One shot, two horses, three mouths! What kind of pistol is Li Yunlong’s love for flowers?

In the TV series “Bright Sword”, Chu Yunfei once gave Li Yunlong a “flower mouth pistol” pistol, which Li Yunlong couldn’t put down. Later, Li Yunlong gave Xiuqin the “Huakou Chuzi” pistol that Chu Yunfei gave him. Then Li Yunlong backtracked and wanted to fool Xiuqin and exchange Wang Ba box for the “flower mouth”, why is this? What kind of guns are Wang Ba Box and “Flower Mouth Pick”?

It turned out that “Flower Mouth Pick” was the nickname given to the Browning M1910 pistol by Chinese at that time. This designation comes from the fact that a circle of knurled flowers is machined on the leading edge of the muzzle sleeve, hence the name “flower mouth pangzi”.

In old China and a period after liberation, the people generally divided pistols into three categories: pistols, box cannons and revolvers according to the way of feeding.

is a common name for a semi-automatic pistol with a clearly defined magazine inside the grip. It is called a pinch because it is necessary to stroke before shooting, which refers to gently pulling the sleeve or bolt back with your hand to load the gun. The box gun refers to an automatic pistol with a wooden box butt, generally referring to the Mauser C96 combat pistol and various derivatives, also called a box gun or barge gun. And the revolver refers to our common revolver pistol.

In the past, there was a saying of “one shot, two horses, three flower mouths”, which was the ranking of three famous semi-automatic pistols in Chinese mind. In addition, there are “four snakes and five dogs open their mouths and pedal” and so on. That is, people often say “one shot, two horses, three flower mouths, four snakes and five dogs, open mouth and pedal”.

One shot, is the gun plate: Browning M1900 pistol, “gun” refers to the pistol pattern on the M1900 gun. Browning M1900, honorary production of the Belgian state-owned Herstal Arsenal. Because of the unique pistol pattern on the M1900 gun, also known as the gun plate in China at that time, we had a large number of imitations of the gun during the Republic of China, and even as cheap as 200 pounds of pork can be exchanged.

Erma, refers to the horse brand pistol: Colt M1903 pistol, “horse” refers to Colt M1903 pony trademark. Colt means pony in English, so the trademark of the famous American arms company is a horse with its front hooves jumping. Colt M1903 was improved by Browning based on the M1900, and was produced by the Belgian company FN and Colt in the United States.

Sanhuakou refers to the flower mouth pistol: Browning M1910 pistol, “flower mouth” refers to the knurled process on the Browning M1910 muzzle sleeve. In 1908, Browning designed a 9×17 short cartridge, which had less recoil and moderate power, especially suitable for military and police small pistols, for which Browning specially introduced the M1910 pistol.

The compact size is a well-designed and well-crafted small self-defense pistol with a simple cartridge mount-force recoil design, low recoil, and a hammer that does not protrude, making it easy to hide in a pocket. The muzzle cap of the gun is processed with a circle of knurled front end in order to prevent the hand from slipping when the muzzle cap is removed, so it is also called a daisy muzzle pistol.

“Four Snakes” refers to the Snake brand pistol, the German Sauer M1913 pistol. Its trademark is two superimposed art characters “S” and is deliberately designed in the shape of a snake. Therefore, it is also known as the snake brand in China. “Five Dogs” refers to the dog tag pistol, a fast-brand pocket pistol of the Spanish company Thomas de Ulizal. “Open mouth stare” refers to the German Mauser M1934 pistol, the front of the gun sleeve is open, the upper part of the barrel is exposed, from the front it looks as if the mouth is open, and the pedal is to describe the gun shell is crisp and neat.

Others include the “Luo Guo Chuzi”, which refers to the German Luger P08 pistol. “Chicken leg pick” refers to Japan’s southern fourteen-style pistol, also commonly known as “King Eight Box”. The Canadian pistol refers to the Browning M1935 high-power pistol, also known as “thirteen shots” because it contains 13 rounds. And “big-eyed pistol” refers to the American-made M1911 pistol.

On October 26, 1909, Japanese envoy Ito Hirofumi, the devil who had signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki with Li Hongzhang, arrived in Harbin, China, on a special train, preparing to negotiate with the Russian government to divide northeast China and annex the Korean Peninsula. At the Harbin railway station, a North Korean youth shot him dead with a small pistol. The Korean righteous man’s name was Ahn Jung-geun.

Ahn used a pistol to assassinate Ito Hirofumi, firing a total of seven shots at a distance of several meters, hitting four shots, but none of them fatal. However, Ahn Jung-geun is more skilled in weapons, and he modified the bullet beforehand, rubbing off the copper armor at the tip of the bullet with a file, exposing the lead core, so that the killing effect of dum dum bullets can be formed. After Ito Hirofumi was shot, he died because of his huge wound and excessive blood loss. In 1979, the movie “Ahn Jung-gen Kills Ito Hirofumi” was produced.

On March 26, 1910, in the execution chamber of Lushun Fortress Prison, martyr An Chung-geun was hanged. In January 2014, the Anchonggen Memorial Hall at Harbin Railway Station, China was officially opened.

The pistol that assassinated Ito Hirofumi was the Browning M1900 pistol. The gun uses the free bolt recoil principle with recoil springs in a tube mounted above the barrel. By the way, this pistol also assassinated Lenin.

This is a gun license from the 70s of the last century, and the name of the gun is very interesting. Gun name: Big Eye. The name comes from the fact that it has a much larger caliber than other pistols. The M1911 pistol fires a .45ACP cartridge, equivalent to a caliber of 11.43 mm. This pistol bullet is far more powerful than the 9mm gun, so it is also known as the “bull’s eye sword”.

The M1911 pistol came to China with the US military during the Anti-Japanese War, because it was relatively powerful, so it was particularly loved by soldiers. On the battlefield, this pistol shows high stability, great lethality! It quickly won the favor of the front-line soldiers!

During the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, because the US military and the armies of other countries participating in the war were equipped with this gun, the volunteer army units also captured a large number of enemy M1911 pistols in battle. This type of pistol was used as a special gun for senior commanders and security personnel of the volunteer army.

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