Stockings are no longer favored, and “pantyhose” are popular this autumn and winter, fashionable and warm and thin

Pantyhose can be regarded as the first choice for many girls to cool down in autumn, not only can have the effect of warmth, but also wear their favorite clothes after wearing it, and there are many styles of pantyhose – solid color, pattern, multicolor,

Which pantyhose is right for your outfit?

A good match will make the whole person charming and attractive this winter, but if you choose the wrong piece, it is tragic

, so in order to avoid tragedy, let’s explore the fashion matching of pantyhose with Xiaobian

First, the history of pantyhose

Pantyhose dates back to the tight tights worn by men in European courts hundreds of years ago, and in the 16th century, it was the Spaniards who modified these tight pantyhose into separate stockings, and by the 17th century, such stockings became popular in France

Both the upper class and the royal family are honored to wear Spanish stockings,

And at this time, stockings were exclusively for men, with the continuous development of history

In the 70s,

At that time, people had a very common understanding of stockings, that is, stockings are considered underwear products, and it should naturally appear in a full set of underwear.

It can be seen how important pantyhose was an important fashion item at that time

Second, the show of pantyhose

The runway of pantyhose does not actually exist in the autumn and winter show designed for it alone,

But we can see the preference for stockings on the runway on other occasions, and catwalks are generally a topic in the fashion industry

Therefore, in order to highlight the overall outfit, pantyhose are biased towards patterns and colors in the selection, in fact, these cannot be reasonably arranged into daily wear.

But a good pair of pantyhose can not only outline the perfect line of women’s legs, but also show the sexy beauty of women and modify the skin tone

Third, how to choose the right pantyhose


Select by the material of pantyhose:

1. Silk pantyhose

This pantyhose is simply described in a noun –

Stockings, generally when we go to buy stockings will look at how much D, D refers to the thickness of the stockings, elasticity, the lower the number relative to the stockings thinner, the higher the number thicker the tighter, the flesh stockings will generally be less than 50D

This season is more suitable for 80D semi-permeable meat, which can both keep warm and look sexier,

Silk pantyhose will have a well-known disadvantage,

That is, the degree of flesh penetration of the thigh base will be different from the thinner calf area,

This will seem to highlight the condition that our thighs are thick, so in this case

The matching of stockings has become particularly important, if you have a pair of slender and lovely calves,

That A-line skirt with naked boots close to the color of the stockings is a good choice, if the leg line itself is very thick, then don’t be discouraged, maybe a pair of wide-leg pants can save you, both to hide the leg line and to add layering

Really a set of fashionable CPs, or want to cover the stockings of the problem of showing fat thighs, a knee-high coat can also save,

Not only is it fashionable, but it also shows the slimnest part of the ankle, which is really fantastic

2. Pantyhose made of cotton and linen

This material of pantyhose is generally suitable for winter, relatively cold times,

At this time, there is no way to better ensure that stockings are warm, so,

If you want to be a little fairy and keep warm in winter, then pantyhose made of cotton and linen are the way to go

Compared with the thigh fat characteristics of stockings, this material of pantyhose does not have this trouble,

But matching has become the biggest problem, so choose black or dark gray cotton and linen pantyhose,

Because autumn and winter are relatively cold, everyone’s clothing will be dark

Therefore, the choice of pantyhose should also be more secure in dark tones,

But it doesn’t have to be all black, brown, dark green, dark gray, burgundy clothes can be matched with corresponding dark pantyhose,

Looks more harmonious and decent

(2) Select according to the color of pantyhose:

1. Classic black pantyhose

It appears in almost every MM wardrobe, black, thin and versatile,

If you are not confident in your outfit, then black pantyhose must be your best choice, and some materials of pantyhose will have a reflective effect under the light

In this way, there will be a certain degree of fat and unsightly,

Therefore, black pantyhose must choose a more matte material, and the shoes must choose shoes of the same color, so that the line of the entire leg has the feeling of line extension

Perhaps a pair of black vintage shoes and a black umbrella skirt are good choices. in a word

The standard for choosing black pantyhose must be that the clothes should be the same color as possible with the pantyhose, which will have the effect of appearing high and thin.

Visual extension is better than lateral truncation

2. Colorful pantyhose

If mortals like us encounter colored pantyhose, it is really easy to wear a feeling of an aunt at the junction of urban and rural areas,

The principle to follow when choosing pantyhose of this color must be – reduce accessories of other colors on the body

Whether it is clothing or accessories, bags, the color must be changed to a dark tone to set off the bright color of the stockings,

So as to highlight their personality, if the color is slightly more, the whole person will look old and lifeless

(4) Select according to the pattern of pantyhose:

1. Solid color pantyhose

Solid pantyhose are one of the most versatile options,

Paired with a dress and a pair of high heels or booties, it will be particularly capable and dignified,

It is very suitable for office workers, and when it is cold, the dress is covered with an overcoat

Without losing elegance, it will be more aura,

If you feel that your body is not resistant to the invasion of cold gases, you can also choose to change your booties into long boots, which will be more warm and outline the line of the legs and make the legs more shapely;

If you’re cute and casual, solid pantyhose are paired with a long sweater, shirt, sweatshirt and boots

The visual leg length of 2 meters 8 is immediately displayed,

And this season can be matched with relatively thin solid-color pantyhose, which seems to increase the layering of the entire outfit,

Sexy and cute

3. Patterned pantyhose

If you must choose a pattern or pattern, Xiaobian will suggest that you choose as a pair of leggings,

After all, in autumn and winter, heavy coats and down jackets are inevitable, so at this time, you must abide by the loose and tight way of dressing, since the clothes cannot be outstanding

Why don’t you do some learning on leggings,

Thick, patterned pantyhose set off your exposed ankles or calves

, modifies the whole person’s figure

It will weaken the expansion of the overall match,

If it is a petite girl, you can directly choose a jacket with a hem above the knee

, so that you don’t look petite

Fourth, the wearing method of pantyhose

1. Suitable for wearing with good leg shape

Pantyhose actually have a lot of materials and thickness,

For MM with slender legs, solid color will make her versatile blind audition, and color will make her wonderful and lively

But for MM, who is not very satisfied with the shape of her legs, the dark gray and black in the solid color are her best choice,

Can perfectly modify the leg shape, and must be not satisfied with the leg shape or slightly chubby girls must try to avoid bells and whistles of color and pattern

2. See what to wear for the occasion

If it is a more formal occasion, you can choose black or skin tone basics,

If it is a daily match, you can choose dark gray, brownish red and other dark tones, if it is a trip, you want to highlight the lively feeling of the whole person

So choose something with a pattern or a little color.

But no matter when the style, texture is an important thing for pantyhose,

Pantyhose that look tight and fit well, with or without a sense of silk, always have a touch of sexiness

5. Female celebrities’ pantyhose outfits

Speaking of pantyhose matching, you must not miss the eldest cousin Liu Wen, wearing leggings,

Wear a slouchy and loose coat over your feet with black Martin boots

It seems like a very simple match, but it still can’t hide the slim body and full sense of fashion,

So choosing the right pair of pantyhose can add points to your outfit

The color choice of pantyhose must be black and dark gray is more versatile

, but texture is also important, especially to match the season,

Delicate stockings are more suitable in summer or early autumn

In winter, pantyhose that are more suitable for leggings made of cotton and linen, as a fashion item for daily wearing, it will definitely add color to your winter. Do you have any other stories to share with the editor, leave your dress suggestions and discuss them with everyone

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