Don’t choose warm clothes in autumn and winter, it is enough to wear these sets of coats and down jackets, age-reducing and fashionable

Many older women want to dress tenderly and reduce age, in fact, whether each age has its own charm, do not have to deliberately choose, go with the flow, choose their favorite style can be, do not need to be limited by age and figure. So without further ado, let’s take a look at these warm and attractive outfits!

If you want to wear warmth, many people will prefer down jackets or cotton clothing, so how to choose cotton clothing? Try to choose a loose-fitting fit, if it is too large, it will be more bloated, but it will be more versatile to wear.

Just like this one chosen by this fashion blogger, the loose-fitting fit looks thin and not bloated. The color is light or not dark, and the dark color is more unique to wear, but many people can not control, it is better to choose a lighter color, such as this light yellow, which is worn in autumn and winter and is gentle.

And this cotton suit is a hooded design, which is warmer to wear, and some small patterns are added to make it more playful. And this cotton jacket has a bag design on the side, which can protect your hands in autumn and winter, and the shape of this down jacket is also relatively loose, and it is relatively tough, and it looks thin when worn.

If the clothes are touched, the weight is relatively light, and the upper body will not feel heavy, the lower body is matched with a pair of woolen white straight pants, the loose straight design not only looks thin, but also can modify the leg shape to appear that the legs are very straight, the fabric of these pants is woolen fabric, and it is relatively warm when worn in autumn and winter.

The length of these pants is cropped pants, this length, is also more friendly for small girls, step on a pair of heightened sneakers, or you can also match a pair of leather shoes, or Martin boots can be matched, but wearing sneakers in autumn and winter is warm and comfortable.

The same is a warm match for autumn, then you can also choose a plaid coat. This plaid coat, also a suit collar design, is generous and decent to wear, and it is also a style of a trench coat, and there is also a belt design at the waist, which can be adjusted according to your needs, both useful and versatile.

If you wear it every day, it will be very stylish if you open it like this, and if you want to wear it cooler, then you can also tie the belt tighter, so that it will be cooler. The length of this coat is longer, which may not be suitable for small children, if you are a small girl, you can choose a moderate length.

The fabric of this coat is relatively thick, just right to wear in autumn, with a white turtleneck sweater inside, it is warmer to wear, and the design of the turtleneck is more layered to wear with a plaid coat.

In the choice of accessories, you can choose a black shoulder bag, this bag can be hand-held, can also be carried up both practical and convenient, shoes, you can choose a pair of black high boots, try to choose a high-heeled style, so that it is more temperamental to wear.

The same is the style of plaid coat, you can also choose some plaid wider, so that it gives people a mature and stable feeling when worn, and the length of this coat is just in the upper thigh, which is also more friendly to small girls.

The lower body wears a pair of high-waist jeans, this jeans version is a more close-fitting design, wearing thin and very straight legs, high-waist design can enhance the waist line, but also can lengthen the whole body proportions, inside to choose a bottom, layered a white shirt to wear more layered.

And this undershirt is a wool knitted fabric, whether it is the feel of the touch or the texture of the body, it is very soft, more skin-friendly, close to the design, it will be more warm when worn.

Step on a pair of black tall boots, which are just long enough to wrap the flesh on the calves, which can not only modify the shape of the legs but also show off their body curves well, looking more feminine. Accessories can be matched with some simple and atmospheric earrings or collarbone necklaces.

The same is the matching of coats, you can also choose a black suit collar coat long design tall girls wear more slender, step on a pair of black leather shoes, wear more feminine. Black gives people a calm and mature feeling when worn, and it is also more temperamental.

If you want to wear a Korean style, then you can choose a lighter color, this color is a little gray-green, the design of the large lapel is very fit, this set of length is just right, for small girls are also more friendly.

And she also matched a belt of the same color, this belt, is matched separately, so that it can be tied so that you can also wear it alone without looking embarrassing.

The lower body can be worn casually with a pair of jeans or a pair of slim pants, and the inner part is warm with some knitted undershirts, and such an outfit is more suitable for women around thirty years old, wearing the body intellectual and elegant.

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