For summer, you need a “short-sleeved shirt”

I don’t know if everyone will have a fear of choosing T-shirts in the summer, I don’t know what to buy, and in the end, I tend to buy short-sleeved solid colors, and in order not to be entangled, I will buy many different colors in the same style▼

Although T-shirts are very convenient, they will inevitably feel boring when worn every day, and they want to change their taste.

Short-sleeved shirt

You can arrange it▼

This mint green suit is small and fresh, and the style of the shirt will make the check look less rigid▼

Puff sleeves can create a retro girly style, and with a pink skirt, the effect of reducing age is ideal▼

The fluorescence is not so strong

Goose yellow

It is also very suitable for daily wear, with a checked small skirt, plus Mary Jane shoes, a slightly casual preppy style▼

Hawaiian shirt

However, it is a must-have every year, and wearing it everywhere is full of the lively and refreshing feeling of midsummer▼

Short-sleeved shirt in leather

It is also a hot style this year, but the leather material always has a feeling of looking hot, and if you want to become refreshed, remember to choose this light color▼

This yellow leather shirt looks very fresh, and the leather material is very stylish, it will not wrinkle, and the texture is super good▼

The dark brown leather shirt, the silhouette of the shoulders is relatively large, the upper body effect is a proper boyfriend force, and it is quite suitable for making a small coat, with a vest inside, this way of layering is also quite recommended▼

It’s inevitable that you will get tired of wearing T-shirts all the time, and today I will give you a few different styles of short-sleeved shirts to help you spend the summer with peace of mind! ▼

Basic solid color

First of all, if you get started, it is quite recommended that you buy it

Solid color version

, the white shirt does not pick people, if you do not want to wear the style of the old cadre, remember to choose


The style is very casual with light-colored jeans▼

Slip the shirt into the suit pants, the slightly loose style exudes a lazy feeling, which is very suitable for the workplace, and does not look restrained and dull

The royal blue shirt bodice is also too eye-catching, and it is recommended to choose a small black vest for a cool fit▼

The fruit green shirt is more eye-catching, the overall fluorescent, yellow and black leather may not be suitable if you wear it, with a low saturation green skirt, the whole look is more uniform▼

I really love this clear macaron color this year.

A low-saturation verdant green will be more suitable for Asians than fluorescent green

, and I matched a dark green satin texture skirt, like this bright color piece, the whole body should not be too jumpy, otherwise it will be very unusual, the same color is worth trying but will be a little surprise combination▼

I like green to bring a summer atmosphere, but I am worried about overturning, so I chose this mustard green, which does not pick the skin tone, and is a friendly color of yellow skin▼

A black shirt may be more heat-absorbing to wear in summer, but it is really handsome to put on, and it is simply not too A▼ with sunglasses

This All Purple is perfect for summer, and the white vest underneath will make it even more refreshing▼

Printed style

Summer is always impossible to hide

, pink purple is the best color to create a girly feeling▼

The tie-dye shirt has a girly feeling when worn,

The right balance of dark and light colors

, sweet and cool, with zebra pattern skirt will not look fancy at all▼

The pink and orange shirt uses a gradient to transition, and the feeling of contrast will not appear too hard,

Bright shirts, try to choose simple solid colors for bottoms

This white shirt is a cartoon print that enriches the plain feeling of the white shirt while retaining the simple temperament▼

My shirt is men’s, yes, I’m wearing men’s again, haha. somewhat

Japanese-style robe

The whole effect will be particularly loose, but if you want to show the waistline, it is still recommended to tuck your clothes into your pants to create a waistline▼

The white shirt with cotton and linen texture is embroidered with a delicate print, and the lemon with shoots and leaves makes it so refreshing and sour that it is perfect for summer▼

The cool feeling of Tiffany’s blue striped shirt is also very summer▼

The checkerboard elements I told you some time ago, I didn’t expect pink to be so good-looking▼

Animal print style

If you get tired of the print, you can choose a sassy one

Animal tattoos

, such as very hot

Cow tattoos

, personality and age-reducing huh▼

The black and white zebra print always has a sense of straightforwardness, and it is quite suitable for girls with a cool style▼

Even if you wear a suit, you won’t feel a sense of pompousness, and the zebra pattern is relatively easy to control▼

The tiger stripe will look more domineering and a little difficult to control, and there is no sense of violation with bright yellow trousers▼

The regular leopard print will be older, and the leopard print with a light beige background color will look refreshing▼

French flair

A shirt with a strong French style will be more photogenic than a regular shirt, so be sure to have one this summer

Cinched waist + ruffled hem

, creating a waist line and covering a small belly, suitable for most people▼

The heart-shaped collar bodice is girly and slightly sexy, and the texture of the polka dots contains a retro sweet taste▼

Small broken flowers

The style is simply an indispensable element of French wear▼

But compared to complex broken flowers, this elegant broken flower pattern upper body effect is more generous and moving▼

The puff sleeves, the friendly partner of the shoulder star, easily create wide shoulders, so that it is not easy to appear top-heavy~▼

Dislike the puff sleeves are too big and easy to wear a strong feeling, you can choose this thin type ha ~ ▼

Today’s Amway is here, there are too many styles that short-sleeved shirts can control, T-shirts are tired of wearing and occasionally have to change their taste~ You may wish to stock up on this item that is very suitable for daily life first!

Hawaiian shirt

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