“January Day” and “Confluence” promote the construction of Shanghai as an international consumer center city

Big loop, spin up

On the evening of May 1, the 2021 National Consumption Promotion Month was launched simultaneously with the second “May Five-Year Shopping Festival” in Shanghai.

The second “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, which will be held again with the strength of the whole city, is highly anticipated, and the 2021 National Consumption Promotion Month will further stimulate market vitality and release consumption potential.

Shanghai, where the “January Day” is held, is building a new development pattern around services, and is building a central node of the domestic circulation and a strategic link between the international and domestic dual circulation. Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng pointed out that Shanghai will accelerate the construction of an international consumption center city with global influence, further create a weather vane leading the consumption trend, a new engine to promote consumption upgrading, and new advantages to optimize the consumption environment.

Break the circle! From the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival” to the National Consumption Promotion Month

The latest data shows that in the 24 hours from 8 pm on the 1st, the real-time amount of consumption payments in Shanghai reached 17.3 billion yuan, an increase of 11% over the same period last year. A new year-on-year record high reflects Shanghai’s vigorous consumption vitality.

From January to March this year, the total retail sales of consumer goods in Shanghai increased by more than 48% year-on-year. In last year’s first “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, Shanghai’s online and offline consumption totaled more than 500 billion yuan.

Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that Shanghai has initially built itself into a first-class consumer center city in China, and is a “double champion” city in China’s total retail sales of consumer goods and online shopping transactions. In the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the launching ceremony of the 2021 National Consumption Promotion Month was held in Shanghai, which was both recognition and encouragement for Shanghai, which will continue to do a good job in innovation and transformation to promote consumption.

Shanghai is not satisfied with becoming a “double champion” in domestic consumption, but actively benchmarks against the world’s top consumer center cities.

The latest document proposes 12 measures focusing on four aspects: “improving the functional positioning of the ‘May Five-Year Shopping Festival'”, “promoting consumption upgrading”, “deepening digital transformation” and “strengthening the support system”, aiming at international consumption center cities.

Gu Jun, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, introduced that in 2021, Shanghai will further clearly mobilize the efforts of the whole city to build the second “May Five-Year Shopping Festival” into an important functional platform and landmark activity for Shanghai to build an international consumption center city and make every effort to launch the “four major brands”.

Shen Haixiong, deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department, director and editor-in-chief of the Central Radio and Television Station, who attended the launching ceremony, said that the first spring of the “14th Five-Year Plan” made a steady start to China’s economy, demonstrating strong resilience and vigorous consumption vitality. China Central Radio and Television Station will contribute to the National Consumption Promotion Month, help Shanghai’s “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, and promote the construction of Shanghai as an international consumption center city.

It is worth noting that the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival” is accelerating the breaking of the circle, and is launched simultaneously with the National Consumption Promotion Month, realizing the “spillover effect” of the shopping festival brand.

Pu Jingbo, vice president of Bailian Group, introduced that with Shanghai as the center, radiating the Yangtze River Delta and laying out the whole country, Bailian Group will issue 1.5 billion yuan of Bailian “55 consumption coupons” and launch 210 activities nationwide during the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, reaching 4,000 stores in 20 provinces.

In the Yangtze River Delta region, where the integration construction is accelerating, the linkage effect of the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival” is more obvious. Suzhou cooperated with Shanghai to hold the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, and 82 brand enterprises in three provinces and one city jointly announced the establishment of the “Yangtze River Delta Region Different Stores Offline 7-Day No Reason Return and Exchange Service Commitment Enterprise Alliance” to jointly create a satisfactory consumption environment in the Yangtze River Delta with effective protection of consumer rights and interests.

Eye-catching! The government set up a festival on the platform, and the three “new” to understand

New trendy products, fresh goods, new bridges, through the window of “January Day”, three “new” changes are changing the business ecology and consumption pattern, bringing new momentum for consumption upgrading.

Eye-catching are the new trendy products launched by cross-border cooperation.

On the evening of April 30, the “Shanghai Global New Product Launch Season” was officially launched, during which more than 550 domestic and foreign brands will launch more than 2,800 new products.

“We will launch 50 new products in the world during the May Fifth Shopping Festival.” The relevant person in charge of Uniqlo said that compared with previous seasons, the number of new products listed this time is not only more, but also radiates from the Shanghai market to more than 800 stores across the country.

