Looking at Gong Li from “Lyceum Theater”, the most awesome people are indeed “hermaphrodites”

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We have written about Gong Li many times.

In recent times, I have written about fashion expressions.

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Red carpets, costumes… At the end of the day, it’s all icing on the cake.

The reason why Gong Li is called “Gong Huang” is because of his works.

On the first day of the release of “Lyceum Theater”, I went to the cinema to see the evening performance.

Where is actor Gong Linianu, you can see it in the movie.

(“Lyceum Theater” currently has the same Douban score as “Changjin Lake”, surpassing “Me and My Fathers”)

Wenyi Lou Ye ×Empress Gong Li, or a shaky black and white film, haven’t seen it before, right?

Gong Li and actress met Rou Wan, haven’t seen it before?

(In my friend’s words: I just want to throw myself on my sister’s chest after reading it)

Gong Li carried a machine gun to shoot a Japanese devil, haven’t seen it before?

Just these points, it is worth the fare.

The film was launched in 2018, and in 2019 it went to the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for the “Golden Lion Award”.

The dragon mark at the beginning of the film, also from 2019, was delayed for two years before it was released, there must be something.

Gong Li’s character is called Yu Kuan, who returns to Shanghai from Hong Kong to implement the “Double Mirror Project”.

Yu Pansy’s A-side – female star; Side B – Female spy.

She returned to Shanghai on Monday, December 1, 1941. That week, December 7, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War broke out.

Yu Pansy, a woman and an actress, became a turning point in the war.

Wearing sunglasses, a turban, and a high-quality tweed coat, Yu Wei got off the boat and walked to the car.

Just this short road, and paparazzi to follow, the style of movie stars in the thirties and forties came out.

got into the car, took off the turban sunglasses, and revealed a curtain + a lock of long bangs on the left and right.

The entire movie, on this one look, continues the consistent “no red lips” route.

Isn’t it a little, dirt?

Put it in the movie, this has a design.

(Gong Li’s set photo, still the shape in the play)

In 1937, she was a literary director Tan Na

(played by Zhao Youting)

The muse, who plays the progressive female worker Qiulan on the drama stage.

Wearing suspenders and curtains, she looks like a factory worker, which is easy to lurk and will not attract attention.

In 1941, he returned to Shanghai and cooperated with the director again, and he took off his coat, still in this body.

Put on an overcoat and sunglasses, you are a superstar; Remove the embellishment, it is the female worker on the stage.

The dialogue between the two is very literary and artistic, and the emotional drama is also light.

Maybe because it is not so “direct”, Gong Li & Zhao Youting was diss by netizens: There is no sense of CP.

You may be mistaken about the point, she is a spy, why should she have a sense of CP with men?

Before filming, Gong Li spent 2 months reading information and entering the role.

Her understanding of spies is that they are different from ordinary people… There is basically no expression on the face, joy, anger and sorrow are not on the face, very gentle.

A little milk dog like Director Tan is almost a blank piece of paper in front of her sister who is as deep as the sea.

There is a scene where Director Tan, Yu Wei and the producer have a dinner that alarms the Japanese at the next table.

The Japanese recognized Pansy and wanted to take a group photo when she came up, the producer let her shoot as she could, and Tan Daosven advised everyone to be civilized and polite…

In a room full of chaos and noise, Yu Pan sat in place, almost not moving, but finally pulled the director.

The more eager and eager the rookie director is to show masculinity, the more he sets off Pansy’s sophistication and quietness.

Her truth & lies are mixed with lines, such as “I have been to many places in the past three years, I have done a lot of things, some like, some dislike”, which is the truth.

But Tan Na may not be able to hear it, so the two really have no sense of CP.

The one who has the most CP sense with her is a girl – Bai Yunchang.

When this girl was still called “Bai Mei”, she was a senior student of Yenching University and a fan of Yu Pansy.

As soon as Yu Wei returned to Shanghai, he followed her and confessed madly:

I’ve seen all your plays, movies, interviews, and I want to be a woman like you!

My sister needs you too!

The rivalry between the two is very interesting, and people can’t help but call “good guys”. No spoilers here, you can go to the cinema to find out.

Bai Yunchang changed from a spy bent on assassinating her to her soulmate.

Even later, she became Yu Kuan’s B-role actor and wanted to help her leave Shanghai smoothly.

Is Yu Kuan just pure use + counterplot against her? Not exactly, my sister still has feelings.

After performing the spy mission, it was time to withdraw, and rushed to the theater and asked Xiaobai: go quickly.

A man who seems to be fascinated by her, a girl who approaches her with a task, and more or less makes her experience the little cherished happiness of being a human being.

So in the end, she obviously has the opportunity to bring her ticket, passport, and cash to go by herself, and she must also go to the dock bar and take Tan Na with her.

In the backstage of the Lyceum Theater, seeing Bai Yunchang in a pool of blood, with unbearability, helped her close her eyelids.

Gong Li played Yu Pansy this time, the whole process of the same shape, almost no ups and downs in expression, all the details and changes are performed.

For example, after executing the “Two-Sided Mirror Project” at the Chinachem Hotel, he took a gun, looked fierce in his eyes, and killed the theater.

Gong Li holds a gun, loads a bullet, and carries a machine gun, unambiguously knocking down the high-energy picture of the Japanese, handsome like a real sharpshooter.

After the fierce battle, outside the door of the Grand Theater, she ran into Saburo Furutani.

She once used the fact that she looked like Mrs. Furutani to get information out of people’s mouths, and although Furutani was angry and corrupted, she still had some residual feelings for her.

The two stood facing each other in the rain, Yu Pan showed a miserable look like a cloud of smoke, and Gu Gu shook his head, holding the gun but not firing it.

