Equipment “doctor” in the pharmaceutical workshop

Equipment “doctor” in the pharmaceutical workshop

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Original title: Equipment “doctor” in pharmaceutical workshops

Workers’ Daily-Zhonggong Net reporter Li Feng

Wash your hands, disinfect, wear a white coat… At 8 o’clock in the morning, before the slightly chilly morning breeze had yet woken up the morning mist, Chen Shengyan was already “fully armed”, walked into the workshop of the production department of Guiyang Jirentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and gave his “old partner” a “pulse” in a light car.

Painted by Zhao Chunqing

Turn on the power, twist the capsule filling machine switch, adjust the parameters to 30Hz, open the back cover of the machine, shake the trolley, and let the empty machine turn twice. Chen Shengyan is the front-line team leader of the company’s production department, and checking two filling machines before starting work is a “prescribed action” that he must do every day. After 15 years of day-to-day practice, he has already learned everything about every piece of equipment and every inspection step.

“The two machines in the workshop are responsible for the production of more than 2 million capsules a day, and it is very important to check the equipment and adjust the parameters, so I can only trust him with the machine.” Mu Min, the person in charge of the production workshop, said, “If others can’t adjust well, Chen Shengyan can adjust it well.” ”

In fact, Chen Shengyan studied pharmacy in school and was not familiar with machine operation. In order to find out the performance of the machine, during that time, he was the first to come to the company every day, check the equipment, practice the operation, consult the teacher if he didn’t understand, check the information on the Internet, and take the manual home for careful study.

On the production line, Chen Shengyan needs to add hollow capsules and medicinal powder every 10 minutes, and also polish and screen broken capsules, these boring actions he insists on doing for 8 hours a day, overalls are often wet and dry, dry and wet, and the dust generated when the filling machine runs is all over his body.

Screening broken capsules is an important part of ensuring the quality of drugs, and it is also a delicate work that tests eyesight. Many colleagues were troubled by this, but Chen Shengyan could accurately pick out each broken capsule with just a glance.

“Is there any secret to refining this ‘Fire Eye Golden Eye’?” Faced with everyone’s questions, Chen Shengyan smiled coyly and said: “What is the secret, but practice makes perfect.” ”

In order to further improve himself, in 2014, Chen Shengyan began to use his spare time to study adult self-examination pharmacy at Guizhou Medical University. For four years, he had to go to school for two hours every day after work, and every time he came home, it was past 10 p.m. Chen Shengyan said: “Although those days were hard, my heart was sweet, and it felt good to acquire new knowledge! ”

Today, whether it is business ability or theoretical level, Chen Shengyan is a leader in the company, and he has successively won the honorary titles of “Guiyang Model Worker” and “Excellent Party Member of Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone”.

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