Tuhu Automotive, a service company in the automotive aftermarket, has joined hands with Shuangqian Group and Feiyue Brand to launch a cross-border cooperation joint “Guochao sneakers”. Yan Yao, vice president of Tuhu Car Maintenance, said that he hopes to reach more and more young users through cross-border “selling shoes”.

The eye-catching ones are the same fresh goods from Jinbo across the sea.

The second day of opening, we ushered in a limited flow! On April 30, it just appeared in the “Jinbo Commodity Market” on Nanjing Road, the “first commercial street of China”, and there were many tourists. In the 550-square-meter space, nearly 10,000 national characteristic products from 40 countries and regions and the same products of Jinbo are gathered, bringing tourists and residents a “Jinbo flavor” consumption experience.

Xue Yingjie, general manager of Greenland Trade Port Group, said that the “Jinbo Commodity Market” will rely on the commercial and trade industry chain function of the trade port to open up channels, build platforms and attract traffic for overseas famous and excellent new products, and accelerate the transformation of exhibits into commodities, commodities into explosive models, and exhibitors into investors.

Also eye-catching is the new bridge of consumption to help alleviate poverty.

In the “prime location” on Nanjing Road, such a new store appeared, the goods looked unpretentious, and the handwritten discount information was even a little “simple and crude”. During the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, agricultural products in 11 stores in Shanghai will receive large subsidies to help the counterpart areas directly connect to the Shanghai market.

The relevant person in charge of Pinduoduo introduced that the “Internet + agriculture” model promotes small farmers to directly connect consumers, which not only makes residents’ “vegetable baskets” richer, but also puffs up farmers’ money bags, and “consumption is becoming more meaningful”.

Quality-up! More than “buying, buying, buying”, the domestic circulation welcomes “living water”

About 1,900 activities were launched, and more than 2,800 new products were launched, under the background of building a strong domestic demand market and smoothing the domestic circulation, there are many “doorways” behind the lively “January Festival”.

Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said that the purpose of organizing and carrying out the 2021 National Consumption Promotion Month is to further stimulate market vitality, release consumption potential, and better serve the construction of a new development pattern.

Digitalization becomes the “accelerator” of the big cycle. In line with the pace of Shanghai’s urban digital transformation, both established business giants and young Internet up-to-bes are more proactive in embracing digitalization.

“The century-old Nanjing Road is accelerating the pace of digitalization.” Chen Yong, president of Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Enterprise Federation and president of New World Group, said.

The reporter’s on-site visit on Nanjing Road found that consumers can not only use digital yuan in large shopping malls such as New World City and New World Daimaru Department Store, but also use digital yuan in the newly launched “Jinbo Commodity Market”, attracting many consumers to “try early”.

“In the context of digitalization, Shanghai’s ‘May Five-Year Shopping Festival’ has become a training ground and speed-up for the digital transformation of retail enterprises.” Sun Weimin, vice chairman of Suning.com Group, introduced that with the help of the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, enterprises will promote the full implementation of smart retail strategy in the Yangtze River Delta.

China and foreign countries have joined hands to become the “energy enhancer” of the big cycle. Driven by the shopping festival, foreign “foreign monks” have further strengthened their belief in Shanghai and China by launching new products and opening new stores, while local giants have sounded the clarion call for transformation.

“Last year’s May Five-Year Shopping Festival was vividly remembered, and we witnessed a rapid rebound in the market.” L’Oréal North Asia President and CEO of China said that during this year’s shopping festival, L’Oréal will open the world’s first concept store at L’Oréal Paris, and more firmly embrace the Chinese market.

As Shanghai’s “commercial aircraft carrier”, Ye Yongming, chairman of Bailian Group, introduced that with the help of the “May Five-Year Shopping Festival”, Bailian Group opened a brand renewal and proposed the “one core and three pillars” industrial development strategy, “In the future, commercial finance, commercial assets and commercial investment sectors will empower the commercial retail sector, so that the old commercial and trade circulation enterprises will shine with new vitality”.

“Through the ‘volume’ of 1,900 activities, we hope to use the demand of the consumer market to guide the ‘qualitative’ changes in the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain.” Liu Min said. (Reporter Zhou Rui, He Xinrong)

Source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph

“January Day” and “Confluence” promote the construction of Shanghai as an international consumer center city

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