consumers were communicating with these “educators”. When you have a strong sense.

Figure / Beijing News reporter Wang Zhenzhen

Cheng Wei Xiong said that although Lululemon’s imitatis is numerous, its success does not have replicability. Looking at the Chinese market, in the field of yoga pants, from the current brand premium, product quality, product supply chain, China is not available to Lululemon’s target sports brand. If Lululemon is a brand in the pyramid tower in the yoga pants, the domestic emerging sportswear brand is located in the waist or bottom.


In the view of Cheng Weixiong, for domestic emerging sports apparel brands, imitation learning LULULEMON, the key is not that the model is more understanding of the demand for target user groups and the interaction of offline channels. “In a considerable period of time, the interaction of the clothing product is to return to the visible experience, especially for the brand premium, experience is indispensable. In the past two years, it is affected by the epidemic. Brand acceleration line layout, but online channels are just a experience extension or new channel Trunage, if the company will work online as the only channel, “also pointed out that LuLulemon is in yoga The “Feng Shen” status in the field is not unhappy.

In fact, the brand has always been challenged. In addition to the traditional sports brands, LULULEMON was challenged by the US market in the US market. After winning a Soft Silver Vision Fund, I got a Soft Silver Vision Fund, and the brand founded in 2015 with 6 years of 6 years of 5 billion yuan.

In fact, LULULEMON that serves female consumers, it has been aware of the limitations of a certain type of consumer group. In 2017 after Vuori, LuLulemon expanded the target consumer group to male, launched the first men’s exclusive yoga clothing in 2019. As of the third quarter of 2021, the growth rate of Lululemon men’s business sales has exceeded women’s business. LuLulemon said that the planned planning of men’s installed businesses is being implemented in advance. In addition, LULULEMON is still extends, in addition to sports clothing, LULULEMON, in addition to sportswear, and has launched a personal care class, acquiring fitness equipment companies, and plans to go to footwear products in 2022.

For domestic emerging sports apparel brands, Cheng Weixiong also has the same recommendation as LULULEMON business layout logic. “Sports segmentation scene is very diverse, there is no need to follow Lululemon’s footsteps, the same development route, innovation, expand product category, Looking for the development direction of the needs of the brand target user, in order to stand in the industry. “

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