The books we chased together in those years, I liked Asuna the most

Hello everyone, I’m Muzi, Muzi Li’s Muzi.

If you are a small partner who has been mixed with the second dimension for many years, you must be familiar with the book (the book is the unofficial comic of the second creation) In the limited official animation, some characters are very popular, but the appearance scenes cannot meet the urgent needs of the majority of dead houses, so the book of the second creation came into being. (Not all characters have the luck of the cannon sister)

The number of books is sometimes an important indicator of a character’s popularity (fog), so today I will bring you the hard-working models of the past.

Hoshina Kashiwazaki———— “My Friends Are Few” was the first to be recognized as a model worker because of the huge number of CM single (C81) books. A particularly cute character, but in the plot of the novel, she confessed like the male protagonist but was rejected, and the male protagonist ran around in several of his harems, but Hoshina never gave up and chased to the university. Admirable

Asuna———— “Sword Art Online” Benzina! This nickname says it all. The second recognized (C82) is now the most frequently mentioned model worker.

Gentle and beautiful, good figure and wife, it is really very suitable for secondary creation… The plot of the first season is also very exciting.

Captivity. Tentacles… Those perverted behaviors of yellow hair. It greatly stimulated the gentleman’s creative passion. Official Forced Death Fan Series.

Hestia ———— “Is There Something Wrong in the Dungeon” P station Tu Pang Niang, the original work still has many books to show popularity (ti xiong dai)

Asuka ———— No. 1 in the Comic Market of Evangelion (as of C89). In fact, there are many Ayanami Rei, EVA is really worthy of Japan’s first god work! God in every way.

Moon Hare ———— original model worker of “Sailor Moon”, and he came back after many years of fighting.

Fite Testrosa Harawyn———— “Magical Girl Nanoha” is not Nanoha, I am still very surprised. But after all, it is also predictable to be a Moe King

Golden Shadow ———— the most books in the protagonists of ToLove in “The Girl of the Bag”, after all, even the animation is so out of line, it is not normal for the book to be more, it can only be said that the official forced the fandom to die.

Asami Ba———— “Magical Girl Madoka”. Senior sister… Senior sister is really cute. The meat is also very elegant, strong on the outside and fragile on the inside, that is, it is a pity that there are only three episodes. But there may be more books because there are fewer scenes.

Dansheng Gu Mori Natsu———— “Middle Two Illness Also Have to Fall in Love” Mori-sama and Doge’s story have to tell… (But in fact, I feel that there are more books in Rokuka)

Niko Yazawa & Mahime Nishikino ———— “LoveLive!”, LoveLive! CP Quantity Champion. It’s a bit surprising that it’s not a bird.

Sendou Isuzu ———— the new model worker candidate of C87 in “Gancheng Shining Amusement Park”, single-handedly single-handedly singled out the heroine of the shipwive. Famous model workers.

The black magic guide girl———— the only one in the world of “Yu-Gi-Oh” Washing and Blowing…

“Oriental Project” Bori Lingmeng (Fantasy Township Honko King), Dongfeng Valley Sanae (Fantasy Township C77 C78 Honko King), Yakumo Zi (Fantasy Township R-18 Honko King), Ibaraki Hua Fan (C84 Honko Immortal), there are so many old women Benzi you are afraid that it is hentai.

Bee Eater Prayer ———— the name and ability of the Queen of the “Magical Forbidden Book Catalog” are very powerful… It is normal that you will become a model worker.

Night and night———— “Smart Girls Don’t Get Hurt” day and night.

Let’s talk about ship models———— “Fleet Collection” Shimadakaze (single champion of the total number of ship girls), King Kong (C86 book volume first, ship girl single number champion), Haruna (sister King Kong’s good partner, often together out of double flying books), Akagi (ship girl coma number champion), Kaga (C87 book number first, ship girl single number champion), Atago (ship girl with the highest submission rate of 18X), Kashima (C89 new model worker, Ship Maiden Single Quantity Champion) (King Kong No. 1 in the world)

FGO people jumped from C92, and quickly dominated the subcircle by C93, which may be the power of the moon man!

That’s probably it. We communicate privately about resources.

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