Yu Pan flashed, used the window to defend himself, clicked a few shots, and killed Gu Gu.

She herself was shot, and her whole body was trembling, but as soon as she arrived at the state of battle, she immediately tightened her tightly, and did not dare to relax until there was no one around.

Even if it is a black and white film, you can see the miserable face of her.

Then put on the coat with difficulty and go to the last covenant of life.

This role, to be honest, really can’t think of anyone else who can do it besides her.

The small flowers are easy to fly around, and the big flowers are easy to act into traditional revolutionary martyrs, with a magnificent look and passionate speeches.

Only Gong Li can play the role well, both close to the character and her Gong Li’s personal characteristics.

“What kind of cow is Gong Li?” This question can also be answered.

First of all, Gong Li developed his acting skills into an absolute right to speak

Just like the default industry rules of fashion witches: fashion is a kind of right to speak.

Gong Li’s right to speak is her performance.

In 1985, Gong Li borrowed more than 30 yuan from her fifth aunt to go to the Chinese opera to catch up with the exam. Still in college, she became a “conspiracy girl”.

The original candidate for “Red Sorghum” was Shi Ke, and Mo Yan was not very optimistic about Gong Li.

When Gong Li picked up water to farm, became a peasant woman, and then succeeded in “catching bears”, Mo Yan was convinced.

At the beginning of his career, Gong Li strictly followed the route of “filming, enduring hardships, and winning awards”, without any opportunism.

Once you have a masterpiece, you only work with the best directors.

On this long list are: Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige, Wong Kar-wai, Sun Zhou, Lou Ye, Ang Lee, Spielberg…

Every work is hard currency.

From Berlin to Venice and Tokyo, Gong Li has served as the chairman of the jury at these top international film festivals.

When female filmmakers were still relatively marginal, she was already a “seat not for her” in the film industry.

In 2018, a magazine commented on the “Chinese Film Actress Power List”, Gong Li ranked behind Zhang Ziyi and Shu Qi, only two places higher than Fan Bingbing, and was complained at that time: unreliable.

As the chairman of the jury of the Beijing Film Festival this time, everyone’s impression is: it is well deserved, and the scene can be held.

Secondly, Gong Li only spends his time and energy on the blade, and rarely does useless work

When Gong Li entered the Chinese opera, there were 8 girls and 13 boys in the class, and the teacher tried his best to teach them and tell them to cherish feathers.

In recent years, I began to pay attention to saving energy and maintaining the frequency of one movie a year.

(The main time is spent experiencing the role, such as entering the arena with Lang Ping and observing her training)

The cover of a large magazine, about 1-2 books a year, will not exceed this number.

Even if I shoot fashion magazines, I will do my homework in advance.

Like “Winning the Championship” was released last year, the cover of “Jiaren” was filmed on the sports field.

And, to make a blockbuster, Gong Huang also has to do the ultimate.

I will print out the manuscript, annotate it with a red pen, and correct it myself.

In addition to making movies and some necessary work, she is almost an “unaccounted for” female star.

Do not open Weibo, do not go on variety shows, and do not be a mentor.

A reporter interviewed her a few years ago, and she was still righteous: I’m not from the entertainment industry, don’t compare me with the entertainment industry.

She has both the old-school “down-to-earth acting and serious person”, and the directness of the almost post-90s generation, only doing what she wants to do.

Again, her aura, no one can imitate

Qi Baishi has a famous saying: Those who learn from me live, and those who are like me die.

Isn’t Gong Li too? Even the title of “Gong Huang” is unique, there is no other semicolon, and there is no actress on the market who dares to call “Emperor”.

Because her aura is a combination of personal experience× professional achievements× hostess mentality.

“GQ” magazine has a public case is: to hold a fashion festival, flowers and plants want to fight for a “finale”, the organizer ends with “Do you want to grab the finale with Mr. Tony Leung?” “Dissuaded a group of people who did not know the height of the sky.

This story is a female version, which is Gong Li. In a tweet the other day, our readers nominated her.

This Shandong woman has not worn gorgeous lipstick for many years, and has only waved at the waist at the right point… But she stood there, and let the big coffee and little coffee who were used to competing for that set of things in the open and in the dark… No one dares to make a second attempt.

Only she dares to say wildly: not taking the work to the red carpet is a brain disease.

Dare to say “the judges are unprofessional, they won’t come in the future” when the Golden Horse Awards are becoming more and more petty and sneaky, and even throw their faces on the spot and refuse to applaud, even if the executive chairman of that session is the big director Ang Lee.

Compared with these big scenes, what figure is blessed, tanned, married … Fundamentally, it is trivial, Gong Li does not even respond rarely, who loves whom.

She wanted to act, stood in front of the camera, and was ready; She wants to scare people, and she opens her mouth; She wanted to get angry, she sent it on the spot, and she didn’t make drafts.

Only those who face themselves straight and are tough in business are qualified to go their own way.

If the world upsets me, I’m sorry, the old lady doesn’t want to cooperate, then don’t cooperate.

When Gong Li wore a large-flowered cotton jacket to play a peasant woman, everyone’s impression of her was: soil. At that time, Chen Chong was sweet, Liu Xiaoqing was arrogant, and a large number of amorous Hong Kong stars were menacing…

Years later, taking out the look of the 1993 Cannes Film Festival and copying yourself, you can still convince people with beauty and aura.

Everyone changed their words and called her “Gong Huang”.

The word “emperor” has always been used to describe men.

Gong Licheng “Emperor”, not from Zhang San Li Si’s praise, but looking at this circle, that is, no one can pry her position.

Costumes and jewelry are not to be worn, worn, and shown off, but by her commander and for her.

Women’s beauty× men’s power – the most awesome people are indeed hermaphroditic.

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